Hey, while I still feel totally bad about the delay for chappie five, what I've got here for you is sorta like an epilogue. I've decided that chapter five was the last chapter, but I promised good slashiness, and even though it might sometimes take me six months to do it, I do keep my effing promises, ok?? So, here it is, the slashy epilogue to Captured, or, if you prefer, chapter six!!!

"Speedy?? There's… my room's …we're not going in…" Speedy turned to Robin with a sheepish grin. "Yeah, uh, about that, Robbie, I'm totally sorry, but when I finally figured out where you were, I was in too much of a hurry to get there and get you back before that bastard totally got you. I was gonna fix it up real nice for you…for us… when I got you back, but…"

"Guys?" It was Cyborg. "Hey, uh, aren't you going into Robin's room? I thought…" Both masked boys blushed this time, and Speedy drew Cyborg aside. "The thing is, Cy," he whispered, "I didn't have time to clean it up before we got Robbie back, and I don't want him to see what a hell of a mess I made." Cyborg smirked. "Oh, Robin won't care about that man, just go on in, it'll all be fine."

Speedy opened his mouth to disagree, but Cyborg overrode him. "You two just go on in, and enjoy yourselves." He slid open the door, shoved the pair of them inside, and the door slammed shut again. There was the distinctive sound of the lock being manipulated. Speedy had his eyes closed in anticipation. Robin was going to blow his stack any minute now.

"Oh, my fucking god." Yeah, there he went. "Speedy… Speedy did you do this? Just for me?"

"Yeah Robbie, I…what?" Speedy stopped. That last part didn't sound right. He cracked open an eye, to see what it was that he'd supposedly done 'for' Robin. Then both eyes shot open, and he stared shamelessly at the spotless room, the candles, the incense, the… silk sheets on the bed? "Damn Cyborg, Ever heard the word overkill?" he muttered this under his breath, Robin didn't appear to have heard. He had sat down on the bed, and was gently stroking the sheets. "Speedy," he said softly, "Speedy, this is fantastic, I can't believe this, it's so…"

"beautiful? Yes I know you are." Speedy murmured, and Robin blushed, lifting his head up to gaze at Speedy, who found himself walking forward, standing in front of Robin, holding out his hand. The black haired boy placed his own hand in it, and stood up, their bodies millimeters away. "Speedy, I love you so much," he whispered, seconds before their lips connected. Slade had kissed Robin, mouth to mouth, only once, but the memory of that kiss, which at the time Robin had believed etched onto his memory for eternity, dissipated instantly with the connection of their mouths. Speedy and Slade, there was no comparison, unless to compare heaven with hell…

Speedy's hands moved to Robin's waist, Robin's slid around Speedy's neck, to tangle in his orange locks. A small moan escaped his mouth when Speedy's tongue swept across his lips, begging entrance, entrance eagerly granted. All of a sudden, Speedy broke away, and smiled at Robin. . "Robbie? Will… will you do something for me?" Robin looked at him curiously. "I guess so, what is it?'

Speedy licked his lips, and lifted his hands to Robin's cheeks. "Will you… will you take off your mask? I would, would like to see your eyes again. I never got a good look at them before."

Robin's breath caught. "You want to see my eyes." It was a softly spoken statement, not a question. "Slade wanted to see my eyes too. It was a huge thing for him." Speedy cursed softly. "Shit, I'm sorry Robin, I… I didn't mean to bring up horrible memories for you, you don't have to take it off –" Robin smiled. "It's ok Speedy. I don't mind taking my mask off for you. It… it's different for you." He couldn't stop himself from swallowing nervously anyway as Speedy's hands came up, and undid the hooks keeping the mask in place.

Speedy couldn't help himself. There was no way he could keep from staring at Robin's eyes. "oh, God, Robbie, your eyes are so blue… god, I thought I'd imagined the color. I've never seen eyes this color before."

Cupping Robin's face in his hands, he leaned over, and kissed Robin gently on the lips. "I need you now, Robin…"

Robin hummed into the kiss, and drew back. "…Alright."

It was simple for them to strip each other of their clothes, and make their way over to the bed, Speedy positioning himself over Robin's body gently. Robin shuddered at his first glimpse of Speedy's body, but it was a good feeling, Speedy was so different from Slade, Robin felt only an incredible anticipation for what was to come. It was so strange, what would have been terrifying from Slade was exactly what he wanted from Speedy. "Please," He whispered, just as the red head slid a hand down and wrapped his fingers around Robin's flesh. He gasped, and arched into the touch. "Speedy… Please, I need you." He moaned.

Speedy grinned, and moved his hand down to Robin's entrance. Then he paused, blushed, and looked around. He blushed harder as he saw the bottle of oil on the bedside table. "Thanks Cyborg," he murmured to himself, grabbing the bottle, and quickly coating his fingers in the stuff. Robin's fantastic eyes flew open as he felt Speedy's fingers slowly push into him, but at a wordless look from his lover, he smiled, moaned, and pushed himself further onto the digits.

Speedy shuddered, and removed his fingers. Coating himself in the oil, he moved further over Robin's body, and positioned himself at Robin's entrance. Then he paused.

"I love you Robin." He said softly. The Titan groaned desperately but managed a shaky, "love you too Speedy…" The red head smiled, and leaned down for a slow, passion filled kiss, even as he began to push himself forward, into Robin. The boy hissed, and he paused. "Are you ok?"

Robin's eyes, tightly closed, cracked open slightly. "Yes. It hurts. I knew it would, but I just… can we just…" Speedy chuckled, and kissed Robin again.
"Of course lover. I'm not going anywhere. You tell me when you're ready." Robin nodded, and pulled him down for another kiss. Speedy stroked his hair, then moved his hand down, to play gently with Robin's nipples. Robin instinctively arched up, pushing himself on Speedy. Both boys gasped at the sensations, and Speedy, unable to help himself, rocked forward, thrusting completely into Robin. They both cried out, and Speedy looked down. "I… I couldn't help it. Did I hurt you?" Robin moaned, and shook his head, eyes closed again. "No… Oh, God, Speedy, it felt so good… again." Speedy smirked, and complied, soon setting a smooth rhythm, rocking in and out of Robin quickly, in a way that soon had the pair of them gasping for breath, out of control. Robin was continually making little cries of pleasure which were making it very difficult for Speedy. "Robin. Oh, god, Robin, I'm going to…" The rest of his sentence was drowned out by Robin's cry as he came, followed by a shout of his own. He shut his eyes tightly as he lowered himself next to Robin, but a few tears leaked out anyway. Robin turned, and threw his arms around Speedy, clinging to the boy tightly. "Speedy." He didn't need to say anything else. The red head could hear in his voice, the love, the utter devotion, the boy felt for him. And underlying that, the absolute satisfaction. He chuckled. "I love you Robin. I'm glad you had a good time." There was no response. Surprised, Speedy shook his head, and pulled the blankets over his sleeping lover, then settled down next to him, and let sleep overcome him as well.