by Thoughtful Lunacy


The Obnoxiously Short First Chapter


Lord Burroughs, headmaster of the Academy of the Fine Arts, smiled grimly. The letters were in the mail. Yet another year of new students would be arriving within a few days, full of hopes, and dreams, and ambitions for him to crush. This was going to be fun.

The sound of his wife's voice in the next room reminded him of one thing that would be working hard to destroy his year: his wife's son, Eric. And, as though his very existence wasn't enough, he was a musician! If he had been in theatre, like Lord Burroughs had, then there would be no problems. But, a musician! Oh, agony!

As if on cue, the illegitimate boy ran into the room, grinning from ear to ear.

"Hey, guess what, Dad? Something really cool happened!" the fifteen-year-old exploded joyfully.

"WHY HAVEN'T YOU DIED YET? I mean, er... what is it, my darling heir?" he grimaced at the thought of this musician inheriting all his hard-earned money.

Eric looked confused for a moment, but, as he was used to this treatment, he recovered quickly.

"Uncle Ryan bought me a shiny new baritone! It's silver and everything!" Lord Burroughs began to twitch.

"Y... your Uncle Ryan got you a baritone? Well... that's nice. Now go to Hell... I mean... run along like a good little boy and practice."

As Eric eagerly dashed out of the room to practice his shiny new baritone, his quote-unquote Father turned back to the school roster in an attempt to regain some of his former malicious joy...