Little Darling

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Rating: T

Pairing: Future Rory/Jess

A/N: Due to such raving reviews I decided to add another chapter. This one from Jess's POV.

She always comes home not a second after 6. Jess finds that miraculous due to her hectic work schedule, but she makes it so effortless and when she vowed to always be home for dinner, she wasn't kidding.

On Tuesdays he makes her favorite: fettuccini and asparagus. They tuck Aidan in at 9 and sit down for a late night dinner.

Today is Tuesday and half past 6. For the first time in two years Rory is late. He stares at the animated television screen while Aidan giggles in his characteristic manner, scratching a patch of curly black hair at the nape of his neck.

"Hey kiddo, are you sure you don't wanna eat now?"

The youngster shakes his head.

"Mommy feeds me." He explains and picks up the discarded Walkman Jess left on the table. He precociously puts the headphones on and presses the appropriate buttons to get it to work. Suddenly his face brightens considerably in wonder as the soothing sound of The Beatles blares in his ears.

Jess smiles, secretly proud that his son has good music taste and walks into his study, making sure that he hasn't missed an email from his agent. His manuscript for the new Crowe film was on stand by and he couldn't wait to see its' progress.

Jess hadn't heard the discreet jingle of the keys in the front door or the feather light click of his wife's heels until his son had exclaimed his surprise at seeing his mom.


Oh shit.

The Beatles.

He'd never live it down.

"Maybe every night now would be fettuccini and asparagus." Jess thought as he walked into the living room…