Sorry, I've been hitting writer's block on this story. So I'm hoping that posting this little bit will get me going again. If you read C 29 the first time it was posted you might go back and read it as I doubled the length with edits after posting. Thank you to all those who sent wonderful reviews.

C 30 - Boxes of Dreams

Neville was laughing so hard, he nearly fell over. Harry scrambled back from the trunk, "Mirror, please!" And soon was staring at the antlers. Strangely enough, it wasn't until Harry saw the antlers that he felt their weight. "Shit." He reached a hand up and traced the edge of the antlers with his right hand. "Are they glowing?"

Neville caught his breath, "No," he laughed, "they're just covered in glitter!"

Harry sighed, and asked the room for all magic on the trunk or its contents. The list seemed to grow and grow expanding the paper and shrinking the font. Harry groaned. "I can't take this on in less than a day."

"We could reset the time scale," Neville offered, still chuckling.

Harry shook his head. "If we stay in here another day, we'll forget things people said yesterday. With so many students coming, we can't have anybody asking questions about our memories."

Neville shrugged, "There being so many people and the rush to do it before the end of school might actually make it less noticeable if you forgot something. But the number of curses hereā€¦ It's a good thing we didn't take the anti-aging potion. We can see if the antlers will go away on their own."

Harry laughed a bit darkly, "Knowing Sirius, we better change the scale, it might take more than a day for these to go away."

Neville laughed again, "Given that they just turned purple, that may be a good guess."