Draco didn't know how to respond to Harry's odd remark, so he simply began laughing. When his fit of mirth had finally begun to die down, he asked, "What the hell just happened?"

Dumbledore looked at Harry, "Why don't you explain it from your point of view, and I'll fill in the blanks dear boy?"

Harry nodded and turned to Draco, "It felt like I was being smothered. I saw you in front of me, and you... well... it was almost like you had an aura around you. You were glowing, at least, a swirl of colors, black and red, mainly. Silver a little bit too, I think. And then suddenly I couldn't breath. I could feel you hating me, hating me for everything, I don't even remember what for now, actually, not specifically. But it was as if you had physically punched me in the stomach. I couldn't breathe, and then I found myself... I..." Harry stopped talking and then added quickly, "I don't remember," he practically snapped.

Dumbledore turned a kind gaze on him, "He'll find out eventually, Harry. Tell him what you were thinking."

Harry spun around to glare at Dumbledore, "You know. You know what I was thinking... that means it wasn't my thought, was it? It was just a product of this stupid bond!"

The golden boy's chest heaved angrily and he forced himself to calm down. No one spoke. No one needed to. Finally, Harry began talking again, murmering his response, "I found myself not wanting to breathe..."

"The whole truth," Dumbledore urged, "This bond won't work against the Dark Lord unless you both tell the absolute truth to one another. What better time to start than now?"

Harry nodded and looked directly into Draco's eyes again, "You were smothering me, but I knew you hated me, so I didn't fight it, I was just going to let you kill me... and... the bond was only half of it..." he let his eyes drop. Draco didn't press the matter and didn't bring it up again. He was torn. Half of him, the slytherin half, was overjoyed at this power he had over his companion. The ability to kill him by simply... wishing to. He didn't even have to use an Unforgivable curse. On the other hand, he had almost killed Harry. His Harry. He didn't deny it now, not after what Harry had just revealed to him, it was something both of them had known for a while now and had simply kept to themselves. All of this teenage lust that had been following the two of them around wasn't just a product of the bond they shared. It was who they were. Draco felt something for the stupid Potter he had loathed with all his heart since they were first years.

"What was in the potion?" Draco asked, turning from Harry. He couldn't stand to look at the boy's face. It was too muddled with fear. Fear of what Draco would say about Harry's confession, and fear of Draco himself. The second one hurt the blond deeply, and he wasn't ready to let Harry know that.

Dumbledore smiled, "It temporarily cancelled out the bond you two share. Long enough for Harry to regain consciousness and long enough for you to stop snuffing out his life. It should be back in place by now."

"YOU MEAN THERE'S A WAY TO UNDO THIS?!" both boys shouted at once. They were both happy to be united in a similar cause once again.

"Well... only for a short time..."

"I'll chug that stuff all day if it means that I can get rid of this stupid bond!" Harry yelled.

Draco corrected him, "You don't chug it, you wear it on your forehead, see?"

Harry turned to spy his reflection in one of the several mirrors hanging around the office. His hand flew to his head to wipe off the disgusting liquid which had now dried into a flakey mass on his head.

"Either way, I'd wear it all day if I could just get rid of this bond," he grumbled.

Draco nodded agreement, "With my good looks, it would probably start a fashion statement."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Ready to make another bet, Draco?" he laughed.

The blond glared at him.

Dumbledore broke the staring contest as his voice filled the silence, "I know you two have had a rough day today -"

"Rough nothing!! I almost got smothered!!" Harry snarled, "I think that takes things a step beyond 'rough,' don't you?"

Draco stuck out his tongue at Harry and Dumbledore simply ignored him, "But there are other things to be learned. Your bond is strong, but not as strong as it could be. Tomorrow you will be meeting back in my office at the same time as you did today. I will give you a break from muggle fighting and we will move on to another such task. We will resume your muggle fight training the day after tomorrow when I think both of you will feel more relaxed. It will be much more conducive to learning."

The headmaster smiled at both boys. Harry stared at him blankly and Draco shot him the meanest glare he possibly could, "Are you saying that we have to come back here tomorrow, even though we almost got ourselves killed?!" Draco growled.

Harry smacked Draco in the back of the hand, but the bond was definitely back in place because Draco didn't feel a thing, "WE?! I'm the one who almost got killed here!"

Draco turned and put a finger to his mouth, "Shhhh, it sounds better if it's almost like we both almost got killed."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Draco, the headmaster was there. I'm pretty sure he'd recall if we were both almost killed."

The blond wrinkled his nose, "Well, on the offchance he doesn't remember..." Draco smiled and Harry couldn't help but chuckled.

Dumbledore, unseen by both boys, smiled to himself.

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