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Robin woke up at 7:00 am. Only he could ever wake up that early except for Cyborg since BB would stay up all night to play video games he got from Japan and Speedy would most likely not be in his own bed. He walked over to the bathroom and took a shower. At 7:30 he came out again with nothing but flat hair and a towel. (Drool) He went over to the sink and pulled out a toothbrush and some tooth paste he had a record of zero cavities and he was going to keep it that way. After that he took out a bottle of gel no matter what people think he does not use a whole bottle of gel to spike his hair he's not that hair freaky. He looked at himself in the mirror. He had a defined six pack and abs but not like those body builders and went up he may look scrawny but he trained every day with a sand bag. He had mastered every kind of body art that you could think from jujitsu to well embarrassingly ballet, but it all helped to create the god of a body he had now.

He came out with his newly spiked hair and walked over to his walk in closet and pulled out a black shirt that said I am stabbing you with my mind in bloody read letters. With it he walked over to his section of jeans and pants and pulled out a pair of grey military zip pants (with out the spot thingies btw). He came out of the closet and saw that it was already eight. He walked over to his bed and pulled out from underneath the bed a pair of chuck converse which from all the years he had worn those had holes and random spots of paint on them. He walked over to his mini fridge hidden behind his rack of cloths and pulled out a hot pocket and put it in the microwave which was right next to it, hey he wasn't kidding when he said he would stock supplies. (Plus he's rich he can afford a microwave in his closet) He waited a minute and pulled it out he didn't like it when they got really hot but liked it when it was still slightly cold but cooked. (That's the way I like it.)

Anyway by the time he walked out of his room it was already 8:00 he walked over to Cy's room and knocked on the door. He waited and saw him come out and told him to wait one minute and let him finish putting on his shirt. Afterwards he and Cyborg broke up they've done this enough times Cyborg would go wake up BB and he would go down stairs to the sound booth to start the practice recording. Speedy would come without their help.

A few minutes of waiting a sleepy BB wearing a green shirt with the words against animal testing and a picture of two dogs in desks writing with a blackboard that said 2+3 with it he wore dark blue jeans with a green embroidery in it.

Behind him came Cyborg wearing Relaxed Bungalow Jeans which had accents on the front with heavy blasting and paint stains with it he wore a PUMA muscle Tee that was white and the front with the PUMA logo and black on the collar and shoulder blade. He was eating waffles for some reason the man had an obsession with waffles.

Soon Speedy joined them wearing a read T-shirt with a picture of an orange phoenix on it, with it he wore some relaxed jeans with random shreds here and there, and to finish it wore brown flip-flops.

When everyone finally came it was already 9:00 (They all had to eat and dress and shower) They started their rehearsal hoping to finish before this so called 'Raven' came down and make it so that they couldn't finish their rehearsal.

One Hour Later

Robin watched as Cyborg and BB went out to greet their guest. He guessed he had too as well since it was part of the deal of this whole contest. Maybe he hoped after a couple of pictures and charming princes she would faint from a nose bleed and just leave. He walked out after Speedy and waited for the end.

Raven's POV

I looked as another one came out he was the red head starfire was way into.

"Hey I'm Speedy. And you are?"

"Heh", I had to force on a smile… ok a grimace… ok fine a not glaring look. "Raven"

I swear if he kisses me on the hand I will kick him in the shin.

Luckily he didn't have the chance when the last guy finally came out. I looked him over thoroughly until I remembered this was the guy that Her friends said would be perfect for me.

Robin's POV

I came out and looked her over she was actually pretty cute up close and when she's not trying to punch their butlers. I walked over to her and watched as she examined me. I tried not to laugh when Speedy butted in and started to make a move on her.

Authors Pov

Slade came in finally to introduce them all.

"Raven this is Robin, Cyborg, BB, and speedy." He introduced each of them and pointed to each one.

"Hn, hey, hiya, hello" (they said down the order)

"Hi nice to… meetcha" Raven's phone went off she felt slightly embarrassed from her Super Mario theme song (The original)

Raven smiled apologetically and stuck out one finger.

She took out her phone and answered it.

Raven's POV (starfire, Bee, Terra, Raven, All together not including raven)

"Hello?" Raven!! "AHH ok guys never scream in my ear again" Sorry we're just so excited."Guys…" have you met them yet? Yea I'm meeting them right now… KYAAAAA! Are they in there in the same room as you? Yea.

Guy's POV

They watched as raven talked on the phone with her they could only guess as friends. They started getting slightly amused at the angry look raven had towards her phone. Then suddenly she started to look even more agitated.

"Terra WHAT!"

They looked at her and saw her yelling at her phone.

"No I'm not going to ask him what his favorite color is!" Raven stopped then started. "Because it's a stupid question."

"fine fine ….FINE" Raven stomped over to the boys and stepped up to Cyborg.

She put the phone next to his ear.

"here say …say anything." Raven put her head in her hand and sighed and felt so tired.

"Uhh hi?" Cyborg spoke into the phone and was sort of uncertain.

What he got in return…an ear full of KYA

"Sorry" Raven took back the phone and finished her conversation.

"What guys I have to go but…but…ok ok I got it"

Raven sighed and took her phone and seemed to be focusing it on something.

"Guys could you move in a little closer." They all blinked and realized she was taking a picture of them. "UH speedy could you scooch in a little."

Speedy complied and they all blinked until a flash came out.

She turned around again.

"Yea yea yea ok gotta go fine BYE!" Raven hung up her cell phone and turned around.

"Heh heh Sorry."

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