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"I wait and wait, time seems to have stopped. I pray, oh how I pray..."

Excerpt from Alexandrea's Journal

An arrow speeds through the air. If life was fair it would have struck me, but it deems me an unworthy target and sailed safety passed me. "What are you doing?" I scream. I was close, so close to getting through to Conn, why did they have to come and spoil it all. Conn lays on the ground, stunned. He has no idea what I just done.

"Alexa, are you alright?" Gawain asks. At the sound of Gawain's voice Conn comes back to the present and jumps up.

"Gawain, I told you to stay. I can protect myself."

"Alexa, I had to save you." He looks at me. I want to slap him. Yes, the noble knight thing would have been to save me. Yes, I know he only did what he thought was best, but I really wanted to hit him. I'm not some damsel in distress that he needs to save.

"I'm not some damsel you need to save," I reply harshly. "I can take care of myself." Gawain looks stunned. Conn looks pleased. Tristan looks amused and offers me no assistance. I glare at him and he bows as if say that it was my problem and my time to prove that I can handle my own problems. I sigh. It's like beating my head against a rock trying to get it through Gawain's and Conn's heads that I am not ready for a relationship, not now and not in the near future. Why can't they seem to understand that?

Conn has completely recovered from his fall and stands facing Gawain. "Stop this!" I cry. "This is foolish. Nothing you do will make me change my decision. Just let it go."

"I can't," Conn says.

"Nor can I," Gawain confirms.

"Fine," I say, angry at them. "Do what you want. I don't care if you kill each other. I will have nothing to do with it." With that, I walk away, hands still bound. I feel their eyes on me and I wonder if they are confused or just ignoring me as usual. Why did men have to be so stubborn? Footsteps follow me. For a breif moment I imagine that it's Conn and Gawain coming to apologize for their behavior, but it's not. Tristan follows me.

"Fine show," he remarks as he falls in step with me.

"Just leave me alone," I reply.

"You don't want that. Seems your beaus are doing enough of that."

"What does that mean?" I turn and glare at him.

"You think you're so different, but you want what any woman wants, attention. Just not the kind of attention those young idiots think you need. You're more of a companionable attention."

Once again, Tristan made no sense whatsoever. "I don't know what you mean."

"You want a friend based romance. That's how it was with your guard and you still look for something like it. The idiots think you want them to prove themselves to you, but you don't. You just want them to be there."

"I suppose you have a point," I concede. Tristan knew he was right, I knew he was right. Although he might be a bit farfetched with the romance part, I still wanted to have them there for me as friends. Both of them had their good qualities, although it has been hard to see them. Conn confuses me, and he seems not well, but I think I can help him regain himself. It's just that none of them will let me help them. They won't be my friends; they want something more that I am not ready to give. "How do you know so much?"

"I watch, listen, and contemplate."

"Planning your own romance?"

"Never, I'm far too silent for a romance."

I laugh, "Silent?"

"Tis true."

"What do I have to do to make you silent?"

"You have no such luck. You need someone to knock down yourself pity walls and bring you into the light, that I will do gladly."

"Are you saying I'm selfish and pathetic?"

"Yes, you worry too much about your own dilemmas. It's time you get over that and see what else there is in the world."

Once again, I am insulted by Tristan's words, mainly because he's probably right, he's always right. But I'm not going to let him know that I think he's right, that would just go to his head and he would think too highly of himself. I sigh. Why is it that people can always see things about yourself clearer than you can? It is a pain in the behind if you ask me. Things would be much easier if they were less complicated. I look at Tristan, "What do you recommend that I do?"

"Move on and find better beaus."

"And who might those be? You?"

Tristan laughs, "Gods no, never me."

"You're not helping."

"Yes, I am."


"I'm making you see things differently." Before I can laugh and make some snide remark, Tristan takes out his knife and faces me. "Care to loose those bonds?" I had almost completely forgotten about those.

"If you please," I say and hold my hands out towards him. He cuts them, pulls me up onto his horse behind him, and takes me back to the main group. "What do you think they are doing?" No need to say who they are, Tristan just smiles. I wait for him to remark, but he doesn't. "What is it?"

"I think they might be waiting for you." He points ahead of us. Gawain and Conn wait just up the trail. I sigh; I really wish they would all just disappear for awhile.

"Alexa, please accept my apologies, I did not mean to insult you," Gawain says.

"Me, too," Conn mutters. I look at the two of them, they look so pathetic.

"Are we going to get along?" I ask. "No more of this competition thing?"

"We shall try," Gawain says. Conn nods.

"Fine," I say and leave without another word. I'm too annoyed with them to talk with them at the moment. I climb back into the carriage and sigh. When was this going to end? The other knights come by to see if I'm okay and what not. I just nod and they go away, getting the sense that I want to be alone. Soon I have silence and I close my eyes and wish that I could sleep until we got back to the wall. Slowly, I drift off the sleep to dream of nothing.

The next thing I know, I hear a lot of commotion out side of the wagon. I pop my head out to see the knight preparing for battle. "What is it?" I ask to Lancelot, who is closest to me.

"Saxons," he replies.

"Oh," I say and watch as the refugees and Roman guards are organized.

"You men," Arthur said, pointing to the guards. "Take these people and go ahead. My knights and I will stay behind and hold off the Saxons. Do not argue and go as quickly as you can. Understood?" The guards nod. "Good."

I watch as everyone organizes themselves with surprising speed. Guinevere stands with Arthur, all regal and fierce looking with her bow. No surprise that she was going to stay behind and fight. Eight people against an army, not the best odds, but there is no telling what could happen. I look for Gawain and Conn. They seem to be getting along better now.

"I'm staying too," Conn declares. The knights look at him warily, but Gawain nods his approval and no one refutes Conn's offer. I must have slept longer than I thought or this is a dream. Conn and Gawain getting along for once, who would have thought that was possible. I shake me head, this was and interesting development.

"Surprised?" Tristan asks as he rides up. "Many people are. It seems that they have had a little chat and gotten over their differences."

"Good," is all I can say, for I have no words to describe what I feel. "Well, that certainly solves many of my problems. So you are going to fend off an army with only nine people? That should be interesting."

Tristan smiles, "We are all getting sick of this running, so we decided to go and face them. I think we have a chance, that is if Arthur's plan works out."

" 'If' not very reassuring."

"Never know until you try it. We're tough, we'll survive."

"I hope so," I whisper, knowing that I would mourn for any of them should they fall in battle. How I wished I had the skills to go with them and fight, but my skills are more verbal and theory based, which will not help much with blood-thirsty Saxons. "Good luck," I say to him as he rides off.

He grins, "I'll watch after your beaus for you." I glare and he laughs. The wagon jolts to life and we leave the knights, Guinevere, and Conn behind. I watch as they grow smaller and smaller and pray that they will be alright.