Teamwork is a Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura threesome fic-universe where Sasuke was brought back to Konoha after the Valley of the End, Naruto is dealing with increased Kyuubi influence, and Sakura is pregnant by... either Naruto or Sasuke, they don't know which. The stories have NaruSasu yaoi and SasuSaku and NaruSaku het interaction.

These ficlets are little scenes that either don't fit in Teamwork 1, 2 or 3's main story, happen in the past or future, or are from a different point of view. (Teamwork's main fics are almost always from Naruto's, Sasuke's or Sakura's point of view.) Topics may include baby musings, original characters, or that weird Temari-Shikamaru-Ino love triangle that I really want to work into the main plot at some point. XD

Don't expect them to be posted in order, and don't expect spoilers (like the baby's gender and real dad) out of them. A few might also be reused in the main fic if I find a way to pull them into the plot at a later date.

Teamwork : drabbles

Purple Angel: How about something from the teamwork universe, a little bit in the future with the baby? Like, something cute like manly-but-fatherly!sasuke?

Baby Drabble 1

"You should go to sleep at some point, you know."

"... mm-hm."

Naruto sighs. "No one's going to burst in during the night. You're gonna be cranky tomorrow, and then that rich bastard you have to escort will complain that you pushed him too hard."

"Wouldn't hurt him to lose a few dozens of pounds."

"...Sasuke... go to bed. Sakura's gonna be pissy if she wakes up alone."

Sasuke scowls, looking away through the darkened window. "Then go back to her."

"Nah, the furball's too restless."

Sasuke eyes naruto thoughtfully. "You're staying up?"

A long exchange of looks. Wordless communication.

A nod. "... yeah."

He pulls on Sasuke's wrist gently, until the other man lets himself slide off the windowsill. They stand in silence in the darkness of the bedroom, listening to the third breathing.

"Go to bed, Sasuke. I'll stand guard."

On silent feet, Sasuke leaves the room, back straight, not looking back, refusing to acknowledge the offer. Refusing to acknowledge his need to hear that promise.

Smiling, Naruto leans over the crib, tenderly caressing a tiny hand. Inside him, Kyuubi settles down, satisfied.