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Day 23, 7:33 PM.

Two more days, Raven thought to herself. Two more days, and then this'll be over.

"What a nice sunset."

The empathic Titan snapped out of her trance and looked at Beast Boy, then at the sunset over the city. "Yes," she said with a sarcastic tone, "it looks great through the smog and pollution. Looks purple."

The two fell back to silence, the green shape-shifter looking at Raven, a small smile on her face. It had been very quiet around Titans' Tower for the past week, following Aqualad's "attack." It was embarrassing to everyone; Justice League caught wind of the incident (Through Aquaman, when he found out why his young apprentice had been sent back to Atlantis for a month) and had sent a very informative packet to both towers- "Sexual Harassment in the Work Place: How to say to your boss 'Hands off!'"

Raven looked at the packet, lying discarded on the floor next to the couch. As if it could get any worse, she thought.


Her train of thought broken again, she turned to Beast Boy. "Yes?"

"…uh, I know I've asked you this a million times this week," he stammered, "but are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," Raven replied in her monotone voice.

"…okay," Beast Boy said, pausing for a minute before continuing, "It's just that you've been kind of quiet this past week."

"I'm always quiet," she said. A moment of silence followed.

Raven got lost in her thoughts again, drifting back to memories of the incident. Mainly the fight between Beast Boy and Aqualad… well, it wasn't a fight as much it was Beast Boy ganging up on the aquatic teen and trying to put him in a coma.

Suddenly Raven's thoughts drifted toward the Beast incident, in which Beast Boy, after fending off Adonis, was engulfed by chemicals and turned into a beast. And them back to the incident that caused her to be glued to the green Titan.

He was always protective of you, her Wisdom emotion said in her conscience. She brushed off that thought.

While Raven was thinking, she wasn't aware that Beast Boy had slipped his hand into her's, massaging it softly. He was also lost in his thoughts.

She was attached to you, his conscience barked, and you didn't even notice what was happening until he nearly made it to second base! …or was it third base? Never mind. The point is you should've kept a closer eye on her!

How could've I known! The other side of his conscience yelped. I hadn't had a good night's rest in two days. Besides, how would've I known that Aqualad was capable of that kind of… demeanor?

"Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy snapped out of his trance now and looked at Raven. "Yeah Raven?"

"…uh, the hand?"

He looked down, seeing his hand in her's. He didn't even know what he was doing. "Oh. Sorry," he said sheepishly. There was a moment of silence. Their eyes met.

"…you know I'd never let anything happen to you, right?" Beast Boy asked.

"…I know," Raven answered, turning back to the sunset.

"…pretty eyes," Beast Boy said absent-mindedly.

Raven's eyes bulged and turned back to him. "What did you call me?"

Beast Boy's eyes now bulged. Oh crap, he thought, realizing he said that out loud. "Er, n-nothing!" he squeaked, fear in his eyes.

She knew he was lying. "What did you call me?" she asked sternly.

Now red-faced, Beast Boy looked down in his lap (well, her lap) and mumbled, "…pre-pretty eyes."

Raven's face softened. Pretty Eyes? She pondered, trying to process this information. "…why did you call me that?" she asked.

Still looking down, he said, "…it's my nickname for you. …I think you have pretty eyes."

"…oh," Raven said, unsure of what else to say. He thinks I have pretty eyes, her knowledgeable side said, before turning into Happy and squealing excitedly Oh my god! He thinks I have pretty eyes!

"…no one has ever said anything like that to me," she added.

Beast Boy looked up at her in disbelief. "…really?"

"Yes," she said.

"I find that hard to believe," Beast Boy said.

She glanced at him, puzzled.

"You'd have to be blind not to notice them," he said sincerely.