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Chapter 5

"Damn, Heero! You got so scre-" Duo's heart leapt in his throat, effectively stopping whatever it was he was trying to say. He swallowed heavily. The sight of Heero's gun aimed directly at him made him truly fear for his life. That was one of the two things he truly feared, the other being Wufei's katana.

"Whoa there, buddy," He mumbled nervously, "I was only kidding."

Heero put his gun back inside his jacket and continued to drive to their destination. He did not want to be reminded of his 'S&M' experience as Duo so lovingly called it. But he did not tell what had really happened in the hopes of saving some face. But what he said wasn't entirely false; it was a fabricated truth, which was a truth nonetheless. The kissing and the seducing part was, of course, omitted. Duo would have a field day if he told them that and Chang, being the sexist the he is, would demean him. So to save himself that, he briefly told them that he had been sedated, cuffed to the bed and when he regained consciousness, she was gone.

Duo let out a huge sigh of relief as he saw Heero put the gun back in his jacket. After the initial feeling of fear subsided, Duo smiled. He was thankful that Sally picked him to be Heero's partner for their investigation on Rei Megumi –or simply 'Rei'. He was more than eager to see the woman, whom he dubbed 'Ms. S&M'. He wanted to know just what type of woman could sedate the 'Perfect Soldier' and cuff him to the bed. But for some reason, he felt like Heero was leaving out something… Like there was something he was not telling them. Then again, Heero didn't speak much nor did he divulge any of his secrets.

He fleetingly looked at Heero then looked back to the road. The 'Perfect Soldier' was glaring at the faultless sports car in front of them. He looked like he was going to run the car down. "You should slow down, buddy. We might be crashin' into that fine ass sports car."

For the second time that day, Duo's heart leapt. Heero's gun was aimed at him yet again. He swallowed, hard. Sweat dripping down his forehead. Now was the time to shut up. He didn't know what got Heero so riled up. He wasn't nearly as irritable as Chang… Maybe they switched personalities. That would explain a lot. Or maybe this 'Ms. S&M' had something to do with 'The perfect Soldier's' change in demeanor. He couldn't wait to see her!

Heero put his gun back in his jacket and diverted his attention back to the road.

Normally, comments like that wouldn't bother him. As much as possible, Heero Yuy never showed emotions. But he was human, even if he hated to admit it, and he was susceptible to emotions. Right now, the dominating emotion was anger; following close by was the unfamiliar shame. And it was all because of her.


7 o'clock. It was when the employees would normally show up and start their monotonous office jobs. Heero watched vigilantly as every employee of Cherrus Int'l passed through the automatic glass door. For three days, he waited patiently for 'Rei Megumi' to walk through the glass doors, but he was never lucky. Neither 'Rei Megumi' nor 'Makoto Kino' have stepped foot on the building.

He was keeping a closer watch for 'Makoto Kino' since Quatre's research found out that the company just hired a new secretary; one Makoto Kino. But not once did he see her- and her passing by him unnoticed was impossible.

7:30. Employees still continued to arrive but still no 'Makoto'. He was wondering if he had been wrong all along. Maybe she planted wrong information to purposely mislead them. He knew she was capable of that.

All his doubts were wiped out of his mind as a brunette, clad in a ridiculously short tweed skirt and matching jacket, passed through the doors. Three days of waiting finally paid off. Even with tinted sunglasses, he knew it was her. He could never mistake that face. Her guise resembled that of a female Trowa; the same light brown hair and almost the same shade of green eyes.

"She's here." He whispered to the com link. He picked up his mop and put it in the trolley, along with all the other cleaning paraphernalia, and quickly followed her. Heero picked up his pace; a small black tracker already in his hands.

He bumped into her, deliberately and slid the tracker inside her bag.

No way he was going to loose her now.


Her day was anything but exciting. The most spontaneous thing that happened was the blonde janitor bumping into her. Rei stared blankly at the computer screen. Her eyes followed the Company's name, which was the screen saver, flash through the screen. She counted just how many times it flashed since there wasn't much to do.

Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven…

It was her first day on the job, exactly four hours, thirty-six minutes and counting, and she already wanted to quit. It was a mundane job, nothing an idiot with half a brain cell couldn't do. But no. She had to be patient. Other than the additional information on Oz, she also needed the job for a more practical reason. Money. Her funds were running low, thanks to the down payment on her new apartment and the shopping trip.

Sixty-one, sixty-two, sixty-three…

She sighed, uncrossed and crossed her legs and continued to mindlessly count. Her quaint cubicle in his office was comfortable; a nice swivel chair, a vase full of beautiful sunflowers and a beautiful view of the city… But it wasn't enough.

Wish something exciting would happen… sixty-seven, sixty-eight, sixty-nine…

"Miss Kino," her new boss called from behind his desk.

His voice snapped her out of her reverie.

Damn… I lost count!

She turned her head towards him, "Yes?"

"I want you to cancel all my appointments this afternoon."

Rei looked at him skeptically. Even if she just started today, she knew his schedule was full. He had a meeting with mergers, and though she did not have any corporate experience to speak of, she knew a meeting with a merger was too important to cancel. "You have a meeting with Mr. Fujima this afternoon." She said, thinking he could have forgotten.

"I know, Miss Kino and I would like you to cancel it." He said in a commanding voice that meant he didn't forget.

Curiosity kicked in, "Why? Where are you going?"

Jed readjusted his glasses and looked at his new secretary, "To a very important meeting. It's imperative that I attend."

She simply could not drop the subject. She just had to know. "What meeting?"

"I'm sorry Miss Kino, but I can't disclose that." He said firmly, his voice left no room for any more questions.

Rei had a gut feeling that whatever this 'very important meeting' was had something to do with Oz. She would have to do a little reconnaissance this afternoon. "Okay. I'll call them right away. Is there anything else you want me to do?"

Her blonde employer stood up and walked in the direction of her desk. He stopped right in front, towering over her sitting form. "Now that you mention it," he started cheekily, "I was wondering if you had any plans for this Saturday."

"Um… No. I don't have anything planned." She knew where this was going. He was going to ask her out. But my, he was a fast one. It was only her first day and already…

"Well, would you like to have dinner with me?" He asked forwardly, not a hint of intimidation in his voice. In fact, he sounded rather smug.

Rei looked at him pensively. He was a handsome man, soft, blonde locks, mesmerizing blue eyes, well built body, not to mention filthy-stinkin' rich… and it would be such a waste not to accept his offer… But then, he was also her target. He was a member of Oz. Dinner with an Oz member? She could never do such a thing!

A very attractive Oz member… a voice in her mind said.

But an Oz member, nonetheless… another part of her mind countered.

What else could happen? Dinner, a few drinks… an invitation to his home? Maybe she was thinking too much. It could just be 'getting to know you' type of dinner. But it could escalate into an 'I already know you enough so let's go back to my place and see what else could happen' kind of dinner and she did not want that. She did want him to think she liked him, since ego was a man's best friend but she would not want him thinking she was some cheap whore. This matter had to be handled with finesse.

"But I work for you." It wasn't a refusal nor an acceptance.

"Not dinner then, but a business meeting. How about that?" He proposed, not willing to let her go that easily.

The corner of Rei's mouth curved into a tiny smile, "Is that what they call it nowadays?"

A smile appeared on his perfectly chiseled face, "So, about that business meeting?"

"Oh, why not?"



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