Temari sighed.

It was a nice day in Konoha. The sun shone right even as the puffy white clouds drifted about in the same lazily content manner as a certain Leaf Shadow Jutsu user.

Nara Shikamaru. I wonder what's happened to him? Gaara was looking for him earlier. Poor bastard; what did he do to deserve that? And here I was hoping for a rematch. We never really did get to decide which of us is better.

It just wasn't right. The one man she found interesting, dead at the hands of her "brother" by day's end. Fate had a weird sense of humor.


She glanced over her shoulder (the one without the war fan handle sticking over it) and raised an eyebrow.

Yamanaka Ino glared at her.

Congratulations… I Think…

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Chapter Two

Temari's Turn

Ino did not look happy. Not that it bothered Temari. What could the girl possibly do to threaten her? Everyone knew Temari was the strongest and most skilled female Chuunin fighter bar none. (Okay, maybe that Hyuuga girl and her ridiculously cheap Summoning Jutsu.) Besides, she didn't have an issue with her fellow blonde, anyway.

But what was with Ino's almost-lethal glare? Had she eaten that terrible Tekiyaki Udon noodles everyone was harping about? Did she still suspect Temari to be in cahoots with Orochimaru? (Unlikely, but considering Ino wasn't exactly the brightest light bulb around...)

And all that hostility was aimed at her. Oodles and oodles of resentment bled off the girl, only to be deliberately directed into the Sand ninja.

Her interest sparked, Temari decided to take up the offered challenge. "What is it, Yamanaka?"

Ino's face went through a series of changing expressions, all concerning anger. Vitriolic, explosive rage bubbled past the usually amusingly cocky facade. She seethed with hate. She might be nothing like her pet peeve on fighting terms, but she had all-overpowering anger. Hell hath no fury like an Ino scorned. (Okay, there was Sakura's "other self".)

Fists balled, standing on her toes to be on a more eye-to-eye level with the taller Temari, Ino gathered all the breath in her lungs and yelled aloud:


Beneath the tree, Shikamaru shuddered. Ino…

Not too far from Shikamaru, Gaara's eyebrow twitched. Maybe I should go back for that bastard and kill him, damn the consequences...

Temari stared.

Ino continued glaring.

And then she began to laugh. Temari laughed her head off.

to be continued (for real!)