Very few fanfics have been written about my favorite digimon, MetalSeadramon, so I decided to write a story about how he became a Dark Master.

Background info: The story takes place during the first season, after the DigiDestined followed Myotismon to Japan.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon or any of the characters in this fanfic.

Piedmon sat in his office in his massive estate, clutching a glass of wine. He reclined in his leather chair and pondered his plans for the Dark Master's total domination of the Digital World: plans that he had meticulously devised for years with the aid of his comrades, Puppetmon and Machinedramon. He was confident that the Dark Masters could take over all of the land in the Digital World, but his plans would not be complete until he found a way to control the oceans.

Piedmon summoned Machinedramon through the estate's intercom system. Machinedramon was a cold, calculating robot; in Piedmon's mind, that made him the perfect consultant. Several minutes later, the mechanical dragon arrived at Piedmon's office.

"As you know, Machinedramon, our plans for global domination are near completion," explained Piedmon. "Conquering the land of the DigiWorld should be a relatively easy task for us. At the moment, however, the oceans are out of our grasp. Neither you, nor Puppetmon, nor myself are well equipped for aquatic expeditions; therefore, I fear we will be unable to achieve oceanic control in our current state. I believe we have little choice but to find an additional ally, one who is native to the sea."

"I concur," replied Machinedramon. "Control of the oceans is crucial."

"I'm sure you know much more about the species of this world than I do. Pray tell, Machinedramon, what aquatic mega level digimon are there?"

On his hard drive, Machinedramon had an analyzer with information on virtually every digimon in existence. After a few moments of searching, he found the data Piedmon was looking for.

"According to my information, Piedmon, there is only one species of mega level aquatic digimon: MetalSeadramon. Unfortunately for us, MetalSeadramon are quite rare. In fact, only three exist at the moment."

"Quite a shame," remarked Piedmon as he took a sip from his wine glass, "although I suppose it will make it easier for us to decide which one we should focus on. Do go on, Machinedramon."

"The first MetalSeadramon is over a hundred years old. He's well past his prime, and I don't think he would be of much use. The second one is very much a loner who often hides out in remote corners of the world. Tracking him would be veritably impossible, and even if we were to locate him, I sincerely doubt that he would want to join us."

"That leaves us with only one other choice. Tell me about the third MetalSeadramon."

"For a start, he's quite young- twenty five years old to be exact."

"Twenty five years old? Ha!" scoffed Piedmon. "Compared to us, he is practically a child! Do you find it wise to invest in someone who is so young and inexperienced?"

"Age does not necessarily equate to expertise. It would be foolish to dismiss him simply because he is younger than us. Still, I'd be lying if I said that this MetalSeadramon did not have any faults. According to my information, he is not exceptionally intelligent. Also, he had a tendency to be a bit overconfident in himself at times. But what he does possess is strength. His power is virtually unrivaled. With all due respect, he probably exceeds you, Puppetmon, and myself in terms of pure physical strength. He is carnivorous and thus he possesses innate hunting abilities and a natural aggression, which are ideal traits for a Dark Master to have."

"He certainly seems to be the best choice out of the three MetalSeadramon. Strength and determination will be needed to conquer the vast oceans; this MetalSeadramon appears to possess both characteristics."

"He is, however, a data type. I assume you are aware of the nature of such digimon…" commented Machinedramon.

"I am…and that may be a problem. Being a data type, he is by no means inherently evil. He may choose to fight on our side…but he could just as likely join the forces of good. If that happens, we will have a most dangerous opponent on out hands, and he may well become our most powerful source of opposition…not counting those bloody DigiDestined, although with any luck they will stay on Earth and never return to the DigiWorld."

"I don't think that it will be exceptionally difficult to get him on our side, Piedmon. As I have previously stated, he is somewhat simple minded. I believe that if we promise him power, promise him that he will rule the world with us, he will be swayed."

Piedmon thought about the situation, and after a few moments of pensiveness he spoke.

"It is crucial that we convince MetalSeadramon to join us. Not only do we need him for oceanic control, but he must also be prevented from becoming an opponent of ours. Machinedramon, due to your tracking system, I am entrusting you with the task of locating MetalSeadramon and bringing him to me. If the sea dragon chooses to fight on our side, we will truly be unstoppable…"