MetalSeadramon thought he would feel ready to decide after talking with MegaSeadramon, but making a decision that could have such radical consequences was proving to be difficult. He had spent days swimming aimlessly and wondering exactly what he should do. Machinedramon's deadline was rapidly approaching, and he would need to make up his mind soon.

MetalSeadramon surfaced and looked around. He was by himself in the middle of the ocean; it was the perfect place for him to resolve the situation once and for all.

"This is my chance to do something with my life," he said to himself. "I don't know what my destiny is, but I know what it's not: letting my strengths go to waste."

It was late in the evening. MetalSeadramon turned his head to watch the setting sun, and the last rays of sunlight for the day gleamed on his armor with a dark shade of orange.

"If I join them, there won't be any turning back. But this is the kind of chance I only get once in a lifetime…why would I want to turn back on that? I will become a Dark Master!" he proclaimed, his voice resolute. "This is my moment to shine!"

MetalSeadramon dove under the ocean's surface and swam back to the beach, where Machinedramon was waiting for him.

"Ah, MetalSeadramon! Was our offer to your liking?"

"I'd say it's a pretty good deal. I'm definitely not gonna let myself pass up on it," replied MetalSeadramon.

"Excellent choice, my friend. Now then, I think it's time that you met the leader of the Dark Masters."

The robotic dragon gave MetalSeadramon instructions on how to reach Piedmon, and as the armor-clad serpent swam away, Machinedramon radioed to the estate.

"MetalSeadramon has accepted. I directed him to the meeting point, and I suggest you move quickly if you wish to get there in time; he's a fast swimmer."

"Very good, Machinedramon. I must admit, though, I cannot shake my disconcertion over the attributes of data types."

"You're still worried about that? It certainly seems to me that he wishes to become a Dark Master."

"It just feels difficult to accept him as one of us. Wait a second…Machinedramon, do you remember that Gazimon I caught sneaking around and trespassing on my estate grounds? What did I do with him?"

"You threw that Gazimon into the dungeon, Piedmon. You said that you had a feeling you would find a use for him eventually."

"Well, I've always taken great pride in my prescience. I think it's time for that bloody snooper to make himself useful."

Piedmon chuckled to himself and ended the radio transmission.

MetalSeadramon followed the directions Machinedramon gave him and wound up in front of a cliff that overlooked the sea. A digimon dressed in jester-like clothing was sitting on the cliff's edge.

"Greetings, MetalSeadramon!" exclaimed the digimon in a cheerful voice. "I am Piedmon. I am very pleased that you wish to join the Dark Masters, but there is a subject that must be discussed first."

"What is it?" asked MetalSeadramon.

"We cannot expect to take over the Digital World without fighting. Resistance likely will not be strong, but it is resistance nonetheless. Even after we take over, there will still be digimon who take up arms against us. These enemies are a threat to our existence and they will need to be destroyed. You will have to deal with them should you become a Dark Master, thus, a condition must be met before you can join."

MetalSeadramon began to feel a bit uneasy. Machinedramon had not been exceptionally detailed in describing the Dark Master's plan, and he had given little thought on how exactly they intended on taking over. MetalSeadramon didn't even think that most digimon would try to fight back; he had assumed that a group a megas could take over the DigiWorld unopposed.

"Do you see that Gazimon over there?" Piedmon pointed to a large rock that had a Gazimon chained to it. "I must ask you to destroy him. Perhaps this seems cruel, but in all honestly, cruelty is entailed in the position of Dark Master. If you are unable to bring yourself to do this, I fear that you are not cut out to join us."

MetalSeadramon was hesitant. He had killed before, but only while hunting for food. For MetalSeadramon, the hunt was a matter of survival; a massive carnivore like him would quickly starve without the food provided by hunting. Yes, he had killed before, but MetalSeadramon had never committed cold-blooded murder.

Piedmon frowned. How pathetic, he thought. It looks like data types cannot be trusted to do the work of a virus. But, my word, this fellow is huge! The last thing I need is to have this leviathan as an opponent. Perhaps this will encourage him…

Piedmon began to yell. "Do it now or the deal is off, and I can guarantee that no one else will ever offer you an opportunity like this!"

As soon as Piedmon finished speaking, the energy cannon on MetalSeadramon's helmet began to glow a light green. "River of Power!" shouted MetalSeadramon as he turned his head towards the Gazimon. He fired a concentrated beam of energy from the cannon, instantly deleting the Gazimon as well as vaporizing the rock that he had been chained to. It was surprisingly easy for MetalSeadramon. He did feel a slight tinge of guilt, but it was not a very strong sensation.

Perhaps datas are useful after all, thought a smirking Piedmon, content with the fact that this new ally allowed him to finally go forward with his plans. "This is a decision you will not regret, MetalSeadramon," said Piedmon as he bowed. "I humbly welcome you to the Dark Masters."

The reality of what happened began to sink in.

So this is it, thought MetalSeadramon. I'm part of a group that can actually take over the world. And if anyone stands in our way - stands in my way - I can make them end up like that Gazimon. This really is like something out of a dream…but it's not. This is my real life.

The guilt MetalSeadramon had felt quickly abated, and was soon replaced with sensations of happiness and excitement.

I think I can get used to this, thought the sea dragon as a smile slowly began to spread across his face.

-The End-