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Chapter 9

"Where are you taking me?" Veronica asked as she and Logan climbed out of his car.

"It's a surprise." He replied and started walking away. Veronica followed, and quickly caught up to him.

"I don't like surprises."

"What do you like, Veronica Mars?" he teased, smirking.

"The truth."

"As all good reporters do."

"And Private Investigators."

"Yeah, them too." They kept walking. After a short moment of silence Veronica spoke up again.

"So where are we going?" her voice was serious, business-like. Logan laughed, shook his head and kept on walking. "Logan I'm serious."

"I know. C'mon."

"I have ways of getting information out of people." She threatened, but it was semi-serious at best.

"You can show them to me later." Veronica rolled her eyes. How can he make everything sound like an innuendo? She thought. Though, I have to admit, I was making it easy for him.

"Logan, wait, stop." To her surprise he did stop walking. He turned and looked at her. She waited for a few second. "Just tell me where we're going."

Logan snorted with disbelief, grabbed her hand and kept walking. "We're almost there. Just wait a little bit more." They crossed the street, and kept walking. Veronica kept asking question for the next five minutes, trying to get Logan to tell her where he was taking her. She only stopped when Logan declared that they arrived.

Veronica stared at the building. She had to fight to keep her surprise.

"What movie are you planning on taking me?" she asked. Logan went to the tickets booth and dragged Veronica along with him. On the wall next to the glass window of the booth was a list of movies playing that night.

"You get to pick the movie." He said, motioning with his head to the list. Veronica gave him a tiny smile and quickly scanned the list.

"These are all old movies." She said. Most of them were movies from the 80's she noted, some from the early 90's.

"Thought you might like it." Was all he said. Veronica turned to him, and grinned widely.

"I do. Thanks." She reached out and squeezed his hand. He raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything.

"I thought the worst thing a girl could do on a date was talk about the movie industry." She mentioned casually. "Watching movies doesn't qualify?"

"Not really, no." he said. "But if you start asking me what Paris Hilton is really like, I might be forced to cut this evening short." Veronica shook her head. She looked at the movie list again and pointed at a certain name.

"I want to see that one."

Logan looked at the name. "The lady has good taste."

"That she does."

They both stood in line. Finally their turn has arrived.

"Two tickets to 'Die Hard 2'." Asked Logan.

"Sure thing." Said the lady in the booth. Veronica went to her purse, but Logan's hand stopped her from opening it.

"This one's on me."

"No. Not this time." She said. Sure, her bank account thanked her for not using any of her own money on the dates, but the fact that Logan kept paying was really bugging her. She didn't like having someone else pay for her on dates. If it was something to do with job, she'd gladly put it on the clients tab, but personal life… she didn't take charity, and when someone did as Logan and paid for her all the time – it was charity in her book.


"No, I'm paying. This one's on me."

"No it's not. I'm paying." He argued back. When Veronica opened her mouth to argue, Logan leaned in and placed a soft, brief kiss on her lips. "I'm paying." He whispered. Veronica opened her mouth to argue again and he silenced her in the same manner. Then he turned and paid for the tickets.

The woman in the booth was staring at him strangely. She gave him the tickets, and Logan threw a grin her way.

"Say, aren't you-"

"No, I'm not." He cut into her words. "I just look like him." He grabbed Veronica's hand and they both walked into the theater. Veronica kept glancing Logan's way. Those kisses, those small, soft kisses. It was so casual and sweet; it was like it was normal for them to kiss. All in all, they didn't have much practice in the kissing realm. Well, not with each other, anyway.

When did thing get like this? She wondered. Since when Logan and I are casually kissing, holding hands, kissing? Veronica mentally sighed. Things were moving fast. She wasn't sure if it was the "too-fast-I'm-getting-dizzy" kind of fast or the "I'm-getting-the-most-amazing-adrenalin-rush" kind of fast. She was loving how it all felt, but she hated being so uncollected and out of control. She hated it when everything was so confusing.

The two set down in their sits. Logan turned his body so he was face to face with Veronica. Veronica noticed his whole body tensed a bit, and he tried to see what's going on behind him, next to the entrance without actually moving his head. She glanced at the entrance. There was nothing there.

"Logan?" she asked.

"Shh!" he whispered loudly. Veronica raised one eyebrow.

"Is everything okay?" she continued.

"Uh, sure… just, uh…" he turned to look at the entrance and then quicker than she could actually register, and suddenly his face was buried in her neck, his hands tangled in her hair. Veronica tensed instantly, surprised and slightly wigged at his actions. Then PI Veronica kicked in. She looked at the entrance, where she saw three teenage girls and two teenage guys looking for their sits. Everything had become clear. Logan should get used to go out in some sort of disguise, she thought to herself. And as the investigator/reporter collected her wits, she also gained control over her body. Her muscles relaxed, he hand went to Logan's hair, and a tiny fake smile (that looked quite real, actually) imprinted itself on her face.

Inside, though, she was getting even more confused. She freaked out when he leaned closer, invading into her personal space, and touching her body. Why would she react like that? Well, there was the rape, but most of the time, she liked to think it hadn't affected her that much. Had she been wrong? Or maybe it's back to her original internal debate: they were moving too fast for her.

She was confused as hell.

After the movie ended, Logan drove Veronica back to her place. This time he walked her to the apartment building's door. Veronica had to say, she had a wonderful time that evening, even though she had the voice of doubt shouting its opinion in her head during most of it. Still, Logan made her laugh, and she enjoyed the movie as well as the company.

"How about, tomorrow morning?" she asked, out on an impulse. She wanted to smack herself. They were moving to fast, and here she was setting them together again? But Saturday morning was good. She could work afterwards, and actually catch up on all the stuff she hadn't finished yet. Having a personal life was such hard work. Why do so many people do it? She wondered.

Logan agreed to her morning offer, and said he'd swing by around eight thirty, to pick her up. She nodded her agreement to that. Then they both stood there, for a few moments of awkwardness. This was the part they should say goodbye. Which should probably be a kiss. But… Veronica could hear doubt mocking.

"Good night, Logan" and before she changed her mind, she unlocked the door and rushed in, almost running up the stairs. She knew it wasn't fair, and she was playing hot-and-cold with Logan, but… She was starting to get really scared.

Dear god, what have I gotten myself into?