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This is the last of the Functional drabble sets. I started doing these to establish characters for the weapons, as I wanted to write them in my fics, and it's been an interesting experience to do 'real' drabbles.

References to Classical and Norse mythology. Check out pantheon dot org for info. They have a lot of cool stuff there.


Hounds of Hell

Cerberus – Cerberus

He had been the guard of Temen ni Gru, portal to the Underworld. Doomed humans and the souls of the dead had been taken past him, harvested for the glory of Mundus. He had roared and they had trembled, cold fear in their hearts.

But after Sparda chained him, he had let none pass.

Until another powerless human had come before him. And defeated him, and taken his soul.

He'd always liked bread with things on it: some humans had bribed him with it.

Dante gave him pizza for guarding the shop as a human dog while he was away.

Garm – Ifrit

He had been hellfire incarnate. Towns, cities, forests… where Mundus had sent him, nothing but ashes had remained. Humans? Ha! He'd boiled them in their armor, their pitiful weapons had melted before touching him, he'd cremated legions, roasted them slowly, their pain and terror his feast!

They still remembered the dragon.

But then a 'mere human' had defeated him, though he paid for it with his life. Handed down through centuries of warriors. The last had died on Mallet. Died bravely.

Perhaps Sparda was right that they were more than prey.

Was he a murderer? He didn't want to know.

Fenrir – Alastor

He'd been Mundus' assassin. He'd killed the children and families of those who dared to rebel along with the rebels themselves. And he'd laughed.

Even after he'd been defeated, chained to the form of a sword, he'd still laughed when he killed those who tried to master him. He was such an immature, cocky, punk!

Now, his master was the son of the ultimate rebel. And his human friends would hate him if they knew what he was, what he'd done.

He wanted to kill something. But Dante wouldn't wield him.

He just wished there was something he could do!