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Chapter 10
One Myotismon

"TOXIC CRUSHER!" echoed from below the stadium floor. The marble tiles quaked with all their might, and then a blast of green light erupted through as they shattered into the air. Toxidramon flew above it on his mighty wings and then landed on the ground, seeing only one Myotismon in the Celestial Mode's ensemble that had turned as black as his Shadow Mode's soul, turned away from him so as not to see him. Seeing the black velvet mantle, the dragon asked the one question that led to his very demise: "Is the angelic one dead yet, master?"

Myotismon whirled towards him, a stony expression on his face, with glowing ice blue eyes set against it. Remaining deathly silent, he advanced on Toxidramon like a predator on its prey, and the latter backed against the wall.

"What are you doing to me, master? Have you gone mad?"

Yet Myotismon still said nothing. He extended his right arm, and his hand glowed the blood-red that only meant death for so many of his victims.

By this time, Toxidramon was cornered. "M-master, Master Myotismon! What has gotten into you!" He gasped as his glance met the ice-blue of his eyes, which fused a coldness beyond comprehension into his blood and freezing him from the inside. It had slowly buried itself into his heart. Petrified like a statue, Toxidramon's green eyes widened to see a red whip come crashing down onto him. Unable to scream or run, it was his worst nightmare come to life, and there was no escape.

Within an instant, Toxidramon had disappeared not because of Myotismon, but because of the vampiric shell in which two souls were in combat to the death. Without one to control and restrain it, this body was capable of nothing except being a mindless killing machine, and its next victim would be the entire Dark Ocean… to envelop it in darkness, precisely what he had intended for Earth…

He rose into the air and let out a mighty supernova of Crimson Lightning, crashing through the glass ceiling and soaring straight up, above the entire Dark Ocean. Soon it would be his and he would be able to infect Earth…

Myotismon Celestial Mode awoke, trapped in a world of darkness where he could barely see his own hand in front of him. Dark blue and blood-red smoke that reeked of evil swirled around him, making ghastly patterns and hands that seemed to grab at his throat and seize him downward, where he immediately felt a new sense of coldness rise around him. Looking downward, he could see the silvery waters of the Dark Ocean, only they were vast and endless as the human universe itself…

"I see you are still alive," said Myotismon Shadow Mode, approaching him—appropriately—from the shadows. "And it seems that I have discovered the oversight in my ingenious plan to merge souls with you. For we have been separate for so long, we are no longer one in the same, but two different souls. I thought that your body—still fully alive in the digital world—would be the perfect place for my soul to thrive off of your darkness. But now… now it seems I have no choice but to destroy you from inside."

"Where the bloody hell am I?" shouted the Celestial Mode, standing up. His scar began to glow as red as his Crimson Lightning.

"Inside yourself," answered the Shadow Mode. "Your mind, to be precise, where the light and darkness in your heart are fed. The mind comprehends so much, but the heart cannot feel what the mind does not interpret." He disappeared into a whirl of smoke that trailed into the air, and suddenly a wave from his Dark Ocean crashed upon the Celestial Mode, drenching him with the darkness of the soul.

Suddenly the image changed drastically—the brightness of Primary Village stood before him, yet a menacing thunderstorm loomed in the background. The vampire wondered why he was there.

Then hundreds of Baby Digimon and an Elecmon materialized out of thin air, all with furious expressions on their faces.

"You. Myotismon," said Elecmon, his eyes slitted and teeth clenched. "You have enslaved all of the babies I have worked so hard to take care of and turned them against me."

Then the round, unintimidating infants digivolved before Myotismon's eyes and warp-digivolved through time lapse into the Rookies, Champions, Ulitmates, and Megas—each one had become a slave, a servant, a minion. The storm blew a polar draft around the vampire's scantily clad figure as his servants turned against him and began to advance on him from the front.

He turned around to see an image of Server befalling him, and every Digimon on there who had not been enslaved under him was in that image. Only this time, it was every Digimon whose homes had been reduced to the dust and decay of his Nightmare Domain, as he once called it. Server was no longer an ideal environment; it had the browning grass, the leafless trees, and the sinister mountains looming over them like guards.

"You have selfishly turned our homes into your glory!" exclaimed the very Piximon who had been so helpful towards the Digi-Destined. "The bloodshed and warfare might have made you a legend, and our fear might have fed you, but ever since you came we have envied the dead!" He whapped the vampire across the face with the staff he always carried.

To his left, he saw all of the humans he had oppressed with his terror superimposed against Tokyo—all of the women whose blood he sucked from their necks to sustain his own life and raped to satisfy his own sexual desires, all of the children his Bakemon had stolen away into the convention center and were forced to endure their own worst nightmares in the presence of a seven-foot-tall vampire who loomed over them like the impending doom if they had been the child of whom he had spoken, all of the people who were killed or injured by his minions, and their friends and loved ones.

"Your unquenchable thirsts have left us deprived of all we held sacred to ourselves!" exclaimed the young woman he had remembered from the night before. "Power… blood… and lust. I may never be able to have children because of what you did to me!"

"I did not intend it, my dear…"

"Don't be calling me those pathetic pet names. You're not the one who was pressed against the ground and soiled as punishment for working late!"

Turning to the right, then to the right again, in the only place he had not seen yet, the vampire laid eyes upon his Shadow Mode, standing there in his full glory.

"It seems your past has come back to haunt you, Myotismon Celestial Mode," declared Myotismon Shadow Mode, holding back his evil laughter. He approached his lighter counterpart and stood closely to him. "Look how pathetic you have become… an angel. Why, you are not even a true angel; you are a Virus!" He clenched his hands tightly around the Celestial Mode's arms and turned him around to face everyone who had become his enemy. He could not do anything about it; the darkness rooted him to the ground and held him in place as the Shadow Mode paced around him and millions of eyes stared unblinkingly at him. "Your fear is so great, I can smell it from another dimension." He returned to the back and placed his head against the Celestial Mode's neck, about to bite it. Myotismon Celestial Mode stood petrified as the Shadow Mode's cold breath sank upon his neck. "Your fear will give me the power to destroy you!"

Without another word, the Shadow Mode plunged his fangs into the Celestial Mode's neck—the very twin agony that Myotismon had given his victims. His blood ran cold and gushed into his darker half's mouth, wincing as the Shadow Mode's eager tongue lapped up the blood, mocking him with everything he had done in his past. Every Digimon and human advanced on him slowly, relishing the pain. He was about to be defeated by his own past…

"NO!" he screamed, breaking free. "I won't let you!"

"And neither will we!" exclaimed the familiar voice of Angewomon as the angel maiden herself floated downward from the darkness, followed by Angemon, Wizardmon, Aeronumon, PyroAngemon, Azulongmon, the other three Guardians, and the four angels who had appeared to PyroAngemon on the other side of the gate.

"Angewomon!" hissed Myotismon Shadow Mode, pulling his fangs out of his counterpart's neck. "How dare you! You don't belong in this vision!"

"Why don't I?" retorted the angel. "You're not the only Myotismon! You have two souls, but one body and one mind! For not only your dreams, but his! It is time you met your match."

They all gathered together and began to glow a bright white, forcing the Shadow Mode to step back and shield his face. Without even the slightest effort, they created a burst so bright, it obliterated every vision and dissolved them before their eyes.

"And now it's time to get the Shadow Mode out of your body! For we are the future, and the prospect of us will always overshadow the past!" shouted Angemon. "Angewomon?"

"HEAVEN'S CHARM!" she shouted. "Everyone, give me your power!"

A brightly-colored ball appeared before everyone's chest, and the light filtered into a single one in front of Angewomon, who formed it into an arrow. Myotismon Shadow Mode backed away in fear, the first time he had done so.


Once again, as it had been done a year prior to this, the arrow of light was shot straight and true out of its bow and pierced Myotismon Shadow Mode's evil heart right where it had been before. He groaned in agony and vanished.

"Don't get your hopes up," warned Angewomon. "He's on the outside."

Upon the vanishing of the angels, Myotismon found himself hovering above the Dark Ocean, and his uniform had once again reverted to its silver and white state. The Shadow Mode faced him as if in a standoff, still floating in midair above the waters of darkness and despair, brandishing a bolt of his infamous Mega Crimson Lightning. As if the lightning had been plunged into his heart, Myotismon felt a searing pain in his chest and saw that his scar burned brightly like a flame.

"The time has come for you to be destroyed," declared the Shadow Mode. "You, and then your pitiful bride. You may have won this round, but I shall recruit everyone from your past and turn them against you. The torment will be unleashed upon your mind and heart until you are nothing but a soulless shell, a husk that will dry up in the wind. If I must submerge you in the ocean until the waters penetrate deep into your heart, then so be it! And then I will travel to Earth and kill your weakling of a girlfriend as I wrench your child from her womb and kill him as well. Angemon and Wizardmon—to Hell with them! Without you to protect them, their futures are doomed forever, and I will finally have the chance to—"

At every word spoken by the Shadow Mode, Myotismon grew more furious by the second, and his desire to kill welled up inside. He saw crimson before his eyes, then stars, then a whirl of colors provoked by the rage. He could never allow his own counterpart to take what he loved the most away from him.




"ELYSIAN SWORD!" He rushed right at the Shadow Mode, but the Shadow Mode darted out of the way and slashed a bolt of Mega Crimson Lightning directly at the weapon. Sparks flew off with a clang accompanied by a hiss.

"MEGA CRIMSON LIGHTNING!" The crimson bolt sliced the air as it flew towards Myotismon, but the vampire held his mangled sword in front of his face to block it. The sword and its beholder were forced backwards. A sweat broke upon the vampire's face as he clenched his teeth and summoned his strength to live. If he fell—

"LETHAL DARKNESS!" A poisonous nightfall of pure black rushed at Myotismon with such force it literally took his breath away. The Shadow Mode darkly chuckled to himself as he watched his counterpart writhe in agony and begin to slowly hover downward. The darkness infused itself into the vampire's body, creating a coldness and the ultimate sense of despair that he had never felt… only created.

"MEGA CRIMSON LIGHTNING!" Myotismon could not react quickly enough as he saw a red lightning bolt crash against his body as Toxidramon's had done… only this time it dragged itself upwards instead of downwards, deeply lacerating the scar on his chest, nearly decapitating him, and knocking his mask off. Blood poured out of his wound and rained into the waters below—red mingling with silver to create a gruesome sight. He felt lightheaded as his head thrust itself back into the normal position, revealing the terrible blemish on his face. Two blows were forced across his front side, stabbing him then cutting through, branching off into smaller ones like a bloody tree, allowing rivulets and streams of liquid life to seep out.

"RAGING NIGHTMARE!" Myotismon Shadow Mode unleashed a flock of bats against his counterpart, letting them eat away at his skin and turn the blue to crimson.

"HEAVEN'S… NIGHTFALL! DEFEND!" shouted Myotismon. A white sphere of light shot out from his chest, blinding the bats and causing them to dissolve with hundreds of simultaneous, agonized screeches.

Myotismon Shadow Mode clenched his teeth. "MEGA CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"

It all happened slowly, as if in a dream. The whip seemed to tear through the air as if in a time lapse, yet Myotismon could not fly quickly enough. Suddenly, as if it were a sword, the lightning was plunged directly into his heart and seared him through the scar to the other side. The pain was so intense the vampire blacked out, then plummeted into the water.

Angemon placed a cup of water against Angewomon's lips. "Drink," he told her, not in a commanding tone but more of a concerned one. He and Wizardmon, upon their return, had found the female angel in the worst condition yet. Her skin had turned as white as the sheets on which she slept, except for her fever-tinged face. Her blue eyes were shut; her mouth was open, letting a moan escape every time she exhaled. Sweat beads trickled down her face, intermingling with her tears. "Please… drink the water… you'll feel better," he wheedled again, suppressing his tears.

"I… I'm going to die…" said Angewomon in a feverish whisper. "No… let me… let me die…" She paused to catch what little breath she could take in. "And… tell… My… Myo… Myotismon… how much I love him…"

"I won't let you die!" shouted Angemon. "I can't!"

Wizardmon rushed in with a hastily-assembled elixir composed of various healing herbs and potions inside a clay bowl. "Angewomon, you have to take this medicine! It's the only way you'll live." He held it out, but Angemon knocked it out of his hands.

"You fool! How dare you give her herbs! It could harm the…" He trailed off, wondering if he should tell Angewomon about her baby or not. "It could… make the virus worse…"

"Myotismon…" whispered Angewomon. "Where is he?… Why… is he not here?"

The angel had suppressed his guilt for so long it erupted in a stream of self-pitious tears. "I sent him to the Dark Ocean! The abode of the damned! I wanted to kill him!"

"Angemon… why?"

"Because… because… because he planted a child inside you and infected you both with his virus!"

"Angemon… am I… am I pregnant?"

"Yes! It was all that blasted vampire's fault, and I sent him to rot in the Dark Ocean where he belongs!"

"No… I can… I can sense him… fighting for us."

"It's all a feverish dream!"

"He is… I know he is! Let me fight for him! He… he is… he is whom I love… and I don't want anything to happen to…"

Angemon gasped as he saw that the angel's feet were breaking up, beginning at the tips of her boots. "Holy Goddramon, you're dissolving!"

Angewomon said nothing; her energy had all been concentrated into fighting for Myotismon. She knew she had to gather what little power she had left to keep him from dying like her.

He was alone.

He was nothing.

He could not have died… the water that had filled his lungs did not suffocate him and make him drown. He could breathe as if the water itself were air…

His death was within. His soul was gone, completely eaten away.

The water was a sense that gripped and wrenched at everything inside him, manipulating his mind and heart until they could not support his soul, thin and fragile as his figure and yet as angelic as his face…

But where were they?

Where was he?

Who was he?

What was he?

Why was he?

He did not know. All sense of self was gone forever. In complete darkness that was so cold he was rendered immobile, the vampire felt detached from his own body, unsure of his own existence. He was sure that he was out in the Dark Ocean, wiping innocent souls off its face.

All hope is lost. No one can save me… save yourselves and never suffer the same fate as I… a lost cause.

"No…" whispered a voice in his ear.

Myotismon felt as if he could see again. Opening his eyes, he saw complete darkness except for a point of light far off in the distance, beckoning for him to enter. He desired to move, but he felt as if he had been frozen forever in time.

"Myotismon… can you hear me?"

He recognized the voice. Angewomon? he thought, hoping his mind could penetrate the wall between him and everything else.

"Myo… there is still hope. I am here for you. Please let me live… live for me. If you allow yourself to die, I will die."

Angewomon, NO! There is so much for which you must live!

"Your child needs you as a father figure. Angemon could never be one, for you are my child's true father, and only you can bestow upon him the love that you have gained from everything."

My child… thought Myotismon. Instantly, he felt as if he had become something again, but only a partial self and incomplete. The light grew, and the vampire saw that he was now composed of thin grey lines, capable of moving. He felt his soul reanimating. I shall fight for him, and for you as well. He now possessed dimensions, but still lacked his color. Remain with me, and I will come home to you. I will never let my own darkness take control of anyone, especially not myself when the entire world is in dire need of a savior!

"You ARE our savior, Myotismon. Never forget!"

Color began to return to the vampire's body as orbs of light, minute stars glowing in a vast array of blue, white, gold, and silver, flew onto him and spread their vibrant hues. Every part of him felt anew, though his scar still remained. The light at the end of the tunnel grew brighter, and the shapes on the other side grew more distinct. The vampire found himself back in the Dark Ocean, feeling a new surge of power.

"Well, well, well, back for more, are you?" taunted Myotismon Shadow Mode, who faced his counterpart. "I know exactly what to do with you. RAGING NIGHTMARE!" He spread his cape to unleash a cloud of bats so thick and dark it blocked out all light.

"HEAVEN'S NIGHTFALL! DEFEND!" shouted the Celestial Mode, holding out his hand and letting a sheet of translucent white light shield him from his Shadow Mode. He felt no energy being drained from his center, as if Angewomon herself were part of this miraculous shield. The bats abruptly dissolved.

Myotismon Shadow Mode was so enraged, veins started bulging from his crimson-tinged forehead. "LETHAL DARKNESS!" The nightfall washed over the barrier but did nothing to destroy it. "How DARE you…" he hissed.

"CRIMSON LIGHTNING!" shouted Myotismon, letting a bolt of his lethal lightning shoot through the air and hit Myotismon Shadow Mode in the chest. The latter doubled over and pulled the blood-red sword out of him, a look of agonizing pain on his face. Suddenly, an evil glint appeared in his ice-blue eyes, and his grin had become demonic.

A pair of hands clamped themselves over Myotismon's face so he could barely breathe. They were dry and scaly, and the claws dug into his skin. The shield disappeared, and the vampire struggled to see who had done this.

"Remember me, slave?" boomed the unmistakable voice of Toxidramon, who had become the very same demon the vampire had fought the night he digivolved. "You thought you had me defeated, but you are horribly mistaken. As long as the Shadow Mode lives, I live! Your afterlife is over. Prepare yourself for an eternity of torment in the Dark Ocean as you witness Earth's demise!"

Myotismon Shadow Mode whipped the vampire with his Mega Crimson Lightning, directly down from his chest, making sure to drag it across the scar. A searing pain burned Myotismon, causing him to writhe in agony as Toxidramon held him in place. It happened twice. Then a third time. The Shadow Mode waited for a brief moment so the pain would intensify even more.

"I am here for you…"

Angemon and Wizardmon stood horrified, and then they knew that the only way they could prevent this untimely death was to travel to the Dark Ocean or at least give the vampire a doorway out. By that time, Myotismon had been seized by Toxidramon's demonic state and Angewomon's feet had completely dissolved. She began to cry out even more loudly.

"We need to create a Gate of Destiny," said Angemon. "NOW!" he added.

Wizardmon promptly took his staff, and it turned to pure gold, emitting a bright white light. "By the power of the angels above, open the Gate and bring Myotismon to his Destiny! Radei, DOMÉ!"

The light was absorbed into Angemon's body. "GATE OF DESTINY… REVERSE!" he shouted, gathering his strength, for he knew that he must will all of his energy in order to give the vampire time to travel through. He outspread his arms as if he had been crucified, and then a portal larger and mightier than MagnaAngemon's Gate of Destiny materialized out of thin air, its platinum-plated doors opening to reveal the horrific scene in the Dark Ocean. Angemon clenched his teeth as he felt his power quickly dwindling.

"MYOTISMON!" screamed Wizardmon. "SAVE YOURSELF!" He glanced over, seeing that Angewomon had dissolved up to her knees. If she were to live, but were to dematerialize past that crucial area, her baby would be gone forever. "SAVE YOUR CHILD!" he added.

Myotismon Shadow Mode ceased his whipping and glanced at the open gate several hundred meters away, less than a minute's flight from that point. Immediately he flew over, and Toxidramon tightened his grip.

All happened slowly, as if in a dream. Myotismon felt the love overpowering, as if he were a true angel. The sudden surge of energy caused him to erupt in a flash of white light, blinding Toxidramon and zapping him with a searing pain. The light formed a shield around him as he flew towards his Shadow Mode.

"TOXIC CRUSHER!" The dragon used his deadliest attack yet, but the shield reflected the Toxic Crusher back at the one who had sent it. It hit him directly in the eyes, and Toxidramon could see no more. He stumbled around in a frenzy of fury and fear before he finally crashed onto the sand.

"Myotismon!" shouted the Shadow Mode. "What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

They could see the image on the other side of the gate. Angemon, struggling to keep the portal open, had fallen to his knees. His breaths were gasps, and his veins had split apart, staining his white suit with crimson blood. Angewomon screamed and writhed in agony, and her thighs were quickly disappearing by the second.

"My friends have sacrificed everything for me, and now… I shall make amends!" declared Myotismon. The scar on his chest glowed white instead of red, and suddenly a white X appeared in midair. "MYSTIC RADIANCE!"

All of the concentrated power in the scar shot out at Myotismon Shadow Mode before he had time to react. It hit him directly in the heart. There was a bright flash of light, and a second portal opened, filled with fire, brimstone, and the screams of the damned. Myotismon Shadow Mode was sucked into the deeper Hell, and as the portal shut forever, all that was left was his agonized scream.

"MYOTISMON!" shouted Wizardmon again.

Before he had time to rejoice in his Shadow Mode's defeat, Myotismon whirled around to see that the Gate of Destiny was about to close. Quickly, he flew through as the doors shut and vanished, and Angemon had dropped to the floor, exhausted and in pain. His eyes took in another horrific sight—Angewomon dying from his virus. He rushed over to the bed and leaned over her.

"Angewomon…" he whispered, running a hand across her cheek as only half of her thighs remained. Soon, it would be all over. "You saved me from my own darkness, and now… and now you're dying…"

He would not hold anything back. The tears clouded his eyes as he thought about his bride whom he would no longer be able to cherish and his unborn son who would never live to see the light of day… all because of him.

"I am so sorry for all I have done to you…" he whispered again in a choked-up voice. Her legs had disappeared. The virus was reaching for her womb, in which Aeronumon would no longer rest. "And I would give anything to see you heal… please… forgive me…" A single tear rolled down his cheek as he removed his precious crimson mask. The crystal tears trickled down the pale skin crossed by the crimson scar, onto the angel's body.




Angel tears heal.

Wizardmon gasped, for at the exact moment the first of the vampire's tears touched Angewomon, the effects of the virus began to reverse themselves. She reappeared, piece by piece, until the angel maiden was whole again.

They can destroy the most potent of viruses.

She ceased her writhing. Her screaming became a soft moan of relief. A cool breeze wafted over her and washed away the heat.

But only the tears of a true angel can do so.

Delicately, the vampire ran over to Angemon, seeing how the one who had once wished him dead had nearly sacrificed his own life to bring the vampire back. He delicately wept over him, and the wounds closed through the tears in the fabric of the angel's white suit, repairing the skin and reviving the angel within.

Not all angels can heal other angels. It takes the most powerful bearer of light to bring them back to life.

"Myotismon…" whispered Angemon, opening his eyes. "You… you are… alive…" He paused to breathe in the sweet new life around him. "And you truly are not only an angel, but… the Angel of Light who is destined to save us… He closed his eyes again.

Deep into the night, Myotismon sat on the edge of the cloud on which their castle rested, facing away from the sun and towards the moon. A silvery glow reflected off of him and in the eyes that were blue pools of hope. He lay against the silken surface, relieved to feel a balance once again. Exhausted from everything, he was about to drift off when Angewomon flew up to him.

"Myotismon?" she wondered.

"Angewomon…" he murmured, enclosing her hands in his firm yet soft grip. "I… I apologize for everything."

Angewomon placed a finger against his lips. "Shh…" she said. "What you did tonight was more than anyone could hope for. Any Digimon who can singlehandedly destroy the ultimate darkness does not need to apologize."

"But you must not forget, I did not fight alone," he reminded her softly. "You were holding my hand through everything, though we were both in peril."

"As were you," replied Angewomon. "Simply by living."

The vampire let go of the angel's hands and gently placed his on her lower stomach. "And this… this was the ultimate reason I lived. He fought for both of us." He saw Angewomon cracking a slight smile and her gaze traveling down to the cloud below them. "Our son… and I hope that he will be as beautiful and angelic as you." He took his hands off and placed them on his mask. "Angewomon… this is my present to you." He stared into his angel maiden's eyes, blue into blue, and closed his own. Slowly yet unyieldingly, he deftly removed his mask and let it drop onto the surface of the cumulus cloud. He let his golden hair fall into his face and looked at his feet.

"Myotismon… you're more beautiful than ever without your mask," said Angewomon. She traced the scar spanning his face. "Is this what you were hiding from me?"

The vampire nodded.

"I think it suits you…" she said, drawing closer to her love and breathing in his sweet scent. The X-shaped blemish that had once crossed his chest had completely disappeared.

"I love you, Angewomon," said Myotismon, embracing his angel in his arms and enfolding her in his cape.

Once again, their lips met in a passionate kiss as the orb of the moon bathed them in its gentle light. The stars glittered in the velvet sky, and down on Earth and the digital world, for one shining moment, everyone had achieved a sense of peace and tranquility. They let their faces gently drift apart.

"And I love you, Myotismon," whispered Angewomon, feeling the warmth around and inside her. "You are truly the Dark Archangel of the Digital World."