Title: Emily

Summary: SG1 has to deal with a mysterious girl who shows up unexpectedly at the SGC. Things get complicated Emily finds out she knows one of SG1...

Setting: Late season seven.

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Rating. This fic is rated T for safety, I'd say more like K +

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights whatsoever to the TV show 'Stargate SG-1.' That show and all related indicia are copyright MGM/UA and Showtime Inc. I am receiving no profit whatsoever from the creation and posting of this story. Thank you.

A/N: Hi, I was thirteen when I originally wrote this story, recently I decided to re-write it, so it still will have the sorta dumb plot, but it will be better written! I promise!

Ch 1: Emily

A young girl ran down the sandy path, she looked around her, she put her hand to her head to block the sun away. "Captain come!" she shouted as loud as she could. Where was he? She heard a small bark from behind her; she turned and spotted her black puppy not far from her, digging.

The girl groaned. "Captain! What are you doing now?" she asked, walking over to the small puppy. The dog looked up at her, and then continued to dig. The girl pushed her long dark brown hair over her shoulders, out of the way. "Whatcha got there?" she looked down curiously. "What is that?" she reached into the hole and picked up a small artifact. She pressed a small knob that was located on top of appeared to be a small triangle. Pictures flashed across the screen rapidly, causing her to jump slightly. Suddenly one picture froze on the screen, she touched it and was suddenly…


"Chevron six locked." Walter announced.

General Hammond looked down at the departing SG team. This would be the third time this week they'd leave for another mission. Suddenly, what seemed like out of nowhere, a small girl appeared in front of the Stargate. "Who the heck is that?" he demanded.

Sam, who wasn't going with 'the boys' this time, stood up and looked down at the embarkation room and froze.


Teal'c was on the edge of the ramp, waiting to leave through the Stargate. When a young girl appeared in front of it out of nowhere. He surprised himself by acting so quickly. He quickly ran up the ramp and pushed the girl and himself to the ground just as the 'whoosh' shot out of the Stargate.


General Hammond stood in the control room, shocked. He reached down and picked up the phone next to him. "Medical team to the gate room!" he ordered. He slammed the phone back down. "How on Earth did she get here?"

Carter, who was still in shock, shook her head. "I have no idea sir." She said, before running down to the embarkation room to make sure both Teal'c and the girl was okay. "Teal'c! You all right?" she asked jogging into the room.

Teal'c laid on the ground for a short moment, as if to make sure he was. "I am fine." He replied. He slowly stood up and looked down at the young girl who appeared to be unconscious.

Jack shifted his weight and stared at the girl. "Was it just me or did she appear out of nowhere?" he asked.

Sam nodded. "Yes sir…"


Sam walked into the infirmary, spotting Janet next to the young girl, she hurried over. "How is she?" she asked walking up beside Janet.

Janet turned to Sam and smiled. "She's fine. When Teal'c saved her, he pushed her down, slamming her head against the railing so it knocked her out. She might have a slight concussion, but other then that, she's fine."

Relief washed over Jack's face. "Good, 'cuz the 'big man' wants us to find out how she got here. We don't just get visitors like her everyday ya know." He smiled.

Sam just looked curious. "They found a small purple-gray triangle… something on her. It looks Asgard."

Jack frowned. "Not my favorite color mind you." He informed the room.

Janet raised an eyebrow and checked the young girl's pulse. She turned to see General Hammond walk into the room. "She's fine sir."

General Hammond nodded. "Major Carter? Sergeant Siler requests your presents in the gate room." He said. "Jack, you're mission has been detained until we find out how she got here."

Sam and Jack nodded together. "Yes sir." They quickly exchanged glances then followed General Hammond out of the room.

A few minutes later, a dark figure into the room and stood by the foot of the bed where the young girl slept.

Janet smiled. "Hey Teal'c, you okay?"

Teal'c turned to her and gave her a slight bow. "I am fine, thank you. How is she?"

Janet took a couple of steps closer to Teal'c. "She's fine, thanks to you. If you hadn't reacted so quickly, she wouldn't be with us."

Teal'c raised a brow. "I merely pushed her Janet Fraiser."

Janet smiled. "Well, in my book, that's called saving her life, but have it your own way." Janet smiled and put a couple of folders down on an empty bed. "Oh, hey, Cassie was asking if you'd help her move into her new apartment." She added with a small sigh.

Teal'c nodded. "You do not wish me to help her move?" he asked.

Janet smiled and shook her head. "No, it's not that, it's just… she's just growing up to quickly. I remember the day we found her as if it was yesterday."

Teal'c inclined his head. "Indeed, as do I." He said. "I should depart, have a pleasant day Dr. Fraiser." He looked down at the girl once more, then left, not knowing that the girl had seen him…