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It took Inuyasha a week to gain consciousness, and then another three days to be well enough to talk to anybody. It was then that they held conference in his chamber. By the end of the talk, everyone agreed that there one thing they had to do: kill Naraku.

Upon this single point everyone agreed, if not for the sake of their own individual wants for vengeance, then for their common need to avenge Kagome, and potentially cure her. Nobody told Kagome about their decision.

They held the midnight conference in the dead of night, when Sango was sure that the other girl was sleeping.

"What!" Koga shouted, his fist cracking against the wall of the cave. Shards of granite and powder fell onto the ground. When he retracted it, Miroku observed the fist-sized crater with mild interest. He wondered how Koga planed on mending it.

"That's what he told her." Inuyasha said darkly, having just finished telling the story that Kagome had told him. The one Naraku had told her after she'd woken up. The one where he claimed to have loved her. Inuyasha watched his talons ball fists into his red jacket that had been laid over his lap, his ears flicking at Koga's violent reaction. Beside him laid a pile of freshly bloodied rags from the cleaning of his wounds.

"Damn." Koga said angrily staring at the fire in the center of the circle, his blue eyes blazing with equal intensity. "Damn!"

"It makes sense." Miroku said darkly. "Naraku kills Kagome to create the opportunity to re-wire her brain. He blocks out all of her memories of us and her past life, and by doing this he gives himself a blank slate. Then he uses this to turn her against us, because he knows that she's the only person we'd never be able to hurt."

"He's done it before." Sango said quielty. "The same thing with my brother, Kohaku." Beside Miroku, the slayer grew incredibly still, staring at the fire. The monk did his best to quietly ignore her pain and support her at the same time. She finally spoke again. "And we never did figured out how to cure him."

Miroku shifted uncomfortably, trying to ignore the hurt and anger that was radiating from his wounded lover.

"No." Koga said suddenly. "It's not the same. She remembers things. Her memories are not gone."

"And what the hell makes you so sure?" Inuyasha asked suddenly from his spot around the fire. "The only time she ever remembers anything is in dreams, and she's skeptical of every one once she wakes up again. No matter how many times I try to convince her that they've actually happened she doesn't believe me. To her they're just garbage."

"I know she can remember things because she remembered my name dumb-fuck!" Koga rounded, just as angry as the hanyou.

It was the first conversation they had had with each other since the fight. And Miroku observed that it only contained one profanity - which he took to be a good sign.

On the opposite side of the fire Inuyasha grew incredibly still. "You're lying." He said.

"I'm not." Koga spat. "She remembered my name the first time I saw her." Koga said, some sort of cruel satisfaction gleaming in his eyes. "I heard it. She looked at me and called me by name."

"I don't believe you." Inuyasha said, fury raging in his voice. "I don't-"

"Inuyasha, you should be happy." Sango interjected, her voice like iron. "If Kagome remembered something then maybe it's a sign that she could-"

Inuyasha stood, livid, cutting Sango off. "There's no way she would fucking remember this piece of filth's name if she couldn't remember yours, or Miroku's, or mine! There no way in hell she'd remember something about him and nothing about m-"

"Silence!" Miroku shouted. "The two of you are so selfish that you could make me sick! Inuyasha." He said, rounding on his friend who barely kept himself from taking a step back in surprise. "Koga may be many things, but he is not a liar. He cares for Kagome just as much as the rest of us, so sit back down and work with him." With that he rounded on the wolf prince, who had been snickering at Inuyasha's scolding. "Koga, what you're saying doesn't make sense. If she knew your name before then why doesn't she know it now?"

Koga blinked, surprised, before he away, gaze cast over his left shoulder. "She didn't remember it afterwards. It was only for a moment."

Inuyasha scoffed and Koga shot him a nasty look. "When I found her last night unprotected-" He stressed the word to make sure that Inuyasha heard it. "She was buried under a pile of Naraku's demons. I figured it was too late, but just when I got to her, her powers kicked in. She purified all the demons around her, floated up into the air. Then she looked at me and called me by my name."

There was a long pause of silence, where his audience tried to absorb what he was saying.

"By the time she got back down, she had no idea who I was. No recognition - nothing. And that's the way it's been ever since."

"You say that she was using her holy powers?" Miroku asked, exchanging glances with Sango.

Koga nodded.

"She hasn't done that since she came back." Sango said to Miroku. "I never even thought to ask her about them."

"She was purifying the demons… in order to survive." Miroku thought out loud, his smoky violet eyes trained in the fire.

"Are you sure you heard her right?" Inuyasha asked.

Koga's face shot up to meet the hanyou's. "You trying to call me a liar again?" he asked dangerously.

"Are you sure you know what you heard?" Inuyasha repeated, leaning forwards.

Koga took a moment to sneer at his opponent before he finally leaned back again, resting his hands on his crossed legs as he sat up straight. "I know exactly what I heard. She looked me right in the eyes, and she knew me. I could see it. She said my name without hesitating at all. It was only after the sacred light stopped coming from her body that she seemed to have no idea who I was or what had happened."

Miroku frowned. "It doesn't make sense."

Suddenly a hard, cold wind burst through the cave and extinguished the fire as easily as if it were a candle. Sango rolled into Miroku with a gasp. The monk caught her and braced them against the sudden gale. Weakened, Inuyasha nearly missed being smashed into the wall, wind plastering his hair back until it pulled at his scalp and made it hard to breathe. In front of him, Koga shot his hands forward to catch himself, his pony tail whipping around his shoulders and stinging his skin.

After a moment it subsided and the group collectively gasped for air.

"What in the seven hells-!" Inuyasha took his arm away from his face and Miroku and Sango looked up, still holding to each other.

"Doesn't make sense?" A dark figure stood in the entryway of the chamber, delicate fan held gracefully to against her chest. The moon shone on Kagura's flawless skin and her eyes gleamed bloody red against the glowing embers of the extinguished fire. Starlight was their only source of light now, and it took them a moment to adjust to the sudden dark. The wind-witch's wicked smirk was visible in even the thickest dark. "Of course it does."

The four knew her almost at once.

"Kagura." Koga snarled, turning his head and spotting the woman who had slain his kin. "You're mine!" Lunging at her without warning, the wolf demon started his deadly attack.

The sorceress barely had enough time to send another gust of icy wind at her attacker. It slowed him down considerably. She smiled again. For Koga it was unbearable. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Koga." She said, mockingly.

The wolf-prince fought his way forward through the wind, determination glittering in his icy blue eyes. "Oh yeah?" he asked angrily. "Why's that?"

"Because," Kagura said, motioning with her fan to stop the wind. Koga stumbled forwards before he could shift his weight. "I have a message from Naraku about your dear Kagome."

The room went still. And for a moment everyone stared.

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