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Chapter 1 the contest

"Grrr Why am I here again?" said an annoyed voice.

The voice belonged to a Raven Roth. She was 17 year old. She had Black hair with purple streaks and dark purple eyes and pale skin. She wore a simple black tank top and ripped blue jeans

"Raven we have some to the store of music to purchase the new CD of the greatest band ever!" Said a chirpy little voice.

The girls name was Kory Anders her middle name was Starfire so everybody just called her that. She had long wavy red hair and light green eyes and tanned skin. She wore a green tube top with a short purple skirt.

"And you're our best friend and we're on a mission to make u obsessed with them just as we are" Said another girl.

She had long brown Hair and honey brown eyes and was African American. Her Name was Brittany but every body called her B. She wore a yellow tank top with a black jacket and some black jeans.

"And we're all broke and you're the only one with money or else we'll show you in pink." said the Last girl.

She had long silky blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wore a brown shirt with the logo of (T) on it and some blue jean shorts.

"Mmhm mmhm I understand that" said raven "I just want to know one thing". All girls nodded. "WHY ARE WE HERE AT 6AM IN THE MORNING!" She yelled if you saw her you could see the glare in her eyes and would see that she was beyond pissed, but her friends to obsessed with getting into the store couldn't tell, all three girls just responded with "so crazy fan girls wouldn't get the CD first." Raven gave them a look "and you three don't think of yourselves as crazy fan girls?" "Of course not" terra replied acting insulted, "I'm insulted that you put us in the same category as with those girls we are obsessed fan girls not crazy." Terra said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Raven sighed it was no use she was stuck here.

2 Hours Later

"Finally the stupid store is open hey Rae get up." B said she poked raven.

"Stop poking me." Raven said she moaned and got up.

"Come friends let us go. "Star said still hyper-active.

"Yes we will show you to the hotness" terra said taking her arm.

She walked to the middle of the store and just fell and started bowing.

"Terra what are you doing?" raven said.

She looked up and saw a poster with four boys on it one of them had black spiky hair with black shades and a guitar she guessed it was the lead singer.'Hmm he sort of cute I guess' On the right we're two other boys one had red hair and dark green eyes with another guitar 'He must be back up' the other boy had a bass guitar he was African American and had stony gray eyes' Bass player' the last boy on the left had Green dyed hair and bright green eyes and was playing drums.

"So I'm guessing this is the band you all love" Raven said looking down on her friend who were now praying to the poster.

Starfire stopped and looked at raven.

"Yes aren't they how do you say hot?"

Terra stopped and looked at her too

"Yea isn't the drummer hot his names Beast boy cause he loves animals but his real name is Garfield Logan he is such a HOTTIE!"

Terra yelled and started to pray to the picture again.

"Oh Please friend speedy is soooo much hotter! He has red hair and green eyes like me and he is a fast person and.."

"And that means he's a player cyborg is soo much hotter then both of them plus he's nice and calm but still fun and he build all their equipment and he eats normal food unlike yours terra" B said.

"O please he cares for the world and believes that animals are living things and we shouldn't eat them and he's funny and nice as well plus he's not a player of girls hearts like speedy."

"gasp how dare you both think he is cold and plays with the girls!"

All three girls started fighting people stared.

"Hee hee I don't know these people." Raven said backing away.

After 15 minutes the girls stopped

"Man B you have some right hook" Terra said while wiping he blood of her lip.

"Yea but that's nothing compared to stars kicks" B said breathing heavily

O thank you those Pilates workouts help but terra your nails are almost as sharp as razors" "Thanks star"

"Um guys are you done with your little cat fight" All there girls nodded at raven

"OK well I bought the CD's for you guys you all owe me $60"

"Thanks Rae" All three of them said.

The girls left the store and decided to get some breakfast. (Remember its still morning)

Denny's (I don't know I just picked a random restaurant)

"Man I love pancakes" B said pouring syrup on her pancakes.

"I love Denny's" Starfire said eating her eggs.

"Yea but I wish they would serve more vegan stuff" Terra complained.

"Huh when did u become a vegan?" Raven asked," I thought you were only a vegetarian"

"Oh miss vegan here became one when she found out her never going to be boyfriend is a vegan too" B answered

"I see I see" Raven nodded her head

"Hey it could happen I mean I could be walking in the park getting ice cream when…

Day Dream

Terra Pov

I was walking in the park about to get my ice cream when somebody grabbed it be fore me.


"I'm sorry is this your chocolate ice cream" The guy turns around

"OMG you're BB from!"

"Yea and you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen will you go out with me"

"Yo BB what's taking you so long…. Hello there and you are?"

"OMG and your cyborg "

"Hey guys what's going on I want my ice cream"

"And you speedy"

"Hey where's my chocolate ice... hey who is this gorgeous lady"

"And your robin"

"Hey are you going out with me?" BB said

"No me" "No me" No me"……………..

End Dream Sequence

"Yea right!" B said

"That is absurd friend for speedy love strawberry ice cream not chocolate!" Star said smiling at her knowledge

"Yea and cy's allergic to chocolate"

"Yea and if BB is a vegan we wouldn't eat ice cream it has milk in it and…"

Both star and bb answered "Robin hates chocolate he likes coffee"

"Freighting truly frightening" raven said

All of the sudden the TV changed from its news (I know there are no TVs in Denny's but it's my fan fictions so go along with it) (also the TV person speaking is going to be in italics)

Hey there all you Robin, cyborg, bb, and speedy fans you wanna be in the same place as robin, cyborg, bb, and speedy!

All the girls in the room except for raven started going into fan girl mode screaming." YES YES YES YES YES YES AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" like I said crazy fan girls

Well then we have now contest if you win you get to stay with them home for a month How do you enter you ask well call this number and tell them your name age phone number and interests or mail a letter with this information to this address 365 S.Ramon Dr. Hollywood, CA 90210. And hurry you only have week to enter so do it now!

As soon as the commercial went off and the news returned all the cell phones of every teenage girl were on and was talking.

"Hey raven wanna enter with us" Terra said looking for raven but when they got back to their table all there as a note that said

Dear guys,


Raven Roth

"Guess she doesn't want to do it with us" B said getting out her cell phone.

"Hee hee I got a sweet prank to play on raven"terra said dialing her phone.

"Friend you are not going to do something drastic right" Star said a little worried

"don't worry"Terra said as her phone started to connect"

"Hello welcome to the Contest what is you name age phone number and address?"

"Hello my name is raven Roth I am 17 my phone is 310-554-6591 and my house is 654 N.Blackbird Dr. it's the black house thank you." Terra said hanging up

Both star and B were staring at her as if she was asking for a death sentence which she sort of was doing.

"Umm Terra what do you think your doing?" Starfire said a little confused

"You do know that if raven finds out she will hurt you BADLY!" B said a little freaked out.

"Come on do you think she's really going to find out I mean you're not going to tell her I'm not going to tell her so she won't find out."

"But friend what if raven wins what shall we do then?"

"O please you really think out of like 5 million people raven is going to win"

"Well I guess you have a point o well" B said a little more relieved.

"I see friend well I hope you do not get caught" Star said smiling brightly



All three girls ran from Denny's across town and still came in late

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