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Chapter 14: A Risk worth Taking and Mii's Promise

"How sweet." Tohru said with a smile as the three teenagers made their way back to their rooms. She knew she would do whatever it took to help Shigure and Mii keep their love a secret.

"It's kinda stupid if you ask me." Kyou said, his arms crossed over his chest, "I mean, who ever heard of being a jerk to someone just because you like them. Shigure's an idiot."

"Oh please." Yuki said with an exasperated sigh, "That isn't what Miss Honda was referring to, and you know it!" He smiled sweetly at Tohru, "I must say, that although I dislike some of Shigure's antics, it is nice that he has fallen in love. Let's hope that it isn't as tragic as some tales."


Shigure and Mii sat on the couch still. Mii's small hand was grasped in the author's, her mind racing with thoughts of how horrible this Akito person must be in order to forbid love. Perhaps he was not loved enough as a child…she thought sadly.

Shigure noticed that she seemed deep in thought and gave her a coy grin, "Don't worry. Tohru, Yuki and Kyou won't tell a soul. We're safe so long as we don't get caught." He reassured his editor, touching her cheek softly.

Mii looked over at him, as usual, he was being very giddy grinning at her like that, "Does anything ever worry you?" She asked.

"Me? Nope! Not a thing!" the dog laughed and grinned even more. His editor sweat dropped and got up from the couch.

"Shigure…" She said as she picked up her coat, "It's getting very late, I should head home."

"If you must." He said with a sigh, running a hand through his shaggy black hair. He walked with his love to the door, leaning down and giving her a kiss on the cheek good bye.

"She smiled and blushed softly, "This is a risky game we're playing, Shigure. If someone finds out…"

"Ah, but it's a risk worth taking." He replied with a bright smile, "And Mii…someday…the curse will be broken. And the zodiac will have no more to fear from Akito…when that happens…"

"I promise," Mii said softly, "That when that happens, I'll still be by your side…I'll be here forever, Sensei." She kissed him quickly and hurried out the door.


Once his editor had left Shigure made his way to his room, sinking into a chair that he managed to find among his mess as he sighed and gazed out the window at the shining silver moon. "By my side forever…" He mused at the thought of Mii's words, "That's quite a promise. Who knows how long it will take to break the curse…are you really willing to wait that long, Mii?"

The novelist had his doubts. A whirlwind romance was hardly qualification for a lifelong relationship. True, they had known each other for over two years now, but just the same, it was doubtful that they could last forever. But, it could be a nice thought, "Yes…perhaps it would be nice. Having someone to stay by me, through anything." The dog pondered that a moment before letting out a sort of chuckle, "Hah! Of course, I'm hardly the settling down type!"

Still, when he thought of Mii, he couldn't imagine life without her in it in one form or another. As his friend, his editor, or his lover, he hoped she would always be there for him, as she had promised to be.

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