TITLE: The missing piece.

AUTHOR: faith-in-Faith

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PARING: Bosco and Faith

CATEGORY: romance, fluff

SPOILERS: Most of the stuff up until now.

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Faith stared at the phone in her hand, trying to summon up enough courage to dial the number. She had spent the past three days checking up on things, to see if she could find some good, level-headed, adult, responsible reason for not doing what Bosco was asking her to do. She had drawn a blank. There was simply none - except that the whole thing was insane in the first place.

It would be easy to find somewhere to live. There were two detective positions free in Milwaukee and there was no reason to believe she wasn't going to get it if she applied. She was a good detective, solved most of her cases and she knew Swersky would write her a really nice letter of recommendation if she asked him to. Still she wasn't sure what to do.

Taking a chance on Bosco…that had never, ever worked out before but -- on the other hand – he had never told her he loved her before either. She sighed and picked up the phone. She had someone she had to ask before she made her final decision, someone with enough common sense for both of them.


"Hi, Em. It's Mom."

"Hi, Mom! What's up?"

"I was just calling to check on you."

"No you didn't. You do that every Friday. It's Wednesday today."

Faith almost started to laugh. Emily had always been too smart for her own good and that was why Faith was so desperate for her advice.

"Mom, what's wrong?"

The gentle, coaxing tone of Emily's voice told Faith that she was worried and she decided to get it over with.

"Bosco called."

"He did?" Her surprise was evident and Faith could almost hear the wheels turning in Emily's head.


"Why? What's wrong with him?" she asked worriedly and Faith couldn't help but smile.

She and Emily were a lot alike and the fact that she thought that the only reason Bosco would call was if something was wrong, showed that Emily knew him almost as well as Faith did. She then knew she'd made the right decision calling her daughter.

"There's nothing wrong. He's great. He even managed to find a new job."


"Yeah, really. He's head of security on some big computer company over at Milwaukee."


Faith smiled again. "Yeah, I know – amazing but kind of unbelievable."

"Really, so what did he want if he wasn't in trouble?"

Faith swallowed hard. "He wanted me to come there – to him."

The uncertainness and fear in her mother'svoice made Emily worried. She knew how much her mom had missed Bosco over the years – how much his leaving had hurt her. She should be thrilled over the fact that he finally wanted to see her again.

"That's great, isn't it?"

"I don't know, Emily. He wants me to stay forever – to live with him."

Emily's worry increased. Why would he suddenly need her mother that much? Maybe he was sick.

"Why? Is he sick or something?"

Faith could tell her daughter was worried and felt a tremendous fondness for her. She had always loved the way Emily cared for and looked out for Bosco.

"No, honey, it's nothing like that."

"Then what?"

"He says he loves me."

A big grin spread over Emily's face. This was the best news ever. She had always known how much they loved each other -- once upon a time it even made her hate her mother – but when Bosco had left the way he did, she had stopped hoping that the two of them would ever realize it. She also realized how scared her mother had to be. The master of denial thatshe was, this had to come as a complete surprise – a pleasant – but still complete surprise. Not to mention that taking a chance on Bosco the way he wanted her to do was madness – everyone knew that. But Emily was determent to help her mother see how great this was. There was no way she would let them screw this upone more time. No way.

"That's great, Mom," she said softly.

"You think?"

"Yeah, I do. You two deserve some happiness. You need each other, always have and don't worry. He loves you. Always has and always will and you love him, too, don't you?"

Faith felt beaten. How was this even possible? All these years she had spent trying not to let her feelings show, and it was all futile. Everybody seemed to have figured it out anyway. Why had she even bothered? She knew the answer to that question alltoo well. She had been afraid -- just as afraid as she was right now, maybe even more. She would never have been able to deal with the consequences of her love at the time. That was the bitter truth. It surprised her, though, that Emily wasn't more upset over this than she was. Faith had always thought that Emily would hate the fact that Faith loved anyone but Fred.

"You knew?"

"Yeah, Mom – I knew. I'm not stupid – or blind, for that matter."

"And you're OK with it?"

"Yeah, Mom. I'm OK with it and before you ask yes, there was a time when it wasn't OK and I hated you for it, but that's all in the past now. I think you two belong together."

"You sure?" Faith didn't recognize her own voice because it was thick with tears of gratefulness and awe.

"Yes, I'm sure," Emily answered softly, hopping that her mother would catch the unspoken love and approval.

"But isn't it madness? To give everything up and go and live with him just because he says he loves me? Especially since I haven't heard from him for five years?"

"Of course it is madness, but what isn't with Bosco? Tell me, Mom, has he ever asked you to do anything sane or normal -- or even legal?"

Faith couldn't help but chuckle. "I guess not."

"But you did it anyway, right?"

"I guess so."

"So why change that now all of a sudden?"

Faith looked at her hands. "I don't know…maybe I've grown up."

Emily laughed fondly. "Yeah, right! You keep telling yourself that."

"So you think I should go for it then?"

"Yeah I do. I really do."

"You think Charlie will be OK with it, too?"

"Of course he will. He loves you and adores Bosco. Why would he disapprove?"

Faith shrugged. "I don't know. He may not like the idea of having his mother living that far away."

"Come on, Mom. He isn't living in the city anymore himself and he doesn't care where you live as long as you pay his bills."

Faith sighed lightly. Emily had a point there. Faith had to admit that much.

She ran her free hand over her hair and said, "I'll call you when and if I leave."

"Good. Take care now, Mom, and tell Bos I said Hi, OK?"

"OK, bye."


Faith took a deep breath and knocked on Swersky's door.


Swersky's voice sounded angry and impatient and Faith carefully peeked in, fully prepared to get blown off. "Can I talk to you for a moment, boss?"

"Sure, Faith. What can I do for you?" Swersky asked with a smile. He seemed to get in a better moodas soon as he saw her and that made her brave enough to gothrough with her mission.

"I need you to write me a letter of recommendation."

The smile on Swersky's face faded. "Excuse me?"

"I need a letter of recommendation so I can apply for a job in Milwaukee."

"Why, Faith? Is something wrong? Is there a problem with your new partner?"

Faith smiled. There was nothing wrong with her new partner. Compared to Bosco and Jelly, he was like a lamb. Something as unusual as a genuine good guy, actually, and she found it rather amusing that Swersky – who knew all too well the nature of her previous partners – would actually think there would be a problem with Nick Brown.

"No, sir, not at all. He's a good guy and a great detective."

"Then why?"

"Bosco called."

Swersky folded his hands in front of him and lightly rested his chin on top of them, starring intently at her.

"He did."

Faith shifted nervously under his intense gaze. She felt more than a little uncomfortable. It was like he could see right through her soul.

"Yes, sir, he did."

"How is he doing?"

"Good, sir. He even got a job – head of security at a computer company," she answered with a proud smile.

"Head of security, huh?" Swersky smiled in awe.

"Yep," Faith answered with a grin.

Swersky sighed. "All right, come and see me after your shift and I'll have one ready for you."

"OK, thank-you, sir."

Swersky nodded good-naturedly. "You're welcome. I hate to see you go, though. It will take me a long time to find someone as good as you – if I ever do."

Faith blushed. "Thank-you, sir."

Swersky smiled. "Get out of here and get some work done before I have to put laziness down as one of your top qualities."

Faith chuckled and turned toward the door.

She was just about to open it when she heard Swersky's voice call, "And Faith…."

She turned to face him. "Yeah?"

"…tell Boscorelli that he better not screw up this time because if he does; I'll come up there and kick his ass myself."

Faith smiled fondly at her boss. "Yes, sir, I'll make sure to tell him that."

Faith looked around her empty apartment and smiled nervously. This was it. She was going to add the missing piece of her life. She took out her cell phone from her pocket anddialed the number to Bosco's office, watching her hand shake as she did.

"Good morning, Software Corporation. How can I help you?"

"I need to speak to Maurice Boscorelli, please. He's head of security."

"Just a minute, please. I'll put you through to his secretary."

Faith's eyes widened a bit. Bosco had a secretary. Oh dear, God!

"Good morning, Maurice Boscorelli's office. How can I help you?"

The voice had a distinct tone of; "don't think you can mess with me," and Faith almost started to laugh. Leave it to Bosco to have a secretary that could kick ass.

"Good morning, my name is Faith Yokas. I need to speak to Mr. Boscorelli, please."

"Have you made an appointment?"

"No, but he's waiting for my call."

"I'm sorry, but Mr. Boscorelli is a very busy person and you can't talk to him if you don't have an appointment," she said sternly. "But I can take a message if you want me to," she added a bit more kindly - almost as if she just rememberedshe had to be nice.

"No, thank-you. Bye"


Faith smiled again. There was no way she'd let him know her decision by leavinga message with his bitchy secretary. This was an eye to eye matter, or at least an ear to ear…. She hung up the phone and dialed his cell phone number instead.

"Boscorelli." His voice had the exact same tone as his secretary's and Faith couldn't help but wonder if they met in charm school.

"Hi, Bos. It's me."

"Faith." He said her name very quietly, in a way that told her he had almost given up on hearing from her. She guessed two moths was a long time.

"I called your office but your secretary said I couldn't speak to you if I hadn't made an appointment. She was very clear about it."

Bosco smiled. Clarissa was a great secretary. Kept all the idiots away from him, but he should have told her about Faith. "Sorry about that, but she has strict orders not to let anyone but my Ma through, unless they have an appointment."

"It's OK."

Bosco swallowed hard. So this was it. Very soon he was going to know if he had to live the rest of his life alone or not.

"So, is there any reason for me to change that?" He tried to sound casual, like it didn't matter, but the shakiness in his voice gave him away.

"Pick me up at the airport tonight, at seven, OK?"

A big grin broke out on Bosco's face. "I'll be there -- with bells on."

Faith just smiled and hung up the phone.