Little Darling

Disclaimer: Don't own anything.

Rating: T

Pairing: Future Rory/Jess

She likes The Beatles; he detests them. He prefers Pink Floyd and she thinks it's just a tribute to his old days, trying to get back into his bad boy streak; but he ends up looking ridiculously un-dangerous with an oatmeal stain covering the Megadeth logo on his t-shirt and a two year old hanging on to his leg.

She laughs at this picture every single morning as he coaxes their two-year-old son Aidan off his limb. He bribes the youngster with everything imaginable and then resorts to threats, which quickly scare the kid toward his mother, and now Rory has to balance his weight as she pulls the other pump onto her foot.

"Darling, mommy's going to be late for work."

"Mommy cheats old ladies out of their divorce settlements." Jess teases and walks over to the coffee maker, while simultaneously cooking breakfast for their son, their son. Rory still can't believe that they've come this far; that they've actually managed to follow through with their goals and achieve them and come through it together.

It always hits her at these moments when her leg's falling asleep and her kid is especially clingy, and she's too late for work to stop by Starbuck's so she resorts to the lukewarm coffee that she finished off a second ago, while Jess makes a new pot. These are the moments when her life seems complete and she practically runs out of the apartment, kissing Jess good-bye and ignores the fact that he absent-mindedly hums Octopus's Garden when he thinks she can't hear…