Chapter 1

"Alright!" called Connor Murphy, the editor of the New York Times. "Settle down!" his calls were ignored or unheard. The noise in the room was horrible. All the young and old reporters were chatting, mostly about the same subject: the odd request of their editor.

Connor had asked them all to come to the conference room. And there is a reason for the use of the word "all". Every reporter: political, advice columnist, movie critic, heck – even photographer, everyone that worked for the paper, were all crammed into the biggest conference room in the building. None of them had any idea why they were there. Veronica Mars was no exception. And it was driving her nuts.

"C'mon people, quiet!" called Connor again, but his words were not loud enough to be heard over the noise. Connor was a 50+ years old man, with silvery hair, piercing blue eyes, and a heavy New-York accent. He was rather tall, and well built, and he was an amazing journalist, and an even better editor. Right now, he was just frustrated. The chatter only got louder and louder. Finally, Connor had had enough.

"Everybody SHUT UP!" and everybody did. A silence quickly fell on the room. Connor actually sighed with relief. "Now, if you'll all be kind enough to take a sit, and keep your mouths shut, and I'll tell you why we are all assembled here."

Some of the people in the room grabbed a seat. Most of them remained standing due to the lack in chairs.

"Hey, Veronica" whispered Harry Webb.

"What?" she whispered back.

"Mind sitting on me? I can't stand much longer, and I can't find a chair."

"Go ask Clair, I'm sure she wouldn't mind." She hissed at him, looking at Connor.


"I said go to Clair. I'm not sitting on you, got it?" with those words she spun a bit to look at his face. He pouted, and then stuck his tongue out. Veronica did the same. Harry grinned and turned to Clair, who was sitting on the other side of the main table. They exchanged a few words, then Clair got up, Harry set down, and Clair set on his knees. Veronica winked at Harry, and he smiled brightly at her.

"Is everybody here?" asked Connor.

"What does it matter?" called someone from the back of the room. "Just go on with it, Connor!"

"Trust me, none of you would want to miss this. Everybody here?" asked Connor again. Just then the door opened, and Garret entered, smiling apologetically toward Connor. He went and stood behind Veronica, placing both of his hand on the back of Veronica's chair.

"Sorry, I'm here." He said. "Sorry…"

"Anybody else isn't here?" asked Connor. Veronica scanned the room. No one seemed to be missing. No one said anything. Connor sighed again. "Okay, I guess now that we are all here, we can start."

The editor rubbed his eyes and stood up, crossing his arms against his chest. "About 40 minutes ago, I received a very, very interesting phone call. One of Hollywood's most successful actors, called me himself, and made me an offer I just couldn't refuse."

"You sold your soul for a role in the newest movie starring Nicole Kidman?" joked Veronica. A few chuckles were heard. Connor smiled at her.

"No." he said fondly, but then his voice turned harsh "And don't interrupt me again. He suggested, to give this newspaper the first interview with him, an exclusive. You see, this actor hasn't given a single interview since he started acting."

Veronica looked around. A few people seemed to understand whom Connor was talking about. Others seemed as confused as she felt. But everyone seemed to be excited.

"Of course, every deal has its terms. And this one is no exception."

"What are the terms then?" asked Harry.

"The terms… well, this young actor asked for a specific reported of ours to handle this interview, and no one but this reporter."

"Well, who is it!" asked Rose. Oh, Rose. What could you say about Rose? Rose was in charge of the entertainment part of the newspaper. She was a huge gossip to boot, and knew everything about everyone. Except for Veronica. Veronica had always kept to herself and avoided talking about herself with Rose. She hated gossips, and coming from Neptune, she knew a lot of them. Slowly, some sort of animosity had developed between Rose and Veronica. It wasn't fun, but Veronica didn't really mind. She had years of training on how to handle people who hate your guts. She was actually kind of used to it, as sad as that may seem.

"I'm more interested in who this actor is!" called Clair excitedly from her place in Harry's lap.

"I'm curious too" said Garret to Veronica.

"Wait, but what about photos?" asked Dean, the newspaper's main photographer. "I'm gonna be in on the whole thing, taking photos, right?"

"Actually, no. The actor was very specific, no one but the reporter he had chosen."

"Who's the reporter?" called Rose out.

"Like there's a doubt" mumbled Veronica. "She knows it's her, she just wants the rest of the world to know it, too". Garret chuckled.

"C'mon Connor, spit it out! Who's the reporter?" called someone from the back of the room.

"Yeah, who's the lucky guy?" asked Mike. "Or girl…"

All glanced shifted slightly to Rose, who smiled smugly.

"Veronica Mars". All eyes shifted to Veronica. Veronica's eyes shot up to Connor's face.

"Wait, What? Who? Me?" she asked, surprised and shocked.

"Yes, you." Said Connor with a tiny smile, and an amused glint in his icy-blue eyes.

"But, but, but… Veronica is a political and criminal reporter! She doesn't know the first thing about Hollywood or-"

"This is the term for this interview to happen. Veronica, and only Veronica."

"Did this guy say why?" asked Garret. Veronica seemed frozen with shock, still looking at Connor, searching for answers.

"He said he read a lot of her stories, and he liked her style."

"That's it? He liked her style?" called an angry Rose.

"Look, Rose, I know better than anyone this is not Veronica's area of expertise, but this is what the guy wants. And this is a huge deal for us. If we don't take it he'll turn to some other newspaper. This is the interview of the decade, and we are not giving up on it. Veronica is going to do this interview, and that's final." Rose seemed like she was ready to scream or break something.

Veronica finally gathered her wits. It wasn't like her to act like this. To freeze because some Hollywood actor heard of her and wanted her to write the first interview he is giving to the press was silly.

"Who is he?" she asked.

"Yeah, Connor, who is it?" called Clair. "I'm dying to know!"

"His name is Logan Echolls."