HP Life after Hogwarts

HP Life after Hogwarts

Chapter 1

S Craven


I really need to emphasize this to understand what is happening in the story you need to read Harry Potter Boy Who lives Summer Before 7th year and then Harry Potter Boy Who lives 7th year before reading this story it takes off after the last chapter of 7th year...

Now begins the next adventure in Harry's life that being just living his life with Hermione and much more...Just back from their Holiday... Harry and Hermione return home to celebrate his birthday with family and friends... Harry has other surprises for other friends, family on his day...An old classmate of James and the others makes an appearance, and he is not welcome.


July 31, 2005

Sanctuary- Godric's Hollow

Harry's twentieth Birthday was being celebrated with a huge gathering of family and friends.

Hermione had sent Ferria with a letter of assurance that they would be home on Harry's Birthday.

Their holiday had gone flawlessly, until day before last. Someone from the Muggle media had caught up with them in Athens, disclosing to the Muggle World that she was expecting a baby.

They couldn't vanish in front of Nanda from The Insider and the tourists, so they were caught in front of the Parthenon. They reluctantly agreed to be escorted to a posh hotel. They gave her an interview, with the stipulation that afterwards she would let them be.

Nanda, excited beyond words about their little one, took them baby shopping. She and Hermione had hit it off as friends and they now had an ally in the American Muggle Media.

All in all it had been a peaceful holiday, but they were both ready to come home.


"James, there isn't enough food. Go get more." Lily, while feeding Bell her breakfast, watched the preparations for the party from a lounge on the patio.

James stared at her as if she had suddenly grown two heads. "Darling, we have enough food to feed a third world country. Now try to relax, everything is gonna be fine."

"It has to be beyond spectacular and this is just not going to cut it." Lily set Bell on her shoulder and burped her.

"Clay and Josh are gonna be here for two weeks and they both happen to be huge idols in the Muggle World. Daniel and Emma are staying for a month and are bringing the finished version of Goblet of Fire. The whole family will be here. What more do you want?" James was feeding MJ his bottle.

MJ would rather have had what his sister was currently enjoying, but angrily sucked down the milk. After all, it tasted like what Mama made.

"Michael is upset with you, because you're getting all ratty with me." Lily glared at James.

"I'm not growling at you, Red. I'm merely trying to translate what you want for this party." James reined in his temper.

"The circus, carnival, zoo, and marching band were all booked solid, so don't even ask." James was getting a migraine.

"Harry's not a boy anymore he's a man. Thanks to First-Nana Mab's meddling, he turns twenty today and not eighteen. I've no doubt in my mind that he'll be happy with family, friends, and just to be home. Now as for Mikey, he just wants his milk machine and not the bottle. He's jealous that Bell got to feed on you, but he's male and food is food, so he tolerates his bottle." He set MJ on his shoulder to burp him.

"Milk machine?" Lily giggled.

"Yeah, well, I mean, really how else can one describe it and not end up slapped." James grinned.

"Yes, James, you're quite right and so is the party. I'm just excited to see them." Lily set Bell down in her bassinet for her morning snooze.

"It's been a month, so the two of them are more than ready to come home." James set MJ down for his snooze. "The girls just got back from their month away with the boys and will be off again tomorrow, until the twenty-seventh of August, so that's also eating at you."

"The girls had a splendid time teaching those monsters in Africa, who pray on those babies, a lesson about what true hell is. Their castration jinx, Castro Scelus that diminishes a male's anatomy, so they can't hurt any other women, girls, or babies did the trick. Those men in Lesotho, South Africa got what was coming to them." Di appeared beside the twin's bassinets.

"Those witch doctors got a taste of it as well. They will never mess with what they believe as god's wrath again. They stopped in Rwanda, just so they could cast the jinx on those beasts as well. It only works on males that have done vile deeds to innocents, girls, women, or babies. So it didn't harm any innocents." Lily hated the cruelty of the Muggle World and it shone in her eyes.

"Harry's foundation is making milestones of progress towards cures for many cancers like bone cancer for instance, also HIV, and various other diseases." James was proud of what his kids were able to do for the good of the world. "Just one sample of our boy's blood and it opened many doors to cures, even in the Muggle World."

"Andrew and Sarah love running it." Di loved Wills and Harry's brainchild; it would change the world for the good of the planet and not for the bottom line. "These cures will go to those who need them and not to the wealthy, who would sell their very souls for them."

"Harry never wishes anyone to have to suffer like Michael did for five long years. Therefore, he chose to anomalously give Wills a vial or two of his blood. Just to see what the doctors and researchers can do and they're doing wonders with it." Lily smiled.

"The boys are set to enter Sandhurst in September and then it'll be forty-four weeks apart for our girls and their guys. Though, they do get time off to see them from time to time during their training." James changed the subject and sat down next to Lily.

"The girls will focus on their nieces, cousins, and siblings. Besides, they have studying to do of their own." Lily snuggled close to him.

"Let's hope these two don't grow up, so bloody fast that we miss everything. Our first brood are either nesting or longing to build nests of their own." James kissed her on the nose and stared off at the pool area.

Ginny & Draco were chasing each other around the pool.

Luna & Ron were cuddling under the willow tree.

Wills & Rory were currently lip locked, instead of setting up the stage area where the music would be set up.

Dromi & Henry were making sure the feature of the evening would go off without a hitch. They had strung up a long screen of silk in an area off the patio that would be used as a movie screen and were kissing behind it.

"Are you reneging on your approval of what Harry has planned for tonight? He came up with a surprise for Wills & Rory and Henry & Dromi. Our boy is such a giving person. He didn't want anything for his birthday, but a family gathering, and instead is going to give others presents and surprises." Lily sighed.

"I know that our kid's great, also that we ignored his request and got him stuff anyway. Now to answer your question, no I am not welching on what we agreed on. After all, there are gowns for the girls and suits for the boys inside the house and the rose garden's all decked out for the ceremony." James wasn't sure that he was all for the plan. "Is this really a good idea? The boys wished to wait until after their military stints are over, before getting married."

"That's in the Muggle World. In our world, it's less complicated. This way they'll be married in our world, which in turn should give them all piece of mind during their time apart." Lily explained for the twelfth time in two days. "Franc and Beau were overjoyed to be a part of it. Draco, Ron, Luna, and Ginny all think it's a wonderful idea, as do the rest of the family. That said Operation Surprise Wizarding Wedding will go off as scheduled."

"Give up, Lily. He'll never get it. He's too caught up on having to give away his oldest girls tonight." Di stuck out her tongue and crossed her eyes at James. "I for one am over the moon about it. It takes away my not so happy feelings about my boys going to Sandhurst, but duty bids them to join Her Majesties Royal Army."

"Yeah, but they aren't going to be career officers, so try to keep that in mind. This is just to humor the Council of Governors." James reminded her.

"Nothing says that I have to like it." Di pouted.


Lady and Rad bounded into the backyard, using the puppy door, heading straight for the three of them, and barking up a storm.

Crooks and Pepper casually strolled from the main house and went to sit on one of the loungers on the patio.

"This can mean only one thing." James cast Silencio on the pups, so they wouldn't wake the twins. "The kids are back early."

Rad and Lady didn't mind, so long as attention was given to the two of them.

"Cravings or not, the girls relayed their feelings to me on that particular activity, and they don't care for it!" Harry could be heard growling at Hermione from inside the main house.

"That's just a lousy excuse on your part! You just don't want me anymore, because I'm as big as a baby whale! You think that I'm fat, ugly, and are using our unborn daughter's alleged chat with you early this morning as an excuse!" Hermione snarled back at him.

"Alleged chat? Call it like it is, Hermione! One spoke to me in my head, relaying loud, and clear that she didn't wish to be squashed anymore than she already was! I'm sorry, but after that I'm on strike from anything, but cuddling and kissing!" Harry was clearly harried about this latest turn of events.

"You are beautiful and round with our girls! I don't think that I'll ever not desire you, but until the girls are born or a month old, I have a headache!" Harry stalked outside to get some air. "Son of a bitch! This day just keeps getting better and better!" He saw the family had overheard their sparring match and were getting things set for his party.

"Welcome home, son. I would say Happy twentieth, but then by the looks of it you might flay me alive." James arched a brow at his son.

"Well, honey, your question about how magically inclined the girls are going to be has been answered." Lily got up and gave him a hug. "It's okay, sweetie, you did the same thing to James when I was carrying you. So we believe you."

"Would you mind telling Hermione that? As it is she thinks that I'm more of a frog than a prince?" Harry hugged her back.

"Of course I will. Now go over and relax beside your Aunt and father." She headed into the house.

Harry walked over to look down at the twins. "They sure have grown. Are they up to crawling yet?"

"They can sit up on their own, push themselves up on their knees, but no crawling yet. They're babbling more, so a word or two might be forthcoming. It seems that sleep, attention, and food are still their main focus." James gave him the heads up on the twins and a little bit of fatherly advice. "This last month makes them really grouchy, so just be patient with her."

"Getting to meet Clay and Josh should cheer her up again." Harry noticed the stage area was halfway set up.

"Kate & Cedric are collecting them at the airport at one. It was supposed to be a surprise." Di watched as Harry prowled the patio. "Do sit down. Your inner wolf is starting to show."

"Thanks, Aunt Di. That's a splendid idea. I'll take a run on the grounds as Prince. That should clear my head enough to tolerate my party." He turned into Prince and set off on a run.


"James. Hermione is ready to talk to Harry now." The two of them stepped onto the patio.

"Where did he go off to? I specifically ordered him to sit by you!" She narrowed her eyes at James.

"The boy is twenty and no longer under our control, besides he just went to run off his temper." James shrugged his shoulders and went back to reading Harry's best-seller on DADA.

"He took off as Prince just to avoid me." Hermione sat down on a shaded lounger. "I want to believe him, I really do. It's just that 8 ½ month old unborn babies shouldn't be able to do that and if they can then it's not right for them to just chat with him! I'm the one carrying them! Not him!" She blew her bangs out of her face in frustration.

"He didn't encourage one to chat. She chose to, because she was uncomfortable about what the two of you were, uh, doing and told the one person able to hear her. That being her father, my son, and your husband, Harry James… Hermione these aren't normal Muggle baby girls. So yes, kitten, at 8 ½ months into their creation they do have the ability to communicate at least to Harry." James explained in a calm rational manner. "Harry isn't currently carrying them inside him."

"Think of it this way, sweetie. The girls don't wish to upset their safe haven, that being you. But, have no problem upsetting or causing their father undo grief. They love him, but he isn't nearly as vital to them as you are, at least right now anyway." Diana took a shot at explaining things to her.

"He talks to them, both aloud and mentally, reads to them, and sings to them all the time. Therefore, I know that they love him as much as they do me. Harry is a master at Legilimens and using his mind. So, if one of them were not pleased, he would be able to translate what was wrong. In this case we were squishing her and she didn't like it." Hermione thought about that for a second then narrowed her eyes and wrinkled her nose. "More like we woke her up and she's as grouchy as her Daddy when abruptly awakened. I that she wasn't being squished." Hermione grumbled.

"Okay, angel, let's not go into details with my parents or our Aunt." Harry appeared beside the lounge. "We woke her up, she was grouchy, got it, no more information is necessary."

He scooped her up into his arms and changed them both into their swimsuits. "Let's go for a swim. It's noon and time for your daily exercise or cardio since we did yoga this morning."

"Harry has been reading a stack of books on babies, pregnancy, and the like." Hermione rolled her eyes at him. "Lucy recommended an exercise regimen of yoga in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. This one keeps to that like a drill sergeant."

"Then he's being a good father-to-be looking after his girls." Wills & Rory walked over to greet them.

"Welcome home, by all means make sure that our Ducky gets her cardio." He kissed Hermione on her forehead.

"It's good for her and the babies. I'm proud of baby brother for making sure that Hermione is well taken care of. In fact, we'll join you guys at the pool." Rory cast a glamour, going from sundress to string bikini, and dressed Wills from cut off shorts to a Speedo.

"I'm praying the water is cold or I may end up swimming the length of the lake." Wills reined in his primal instinct to toss Rory over his shoulder and let nature take its course.

The bikini with it's strategically placed bits of material barely covered all the necessary parts of her body.

"Katherine Aurora, next time think of a maillot." Harry shook his head at his sister, as they made their way down to the pool. "Wills can't take much more of you running around in nearly nothing."

"She was trying on wedding gowns last night. You see a parcel of them was delivered by messenger, with a parcel of suits suitable for an impending groom." Wills noticed that Harry was avoiding looking at him and that peaked his interest even more. "Any idea as to why gowns and suits in our sizes were delivered here?"

"How would I know? The two of us just got back twenty minutes ago." Harry set Hermione down on her feet. "Who knows... Maybe Franc sent them over?"

"Harry! Hermione!" Ginny & Draco were happy to see them.

"Welcome home, the two of you look smashing." Ginny beamed at Hermione after hugging her. "And hello to you three as well." The triplets kicked her hello and she giggled.

"They wish to be included, as well I see." Draco hugged Hermione and he was kicked hello.

"Oh, trust me .You have no idea just how much they wish to be included in." Harry grinned and Hermione blushed.

"Do tell." Draco, Wills, Ginny, and Rory all eyed them curiously.

"They had a chat with Harry this morning and let's leave it at that." Hermione's blushed deepened even more.

"Congrats on getting high marks on your N.E.W.T'S, girls." Harry had mercy on Hermione and changed the subject. "So how goes your summer so far?"

Ron and Luna joined them.

"Busy to say the least." Ron grinned. "Training to be yours and Hermione's Muggle Liaison is a lot of hard work."

"True... But it's not making you bored after ten minutes, like being at The Quibbler did. Being a Muggle Liaison is every bit as challenging as I thought it would be." Luna hugged Harry.

"As long as you both love doing it then that's all that matters." Hermione hugged Ron and then Luna. "Besides, it got the two of you on the yacht last weekend."

"Yeah, that was our first try at fielding the Muggle press." Ron grinned.

"We did smashingly well, but that Nanda slipped passed us...sorry about that big brother." Luna frowned.

"No worries, baby sister. She's Hermione's friend and ally now, besides she's also one of us. She being an American, was never told, or doesn't even realize it yet." Harry grinned. "They didn't get letters like we did, so are never told, unless it really runs in their family."

"I've been spending long hours at St. Mungo's, but it's worth it. I got to go with Lucy during her weekly visits to Hermione." Ginny smiled.

"I'm well ahead of even the third year Auror candidates. Its hard work, but I love it. Logan took me with him during his security checks at various locations and on the yacht. So, it seems that all of us have gotten to spend time with you during your holiday." Draco smirked.

"The four of us had tea with them twice a week." Dromi walked over to hug her brother and Hermione.

"Yeah, even on a tight schedule, we managed to slip away for tea, and check on them." Henry hugged Hermione.

"Even Mum and Dad popped in on us." Harry grinned, as he and Hermione walked down the steps into the shallow end of the pool. "Feel free to join us. Hermione's just getting in her cardio for the day."

Wills jumped in with Rory in his arms. "Don't mind if we do."

Dromi changed her and Henry into swimwear similar to what Rory and Wills were wearing. "A swim sounds lovely." She dove into the pool.

Henry took off running towards the lake. "The lake sounds even better!"

He had only seen her in a one-piece, which had made him run for a cold shower. This was beyond his ability to think rationally. All that he wanted was to run back to the pool, grab her up, and disappear for a week or two.

Wills, having seen Rory's bikini wet, jumped out of the pool, and headed for the lake as well. "She's gonna kill me at this rate!"

"Do you still think the weddings are for Draco, Ron, Ginny, and Luna?" Henry growled.

"It has to be! Although, the girls are both sixteen and to me it's just not right." Wills grumbled.

"Then why are those suits in our sizes and the gowns in our girls' sizes as well?" Henry and Wills passed the pitch and headed up the knoll.

"It can't be us, little brother. We have four years before our time comes." Wills shot passed him.

"In the real world maybe, but we never said anything about this one." Henry countered, as he ran passed the Great Oak heading down to the beach bellow.

"Dream on, little brother, because that's all it is a dream." Wills raced into the water relishing the bite of cool water against his body and started swimming sidestroke across the water.

"The thing is, big brother... If I don't dream about it being a possibility..." Henry matched his pace in the water. "I mean at this rate I might go insane."

"You and me both, little brother...you and me both," Wills continued to swim.


Heathrow Airport, 1pm the VIP section

Cedric and Kate stared at Clay and Josh. They were dressed in their disguises.

"Uh, excuse me, but are you Clay and Josh?" Kate asked.

The two young men smiled and nodded at her.

"Smashing...I'm Kate and this is my husband, Cedric Diggory." She smiled back at them.

The ginger haired, badly in need of a shave man, wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt, worn jean jacket, and faded jeans smiled at her. "I'm Clay."

The raven haired, badly in need of a shave man, wearing a t-shirt, bomber jacket, and faded jeans smiled at her as well. "I'm Josh."

Cedric looked at the photo of the two of them in his hand and then at the two men. "No offense, but what the bloody hell happened to the two of you? Hermione is expecting to see these two." He held up the photo. "She'll go into labor if you show up like that."

"This is our way of remaining under the radar of the media, fans, and press." Josh explained.

"That and someone wants me to be a guest judge for season five auditions to American Idol and he happens to be in London doing Pop Idol right now. The man has spies everywhere and I don't wish to do it." Clay scanned Heathrow's VIP area for any sign of the man in question. "So far so good, let's get our stuff and head for Harry and Hermione's, before he does his usual, and just appears out of nowhere."

"Simon is not someone whom I wish to meet. He seems like an arrogant, rude, and annoying man." Kate growled.

"He is all of that in spades, but he does know the music industry and how to get the most out of those under his thumb. His latest prizes are Carrie and Bo." Clay put his bags on the trolley as did Josh. "At times he can be a really nice guy, but that's just between us."

"All those qualities make idol worthwhile to watch." Josh put on his shades. "SC at ten o'clock," He hissed at Clay.

Clay muttered a few choice words under his breath and put on his own shades. "Just keep walking out to the car, maybe he won't spot us."

"Dan is waiting with the limo right outside these doors." Cedric had no wish to meet SC either.

"Welcome to England." Dan put away The Quibbler and smiled at them. "I'm Dan Shunpike, official royal driver, and trusted friend of the family."

"Dan, we need to hurry." Kate opened the door to the limo before Dan could. "Clay has someone whom he doesn't wish to speak with."

"Well, then in with the lot of you, while I see to the gents bags." Dan saw someone heading their way and used a little magic to close the electronic doors in his face.

Unfortunately, this bloke could counter magic and was once again upon them.

"He did not just do what I know he did!" Cedric stared at the man with a beyond determined scowl on his face.

Clay and Josh disappeared into the limo.

"Cedric, my love, please get into the limo." Kate pulled him inside.

Cedric reached out to close the door, but SC was in the way. "Naff Off! This is a private limo!" Cedric glared up at him. "Now sod off!"

"Not until I have a chat with Clay." SC glared back. "I will have that chat or I will cause a scene and none of you want that now do you."

"Frankly, sir, the only scene will be of..." He noticed what was in SC's back pocket and frowned. "They are guests of the Pendragon Royal Family and we are on a very tight schedule."

"The Prince's birthday party can wait. Yes, lad, I am well aware of whom you." SC snarled. "Now move or I will move you myself."

"Holly cricket! When he looks like that he reminds me of a certain professor." Kate stared intently at SC's face.

"It is possible..." Cedric narrowed his eyes up at SC. "He must have jumped ship, as they say, during the dark days."

"I call it taking the intelligent way out." SC growled. "Especially, when the ship as you called it, was listing and halfway submerged underwater."

"I can see that Muggle Studies really paid off for you." Kate smirked.

"Did you just say Muggle Studies?" Clay stared openmouthed at Kate.

"Yes, it did sound like that didn't it?" Josh's interest was beyond peaked.

"Damn it to hell, Katarina! Why'd you have to go and say that? Harry's gonna strangle us now! That is unless we have someone to blame it on. Get in the limo, dickless!" Cedric pulled SC into the limo. "Sorry Clay, but desperate times call for desperate measures." He narrowed his eyes at SC. "Now you just sit there and shut up!"

Dan got into the drivers seat. "Bloody yellow coward in my limo...it's a cryin shame that's what it is." He grumbled.

"What's a cryin shame?" Harry appeared in the front passenger seat.

"Harry?" Dan glanced over at him and fought off the urge to panic. "Uh, nothing to worry about, we hit a bit of a snag, but we're back on schedule." Dan focused on the road.

"Enlighten me. What kind of a snag?" Harry's brows furrowed with displeasure. "Did one of them not arrive?"

"Uh, no, both arrived as scheduled and are in the back with Kate and Cedric." Dan refused to look at him.

Harry opened the glass divider and glanced in back. "WHAT THE HELL!! STOP THIS BLOODY LIMO!"

"Harry?!" Kate and Cedric gulped.

"What the hell is that doing in my grandfather's limo!?" He was beyond furious.

Dan found an empty deserted parking lot to stop in, but didn't dare say a word.

"Out of the limo and I mean all of you!" Harry snarled. "Especially, that annoying piss ant, sitting next to Clay!" Harry glared murderously at SC.

They all reluctantly filed out of the limo and stood outside it.

"Of all the people to have tagged along with you..." Harry swore in Parselmouth for two minutes straight, before continuing with his rant.

"It had to be that sorry excuse for a human being! My former jailers used to love watching Pop Idol! In fact it was one of the shows, which they actually taped on their VCR! They forced me to sit and watch it! I loathed every second of it! Especially you! You annoy me more than any thing or person that I've ever met! You made me think of Severus Snape! The professor, that at the time, I so did not wish to be reminded of!" Harry glared at SC. "Clay and Josh are welcome, you however are not!"


"I left before I became another name on his list of wizards that he killed. I thought my cousin was a Deatheater and then he turned out to be a double agent for Dumbledore. The whole family was marked for death after that...The intelligent thing was to leave that world behind and never look back!" SC snarled at James.


James grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up off the ground.


Harry broke the hold that his father had on SC, "Transfiguring him into a Flobberworm is fine, but killing him is not gonna happen. So, I guess Cedric is right by calling you dickless?" He glared down at the man gasping for air and grabbing at his throat in pain. "You may be a cunning intelligent ass in the Muggle World, but in ours you will always be seen as the witless coward that you are. You also obviously cannot take no for an answer, which is gonna get you killed one of these days, and no amount of fame or fortune will be able to save you."

"Prongs, Lil's and the lioness are getting..." Sirius stopped what he was going to say when he caught sight of SC on the ground. "Bad form Prongs! That ruddy spider took a chuck out of my ass too! It's just ain't right that you're here gettin all the enjoyment out of paying Craven back for what he pulled on Lily and us." He pulled out his wand, then conjured a jar similar to the one Rita had been caged in by Hermione, and smiled at SC. "I always thought that you were an annoying insect and now it seems that you will be, at least until we deem otherwise."

SC was transfigured into a brightly colored big fat beetle, which Sirius scooped up into the jar, and then closed into his temporary prison.

"Nice one, Uncle Sirius. Dad was gonna kill him." Harry took the jar from Sirius and handed it to Clay. "Do me a favor watch him for us?"

Sirius put James in a headlock. "We'll see you lot back at Sanctuary." They both vanished.

Ferria appeared on one shoulder and Fawkes on the other.

"I'm okay, girl." He arched one brow at Kate, when she flew over to sit on Kate's head. "That can only mean one thing. Congratulations on your impending parenthood."

Kate reached up to hold Ferria in her arms. "He or she is due on Valentines Day."

Harry then focused his full attention on Clay and Josh. "Here's the drill. The Wizarding World exists. I am Harry Potter. The books and movie were based on my life. Those two colorful birds are phoenixes. The older one is my Uncle Albus' that's known in the movie and the books as Fawkes. The younger one is mine her name is Ferria. I vanquished Voldemort a year ago June 30. My older appearance is the result of his not so happy mother, Morgana Le Fay. She used a curse to deage my brother Draco..."

Harry paused when the two of them stared at him in surprise.

"Yeah, you heard right. Draco is no longer my enemy, but is now my adopted younger brother. The two of us were deaged to the age of six by Morgana's curse. My First-Grandfather King Merlin and First-Grandmother Queen Mab of Avalon flubbed the counter curse by two years, making my age twenty today instead of eighteen. Merlin also restored my entire family and fallen friends back to me as a result; the Pendragon Royal family was reborn. Oh, let's see we vanquished Morgana on New Years Eve, so it's been relatively peaceful since." Harry frowned at Cedric and Cho. "Did I miss anything?"

"There's the part about Cho going postal and joining up with her First-Grams to destroy you and Hermione. Ron and Luna dying in the final battle and that Ron and Luna and Draco and Ginny are items. Other than that you summed it quite nicely." Cedric shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh yeah, there was all of that... Anyway you both need to sign these parchments with those magic quills, so we can continue to my home. Or else, I'll have to adjust your memories. I would really hate to do that, since it's one of the most painful experiences that one can experience in my world." Harry wasn't the least bit surprised when both Clay and Josh signed the nondisclosure agreement.

"Brilliant! Now let's make the two of you more presentable for Hermione." The two young men were now clean-shaven and perfectly groomed in appearance. "That's much better. Now lets all of us get into the limo, so we can be off."

Everyone piled back inside and they were all on their way again.

"Those are Phoenixes?" Josh stared at Ferria and Fawkes, who was grooming her topknot with his beak.

"Yes, the two of them are phoenixes. Ferria is just a baby compared to Fawkes, so he sees her as a baby sister at the moment." Harry handed out Butterbeer's to each of them. "No worries gents, that happens to be harmless Butterbeer."

"So, all of it is real..." Josh took a drink from the frosty bottle in his hands.

"That it is, mate. We're off to my home in Godric's Hollow, which is where the two of you will be staying for the next two weeks." Harry focused on Clay, who had yet to say anything. "Are you okay with all of this?"

Clay glanced up at Harry. "What?" He blinked absentmindedly at him. "Oh, sure as far as I'm concerned magic is something that you're gifted with. In fact this..." He held up the jar. "Is worth it... As you say no worries… This is all fine with me."

"That's good, because my whole family is going to be at my birthday party." Harry sighed in relief.

"I've got SC under my thumb now. So his days of lording over certain friends of mine are over." Clay stared at the fat beetle in the jar. "That's right, I know your secret and you have just been neutered."

"Hence the name dickless," Cedric grinned.

"Well, anyone with an ego or attitude like he does is compensating for something." Kate giggled.

"Just don't let my dad near that jar. I really believe that he wishes to kill him." Harry frowned.

"You did get that pensive from your uncle. It would be an interesting thing to watch." Cedric suggested.

"Dad would kick my ass or try to anyway. Still, I'll think about it. We have Goblet of Fire to watch and a Wizarding wedding of my older sisters and their princes to attend." Harry's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Who knows? Maybe, I'll be able to fit it in. I mean, what's he gonna do ground me in my own house."

"Wills, Rory, Henry, and Dromi are getting a surprise wedding?" Cedric grinned at Kate.

Kate filled Harry in on the phone call that she had received from Wills the night before. "He went on a rant about Ginny and Luna being sixteen, that they were too young to marry Draco and Ron, and that it was beyond wrong. Wills is going to think that he's on that American show Punked." Kate giggled.

"That's the idea." Harry wiggled his eyebrows playfully at her. "Now as for the two of you, please feel free to raid the minibar. It's always loaded with Wizarding World treats."

Josh and Clay didn't need to be told twice and raided the minibar.

"Daniel and I are having a birthday together, but he doesn't know about it. I promise you that this night will not be boring." Harry finished off his Butterbeer. "Time to get back to Hermione," He vanished from his seat, as did the phoenixes.


Hermione glared at Wills. "Where did Harry go and why didn't he tell me that he was leaving?"

"He went to go check on the limo and as for the other you were napping." Wills sat down on the LuvSac that she was resting on.

"Did Kate call him from the airport?" Hermione frowned as she surveyed the backyard; it seemed that James and Sirius were miffed at each other. "Did something happen between Dad and Uncle Sirius?"

"They had a run in with an old long lost classmate. Who it turns out is moonlighting as a Muggle producer, agent, and the main judge on Pop Idol." Harry appeared on the patio.

"No, frickin way!" Wills stared at him in disbelief. "That ass is from the Wizarding World?"

"The initials of his name are SC and yes way, big brother. It seems that Dad hates him to the point of murder and Uncle Sirius just hates him. He's currently a beetle in a jar that Clay is holding in the limo." Harry kissed Hermione on her forehead. "Dad tried to kill him, but Uncle Sirius turned him into a bug instead. Angel mine, are we giving Wills a hard time? You'd just fallen asleep, so I didn't want to wake you to tell you where I was going."

"This is terrible!" Hermione pouted. "The two of them are going to ruin your party, if you don't do something to fix it."

"Are the two of them rowing now?" Harry scanned the backyard for the two in question.

His father was finishing setting up the stage area and Sirius was growling his side of the story to Remus and his grandfather.

"I'll try to sort the two of them out, but Uncle Sirius wouldn't let Dad kill SC and then had to put him in a headlock to get him back home. I may just have to resort to drastic measures." He kissed Hermione and then headed off to go chat with his father.

"I wonder what horrid circumstance occurred to make Dad even contemplate killing him?" Hermione frowned.

"That remains to be seen, but I'm certain that we'll probably find out by the end of the night." Draco handed her a glass of icy cold fruit juice.

"I overheard them snarling about sixth year, St. Mungo's, and that death is too good for the git. They called him Simon Cowell. No, that's the name he's using in the Muggle World. It's Simon Craven in ours and he seems to be Uncle Severus' cousin." Ginny sat down at the table to dish out the information that she had discovered with Hermione.

"Then it must have been really terrible for them to hold a grudge about something that occurred when they were all sixteen-years-old." Hermione was dying to know what happened and tried to figure it out in her head. "It must have something to do with Mum, which would explain why Dad wishes to kill him."

"That makes sense." Wills was not a big Pop Idol fan nor did he like SC. "The man is an annoying jerk on the Telly, that's why I don't like to watch his show. It makes sense that the prat would be some sort of a wizard. It's the only reason the man is alive after insulting as many people as he has."

"I know who the man is now! He's that annoying Muggle prat on the Telly. He does that talent show Pop Idol." Ginny wrinkled her nose in distaste.

"That would be the fellow." Wills and Hermione nodded.

"Hey, guys? Why's Harry stunning his dad and taking out some of his memory?" Ron came over to join them.

"Not only daddy, but now he's gone and done it to Uncle Sirius as well." Luna, who was never far from Ron's side, frowned.

"He tried to ask politely and it seems as though neither of them were going to tell him anything, so he's going to do things the easy way, instead of beating the answers out of the two of them." Hermione surmised when Harry headed back in their direction with the memory strands on his wand. "He's going to look at their memories using our pensive."

"Anyone who is curious may follow me." He passed the group and headed into the house.

Draco helped Hermione to her feet and all of them followed him into the house.


"No wonder Dad wishes to kill him. The coward fled! Mum could have died, not to mention that both he and Uncle Sirius both got a chunk of their asses removed by Mosag and Aragog." Harry finished viewing the memories in the pensive. "I think it's Mum nearly dying that has him wishing to kill the man."

"Talk about cowards," Wills grumbled. "They got his ass out of a web and he runs off leaving them to rescue Aunt Lily!"

"Cedric calls him dickless." Harry smirked.

"That's a fitting description for the coward!" Draco snarled.

"It took two weeks to repair the damages to their bums and for Aunt Lily to fight off the toxins caused by the venom and for her own wounds to heal." Ginny wanted to hurt SC herself.

"The positive side is that it sealed the bond of friendship between Harry's parents, which led to eternal love and devotion towards each other." Hermione pointed out the positive side of the situation and Harry glared at her. "Not that he doesn't deserve to be publicly flogged..." She eyed Harry warily. "He does."

"The man's a bloody coward!" Ron narrowed his eyes at Hermione.

"She knows that Ronnie, but it did seem that Mum and Daddy were bonding during their time in St. Mungo's. That and Daddy did come out and finally say that he loved Mum." Luna sided with Hermione.

"Harry James Merlin! If you wish to know something then ask me, instead of ripping the bloody memories out of my head!" James stood in the doorway of the tower. He was not pleased with him.

"Damn right! Now give us back our bloody memories!" Sirius snarled.

Lily had come to see what was going on. "You're upsetting the twins! Now explain what the hell is going on before I get ratty with all of you!" She gave them the look that had Harry telling her the whole story.

"Dad met Simon Craven awhile ago. He tried to kill him; Uncle Sirius transfigured him into a beetle and put him in a jar that Clay is currently guarding in the limo." Harry came clean with his Mum.

Lily's eyes narrowed with displeasure at the very mention of his name. "Where did that worthless coward turn up?"

"He's been moonlighting as a big shot agent and producer in the entertainment field. He goes by the Muggle name Simon Cowell. He created the show Pop Idol and started the idol phenomenon worldwide. Clay used to be one of his clients and he wants him to be a guest judge during auditions for the fifth season of America's version of the show. Clay said no, but he can't seem to take no for an answer. Cedric, after hearing that he ran away from our world, decided to nickname him dickless." Harry told her the rest of the story.

Lily was highly amused by the nickname. "I tutored him, because Uncle Albus and Aunt Minerva asked me to, as to that remark I was never attracted to him in any way. Although, Moaning Myrtle would know, she spies on all the boys' bathrooms. She did used to snicker when she saw him, sighing poor pathetic boy. It could be that he needs to have all of that arrogance to compensate for that shortcoming. He didn't need tutored. He had a crush on me, so he feigned bad marks in the classes that I tutored students in." Lily decided to tell them the whole story. "I was all business and ignored his tries to woo me or catch my eye. Truth be told, no one even came close to the one boy who I'd fancied since first year. So it was a fruitless effort on any boy's part to even try to court me."

James pulled her into his arms. "That's my, Red. She was an expert at playing hard to get."

"Do you mind? I'm trying to tell them a story." Lily rolled her eyes in annoyance at James.

"Sorry, my flame, please continue." He kissed her nose.

"It was Valentines Day. We were all sixteen or they were. I was seventeen. James had stopped acting like an arrogant ass at least around me, so I told him that I would go with him to Hogsmeade. This was to be our sort of second trial run at dating. I stood outside waiting for him; as usual he was running late..."

James interrupted Lily. "Craven sent me on a wild owl chase." James grumbled. "He put dung bombs in the Owlery. Dad sent me to deal with it. I was a Prefect; I couldn't just blow off my Uncle or my father, so I could be on time for my date."

"James, no one is saying otherwise. Button it, while I finish telling the story." Lily growled.

"Got it love, please continue." James smirked.

"Hagrid was off to the pub or elsewhere, so SC was able to go through with his plan to lure me away from the school. He came running from the direction of the Dark Forest; it was very evident that he was clearly distressed about something. He raced over to me and panted out this story about two gigantic Acromantula spiders preying on an injured unicorn. I told Alice, waiting for Frank Longbottom, and Gene, waiting for Remus, to tell James where I was going. I made the two of them swear not to go and tell the Headmaster and then SC and I went to save the fallen unicorn. I knew of Mosag and Aragog from Hagrid, so the threat was very real in my mind. We ended up in a clearing where he'd set up a private picnic for two. I lost my temper with him and reacted to his surprise by beating the tar out of him. He didn't know that I was well schooled in the art of fighting. I was so intent on teaching him a lesson that neither of us noticed the two Acromantula sizing us up for their next meals. Acromantula have paralyzing venom on some of their legs and can shoot large amounts of webbing at their victims. SC got shot at and pinned down by webbing, where as I got scratched by one of their venomous legs and by a pincer. James, Sirius, Remus, and Frank arrived just in time to save us. James freed SC, who then fled in terror from the forest. That may have saved his life, because after that James saw me lying lifeless on the ground with my eyes wide open. I was very much alive, in agonizing pain, but was paralyzed by the effects of the venom." James held her even closer to him.

"I was so scared that you were dead," He growled hoarsely.

"James scooped me up into his arms, not caring about the Spider nearby, and kept telling me "Don't you die on me, Evans...I saw our future it's you and me forever...I love you." That was when he was sliced in the bum by Aragog; thankfully it wasn't with one of his paralyzing legs. Sirius had gotten hurt distracting Mosag, but Frank and Remus were unharmed. Remus stunned Aragog and Frank finally subdued Mosag. The next thing I remember is waking up a week or so later in the same hospital ward as James and Sirius. Mum and Daddy were crying happy tears, as were the boys. So, begins the rocky fascinating courtship of your father and me." Lily smiled.

"That's the only reason why I will allow SC to remain breathing." James kissed the top of Lily's head.

"Is anyone home?" Cedric, Kate, Clay, and Josh had arrived.

"We're up in the Wizarding tower, but we'll be right down." Harry used the intercom to tell them as to where they were.

"Are you using the pensive?" Cedric's voice answered back from the intercom.

"That would be a yes." Harry grinned. "You may come up and have a peak if you want."

"Hell yeah! We want to see!" They headed up to the tower.

Lily took her wand and added her memory to the pensive. "It's only fair, since yours are in there as well."

James, Sirius, and Lily laughed when the kids restuck their heads in the pensive.


Chapter 2

Surprise Wedding


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