Happy Ending

Ok so…yeah…no ideas have come to me so I'm just wrapping up this story. This is the shortest fic I have ever written.


That's right ladies and gentlemen, she's finally doing it. It's been three years since we all found out that none other then William 'Spike' Giles is the father of the cute and charming Abby Summers. Now both girls are ready to take on Spike's name as both husband and daddy.

"What do you mean? I've been calling him daddy for the last three years." Abby tells us on an interview. The recently turned eight year old says that she was the one that brought her parents back together.

The happy couple are due to wed within the next two months! Sorry girls, he's taken now for sure. And sorry to you too boys.

And that's not all! Buffy Summers, 26, is reportedly two months along with a second child! No doubt fathered by the same man as the first child.

"It's not because she's pregnant again that I'm marrying her." Spike tells us. "It's because I've bloody well loved her ever since I first met her." He informs us that he's spent the last three years making up for the fact that he left Buffy eight years ago after their graduation, without even knowing about Abby. Spike, recently 27 (birthday a week and a half before Abby's), says that he was waiting for the best time to propose to Buffy for a while now. When she told him she was pregnant again, he popped the question and, according to Spike and Abby, Buffy burst into tears and accepted (after a few minutes of crying).

"They were happy tears." Buffy tells us, pushing her fiancé playfully. "I was expecting it. Spike told his brother, Angel, one of my heads of security, that he was going to do it. Angel told me what Spike told him. There's no secrets in this group anymore. Everyone knows everyone's business." That fact is true. Buffy told us that her keyboard and drums players, Willow, 26, and Oz, 26, had a secret wedding a year ago.

"They didn't even ask me to be their flower girl." Abby informed us while pouting. "But that's ok. I love them still." She then smiled and went back to the drawing. Everyone, according to Spike and Buffy, believe that Abby will more then likely grow up to be an artist, but the same as mommy. It could be true. There's a lot of potential in this little girl, judging from her family and friends, it would be a surprise if she didn't become a famous name (and not just because of her being the daughter of a world famous singer). We were even able to get a drawing from the lovely artist (right).

Buffy says that she is more then ready to change from Buffy Summers to Buffy Giles. She says that she has felt part of that family for the longest time, and that bond only grew when her mother died.

It also seems as if her sister Dawn, 24, will be following in big sister's footsteps. She's also engaged to actor Connor McCormick. As well, Liam 'Angel' Giles, 28, and Darla Giles, 26, have reported that they are expecting twins within the same time as Buffy is expecting her second. We can certainly be expecting that this band will not be doing any concerts or performances for quite some time, what with all the marriages and babies on the way.

"Wow…that was fast." Buffy said, looking over her shoulder at Spike. They were sitting on a blanket at the park. Spike was behind Buffy, leaning against a tree. Buffy was sitting between his legs, leaning against him. Both of them were reading the paper they had brought along with Abby was playing on the jungle gym.

"Yeah. Normally there's about two pages worth of stuff about you in there." Spike said, resting his hands on Buffy's stomach. They were in Chicago at the moment, having just finished a concert the night before. Buffy only had four more concerts before she went on maternity leave. Wes had been understanding. He had been a little edgy about having Spike as a personal reporter for the band but after Spike did an article that set straight quite a few rumors, Wes loved having him around.

"Mommy, Daddy, I'm ready to go back to the hotel now." Abby said, running over and dropping down on the blanket next to her parents.

"You sure?" Buffy asked.

"Yep." Abby said. "Remember. Aunt Dawn said that Connor is going to join us for dinner."

"Oh yeah." Buffy said. "Remember though baby. Connor belongs to Dawn."

"Yeah I know." Abby said. "He's still cute though." She looked at Spike. "Daddy what's wrong? Your jaw's all clenchy."

"Oh…I think he doesn't want to hear that his daughter has a crush on someone." Buffy said, giggling. Abby looked confused but laughed along with her mother. "I guess the press was right. We are practically the perfect family."

"Not quite so much luv." Spike said. "But pretty damn close. Soon as we get married and have number two…then we'll be perfect." Buffy smiled and looked at her ring. They all stood up, Spike rolled up the blanket and took one of Abby's hands while Buffy took the other. Angel, Darla, Xander and Anya were just a few feet away from them and they joined the happy family in heading back to the car.

On the drive to the hotel, Buffy stayed in a happy silence. Her life was perfect. She had a great career, the world's best friends by her side, a beautiful daughter, a caring family…and the most loving fiancé anyone could ever ask for. She also had another bundle of joy on the way…and this time she had Spike to help her. Yep…her life was perfect.

The End

Yeah…it's like the first chapter…short. But that's all I could think to do. I'm going to have another Buffy story soon called Best Friend's Sister. Namely, Buffy is Angel's little sister and Spike is Angel's best friend. I don't know if I want to do it as Angel being the leader of a gang and Spike being one of the gang members, or just Angel and Spike in college and Buffy joining them. Give me some help people!