(Fruits Basket does not belong to me, so I just have to pretend Shigure is mine)

Shigure sat at his desk, typing steadily. He was thoroughly engrossed in his work and didn't hear Tohru calling to say that dinner was ready. He scanned over the computer screen; smiling to himself at the great story he had written, wondering where he had pulled his inspiration from…it seemed too good to have just come from nothing. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and he jumped startled as Tohru poked her head in.

"Shigure? Dinner's ready…" the young girl smiled some as she spoke.

"Alright…I'll be there in just a moment." Shigure stayed focused on his screen, what he had written seemed so familiar some how, it was the story of a young woman, fresh on her job, and a slightly older coworker, who fell in love, the story just seemed so…Hatori and Kana, of course! It had to be, but no….this story didn't really seem to mesh with that of the ill fated doctor and his assistant. It was a story about someone else….

As he sat there trying to determine why the story was so familiar, his mind drifted to his editor, Mii. He didn't know why, but he found him self thinking of when they had first met. At that very moment, Mii was on her way to his house to pick up the very manuscript he had just finished. Her memories of that first meeting also filled her head. How different she had thought things would be….

(I know it's short, but it's just the prologue, I have the first Chap ready to go up, just tell me what you think of this first)