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Jordan's POV

As I watched him walk out of the office it was all I could do not to yell after him. I didn't exactly tell him the truth when he first walked in. I hadn't been about to call him. I had already called his apartment, thinking he'd be home. And being the coward I am I left a message on his machine.

"Woody! Hey, it's Jordan. I was just calling because…well I just wanted to say that first of all I love the balloons. Especially the ones with the smaller balloons inside…okay I'm rambling on. What I really called for was to say that I'm sorry. I overreacted to your gift. I was just scared, you know. Nobody has ever bought me a ring before, let alone a diamond ring."

"What I'm really trying to say is, that if it isn't too late of course, and if you wouldn't mind is if I could change my mind? It was a beautiful ring, and it was really sweet of you to think of me, I'd be crazy if I didn't accept it. So…I guess, just give me call or something, maybe we could have dinner or something. Umm...that's it, I guess, Bye."

I was about to tell him the same thing before he cut me off and muttered the phrase, 'We're better off as friends'. Talk about ironic. After three years of saying the same thing to not only him, but to myself, it hurt to hear them this time. Maybe it was because they were coming out of his mouth, or maybe because I was finally ready to step up to the plate and move past 'friends'.

Now not only was I faced with the hurt from Woody's words brought on by my own actions, but I was to face the utter humiliation when Woody checked his machine. I felt the tears stinging my eyes. Woody had been quick to dismiss any conversation about 'us'. Even as I tried to reassure him that I wasn't pushing him away this time, he said what I always feared most, 'I give up'.

I quickly wiped away the stubborn tears that fell down my cheeks and force myself not to cry. I had gotten myself into this situation by my own reluctance to risk getting hurt. Woody's little remark about the pot calling the kettle was true. I was determined after that point to consider 'growing up' and letting go. And after I talked to Nigel I was even more assured that accepting that ring was the right thing to do.

Before I leave, I turn off the lights in my office and look around the dark room and to the balloons that still sit in the corner as a painful reminder of what I could've had.