A/N: This is my first Justice League fic, and I feel like such a big loser for writing it, since I should be focusing on my Pirates of the Caribbean fic and others. LOL. But this plot bunny kept bugging to come out, so I let it run lose. This takes place sometime between the 'Starcrossed' episode and the 'Justice League Unlimited' season. And I guess it's a bit AU since it takes place during the Christmas holidays. And if any one is curious about the title…it's supposed to be an oxymoron, showing the difference in personalities in Flash and Batman. Well, I hope you lot enjoy. I hope they don't seem OOC, but if any of you have any constructive criticism on how to improve this, by all means let me know. I will try to apply it to the best of my ability.

Clouded Dawn

Chapter 1:

A Distress Call

Batman had always found comfort staring out into the endless abyss that was space from the Justice League headquarters, the Watchtower. He could stare on forever at the exotic mass of ever-flickering stars, and he could always find something new to discover. The black inky mass that drowned the balls of fire reminded Bruce Wayne that other than the stars, it was completely empty and void of life. In that sense, he felt he could relate to space; he was one of those stars, floating aimlessly in the universe, cold and alone. Just like his heart.

Batman tore his gaze from the window of the watchtower, and went back to finishing his work on the computer. He tried to ignore the mistletoe hanging a few feet away in the mechanic doorway of the lab, but it was hard to miss the only thing with colour in the room. It only reminded him that it was the holidays, the time of year that his heart felt the coldest. Every holiday was cheerless for Bruce, since he had no one to celebrate with, except for his loyal butler and friend, Alfred. But even his friends needed time to spend with his family.

Batman suddenly heard the sliding door from beside him glide open; the dark knight didn't even look up.

The Flash waltzed in, whistling without a worry in the world. He had come to the Watchtower only so that he could retrieve his precious CD player so that he could listen to it over the holidays, but then he had seen a light on in the lab. Wally had then decided to investigate.

The Scarlet Speedster looked over and saw Batman hunched over his computer like Quasimodo. Then he quickly looked up and saw the mistletoe. He smiled cheerily. "Bats! I know you like me, but sorry, I don't swing that way," he joked good-naturedly, swinging his hip to the left for effect.

Batman let out a small, annoyed grunt, but didn't bother to glance at his teammate. Of course the first thing that popped out of Flash's mouth had to be something stupid.

Wally, oblivious the Batman's irritation, zipped over beside the dark knight and poked his head over Bruce's shoulder. "What'cha doin'?" he chirped with a child-like innocence.

I'm trying to finish my work, but that's hard to do when you're hovering over me like that," Batman replied with a mask of calmness.

Flash stood up straight, taking the hint. "Well, can't it wait 'til after the holidays?" he puzzled, scratching the back of his head.

"No." Bruce replied flatly, then paused. "Why are you here, anyway?"

The Scarlet Speedster grinned and revealed his crimson Discman. "'Can't live without my CD Player, can I?" Then, much to Batman's aggravation, Flash played his Discman at full blast, 'Hey Ya' by Outkast filling the silver room like a disease.

Batman covered his ears, fearing they would begin to bleed buckets if he didn't plug them. "Flash, turn that damn thing off!" he bellowed.

Wally was in a mid-dance step when he froze. "What!" he shouted, unable to hear Bats.

Bruce groaned, then pressed the 'stop' button forcefully on Flash's CD player. He gave his teammate a dirty look, who in return chuckled nervously.

"Uh, sorry?"

Bruce rolled his eyes and turned back to his computer monitor. "How can you listen to that? It's completely vulgar and should be rejected as a form of 'music'."

"Hey! It's not 'Rejected', it's 'Outkast!'" Flash corrected, offended by Batman's comment.

Batman wanted to pound Wally's head in, but instead pounded into his keyboard with his fingers.

That was when the Watchtower's 'incoming distress signal' alarm went off. The superheroes looked up and automatically rushed to the main room, Flash beating Batman there by ten seconds with his super speed.

The dark knight keyed in some commands on the main computer, and the computer targeted a spot on the hologram of Earth in front of the pair.

"There's a distress signal coming from Keystone City, or rather the outskirts of it," Batman explained.

"Keystone? Hey, I live there! What could be happening?" Wally wondered out loud.

"I know you live there, Wally," Bruce said calmly, "But it looks like there's nothing wrong with the city itself. It's coming from a cave. It seems pretty suspicious."

"Should we check it out?"

"'We'? More likely I will, and you will go home."

"Well, why not? It's my territory. I should at least come with you!" Wally argued.

Batman tapped his fingers impatiently. "The idea of working with you, alone, doesn't exactly strike me as 'fun'."

Flash frowned. "Aw, come on, Bats, I'm hurt! I know you like me! Just give me a chance," he whined, his hands clasped together hopefully.

Bruce was silent, weighing his options. He could go with Flash and risk a major migraine, or leave him alone and risk another one later when Wally would complain to him about not letting him go. Either way, he ended up with a headache. The billionaire sighed in defeat.

"Fine then."

"Great, thanks!" Wally West grinned with enthusiasm, patting Bats on the back in a friendly gesture, "So, can we go in your Batmobile?"

To Be Continued…

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