Set during Volume Five, after chapter 26 (The one in which Yuki tosses Ayame into the lake).

Brotherly love! Snake sang, smiling as he staggered into the room. You see! Brotherly love!

To me, Dog said, it looked more like great irritation. Affection doesn't generally cause one to throw people in lakes.

Ah, but you have forgotten, my dear Dog, that at school I was the champion swimmer!

Snake, Dragon reflected, really can be an idiot.

Put some clothes on, he said.

Brotherly love! Snake beamed, fetching another towel from the press and waving it dramatically. But enough about this wonderful development. We didn't finish our conversation.

Dragon stood. Good night, he said.

Wait. Snake, for once, sounded serious. He stopped waving the towel, and draped it over his shoulders. Wait, Dragon. What I said...I meant it. We miss you.

And, Dog put in, we want you to be happy.

They both looked grave. Dragon smiled. Thank you. I know.

He walked into his room, and quietly closed the door.

He knows, Dog said softly. He says he knows, but I'm not sure he does.

Snake looked doubtful. People change, he said. Maybe Dragon's just gone quiet.

No. Maybe he's resigned, not always aching anymore, but I think he's given up.

Oh dear. Snake frowned. I do hope not.

Dragon sat by his widow, looking thoughtfully out through the trees. Farther away, there was a glimpse of moonlight on the lake. It was late, and he was tired.

Dragon didn't often remember that Snake and Dog were really his best – almost only – friends in the world.

It was nice to be reminded, once in a while.

Though he didn't know if he'd be able to handle them being serious very often.

Snake really wasn't the one to be giving advice on relationships, Dragon mused. Snake had perhaps the most dysfunctional family possible to have.

Dragon sighed, stood, dropped onto his bed, and fell asleep.

A/N: I did not intend to continue this story, but because of the kind requests to do so, I gave it a shot, and found it quite fun. This is a mini-update of sorts; I shall hopefully add another, slightly longer part in the moderately near future.