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Puberty Sucks

Part 1 of 4

Well, Naruto was screwed. Not in the physical sense, no, he was still pretty much a virgin as long as you don't count Kakashi's ass-poke as rape, but the fact of the matter was: he was screwed.

He had tried to hide it for as long as possible. Almost half a year! But it was getting to the point where even through her baggy orange outfit; slight hints of the curves of her chest were showing.

Wait, confused are you? Let's explain:

Naruto wasn't a boy.

Naruto was a girl. And Naruto had hit puberty, which meant Naruto no longer had the figure of a boy. If it weren't for the henge he was using, he, well, she would be double-screwed. It covered the slight difference in her face to make her looks more boyish and it did well to hide her slightly feminine figure. It was so weak that the sharingan couldn't even pick up on it unless the user was purposely looking for something out of the ordinary. But any stronger and she could be easily found out. Something had to be done.

She glanced at the clock. In ten minutes. Something had to be done in ten minutes before their meeting time.


Ah, too late. Sakura's lovely morning call, which resembled the screeching of an old lady who had spotted a rat in her kitchen, interrupted her thought process. The pink-haired kunoichi was promising many painful deaths to Naruto if 'he' didn't get 'his' ass downstairs immediately.

Naruto scowled, shouting, "I'm coming, I'm coming, damnit!"

Kakashi stood off to the side, leaning against the wall, sighing. Sasuke dangled close beside him. Neither were there because of desire to go train. Kakashi was only there because Sakura had managed to get the drop on him as he was heading out the door to go the memorial stone to visit Obito.

He'd always been weak to women in low-cut shirts.

And Sasuke? Oh, Sasuke was there because he had been one unlucky bastard who'd walked past Kakashi's house at the same time.

Damn his luck. He cringed as Sakura yelled again. Thank God there was only one girl on his team.

Yeah, right. Sasuke was a really unlucky bastard.

"I said I'm coming, damnit! Don't yell so loud! You'll wake the rats!" That'll get her to shut up, Naruto scowled, shrugging on her jacket. (And how right she was for Sakura began to squeal and cling to Sasuke, much to Sasuke's ire and Kakashi's amusement.) She'd just have to pray that nothing… happened. She'd bound her chest, but of course, bindings can only do so much. Zipping up her jacket, despite it being summer-time, she grabbed her hitai-ate, pulled it on and ran down the stairs, nearly tripping over her feet in the process.

"Awrk!" She gave a strangled yelp, nearly crashing into Sakura and Sasuke. Moving around her, she sat down on the floor, pulling her shoes on.

"Jeez. You're taking as long as Ino-pig. Primping much?" She crinkled her nose, teasing.

"Idiot," Sasuke turned his back and headed off, not seeming to care if they followed or not. Kakashi stayed, reading his book.

Naruto scowled irritably. It didn't help that she just got off her period. She was still cranky. "No, unlike you, I'm proud to know I don't have to spend thirty minutes in front of a mirror to make sure I'm decent enough to go outside."

It was amusing to see the boy who always fawned over Sakura be bitchy to her. Tapping the heel of her foot on the floor, she stood up, dusted herself off, and ran out the door, passing them all.

Sakura stared, frowning, but let it go and followed.

Kakashi stayed behind.

Sasuke reached the training area before the others did and while he should have had peace and quiet, he was not so blessed with the privilege. Kiba's team was there.

How a loudmouth was put on a team of quiet weirdoes was beyond him. Stupid Iruka and his stupid replacements…

Hoping to catch a spot to rest in the shade, he was sorely disappointed when Kiba saw him and practically screamed it to everyone within a one-mile radius. Other teams practicing along the field paused, boys glowering and girls flowering.

He hated those looks.

It wasn't moments later before Naruto made the scene. Glancing around, and still in a semi-foul mood from the morning's events and her predicament, she went to go find some place semi-isolated to train. Not all the grounds were covered. Nodding, she trotted off toward one end that was still open. Oh, yesssss.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata spoke shyly as she followed the blonde, drifting from her group.

Naruto winced slightly, turning around and plastering a bright smile on her face. "Hinata! How are you?"

"Um… Are you all right?" The girl inquired. "You haven't looked well at all lately." She looked bashfully away again, wringing her hands. The girl was sharper than she looked.

Naruto inwardly cringed. "Uh… Yeah! Just… had a stomach ache this morning. Hehe… spoiled milk again…" She cut her eyes across the fields, worrying on her lower lip. Sakura was pestering Sasuke and Ino had joined her. Kakashi had his face stuck in his book. …When had he appeared? Turning her eyes back to the Hyuuga girl, she smiled. "Don't worry, I'm fine! After all, I am the Great Uzumaki Naruto!"

Hinata seemed relieved, muttering a soft affirmative, her worry fading away like mist. Easily fooled and gullible. Thank God she wasn't like Neji. Avoiding him was hard to do.

Naruto gave a slightly forced smile as a cramp hit her stomach. Son of a … I finished cycling yesterday! Turning around, she scowled, rubbing her stomach. "Well! Training time," she chirped, signaling the conversation was over. Bringing her fingers up to their favorite position, she formed several clones and began to spar with them.

Meanwhile, Sasuke was deftly ignoring both Sakura and Ino, wishing he had a book like Kakashi, if only to hit himself deaf with it.

"Sasuke, you should get a little more sun," Kakashi hummed behind his book. "You're so pale you'd be spotted in the foliage."

Stupid old man… Sasuke thought irritably as he opened his eyes and glowered at the blushing hentai pouring over his book. Why'd he always talk to him so freely anyway? It wasn't like he cared what he thought. My skin is fine the way it is; I burn, not tan.

He opted for ignoring the copy-nin, rolling on his side and away from him. For once, he didn't feel like being there. Training was wonderful, but only when you weren't surrounded by girls watching your every move and boys glaring daggers into your skin.

Finally getting tired of itchy grass, Sasuke got to his feet and dusted off his knees before sliding his hands into his pockets. Today just wasn't a good day. He began to pad off; ignoring Kakashi's questioning noise, with the intent of going home and curling up for a nap. Shikamaru did it all the time, so why not just this once for him?

He paused, however, to take a look at Naruto. The blond had agreed to spar with Kiba, both taking joy in taunting each other. A lot of people were watching, amused by both their antics.

It was then Naruto glanced to the side for a moment, noticing Sasuke about to leave. Their eyes locked for a split second and it was all Kiba needed. She lost her concentration, allowing Kiba's gatsuuga to crash into her. With a yelp, she was thrown backwards and into the lake.

Kiba stopped spinning and began to laugh. "Naruto, you asshole! That was lame! Get back up here so I can kick your ass properly!"

Naruto surfaced in the water, sputtering a bit, her hair clinging to her face and glaring daggers. "You fucking mutt! I'm gonna rip that smug look off your face!"

She began to swim back toward the shore, scowling as she tore her jacket, now heavy with water, from her body, completely forgetting about her 'protocol'. She bundled the jacket up and threw it ahead of her onto the shore as her feet touched bottom, the water up to her neck. She began to wade toward the shore, snarling the entire way.

By the time she got to the edge, pulled herself out, and stood up, she had managed to plaster a look on her face that could knock a nun dead. She glared, balling her fists and began to stalk toward him. "I'm gonna rip you a new air-hole, Kiba!"

(Now, have you ever got that feeling you've done something you knew you shouldn't have, but you can't figure out what? With tension that fills the air and the wide-eyed stares of incredulous stupor that follows?

Yeah, Naruto is about to experience this.)

Kiba stared and his nose tickled, then began to all but drizzle blood. "Agh! No fair! Don't do that!" Kiba whined, holding his nose and wincing. "Sheeze! You even smell like a girl!"

Lee looked ready to laugh, despite being a nice guy. That is… until he saw Neji's slack-jawed expression and Hinata mirroring it.

Oh. Shit.

Naruto with boobs was just as obvious as a red-faced Neji.

Naruto paled suddenly and looked down at herself. "Oh, shit…" She hissed, before running for her jacket. "S-Sorry! Bad joke!" She yelled, pulling her jacket on over her soaked body. "Gotta go now! We'll finish this later, Mutt-face!"

Naruto was stopped by Hinata's voice.

"N-Naruto-kun…" Hinata all but breathed, staring at the blonde. "Y-you're… a girl?"

Strangely enough, the tone wasn't really upset, but the shock was beyond obvious.

"N-No!" Naruto denied eyes wide. "It's a henge, damnit!"

But, it was too late. All hell broke loose, confusion rippling among the teens. Sakura and Ino looked like the ground had caved beneath them before launching into attack mode.

"Yeah, right!" Ino poked Naruto's slightly curved chest. "If Hinata says you are, then you are! Byakugan doesn't lie!"

She was too close for comfort as she breathed down the flustered tomboy's neck.

"Naruto, what on earth were you thinking? Why didn't you say something?" Sakura wasn't as up-close and personal but she was visibly upset.

Kakashi… was no help.

"You took baths with me and Sasuke, Naruto." He was frowning down at the blonde, his expression stern. Then… he gave her a thumbs-up. "Y'get an A+ in stealth, though; I had no clue!" He grinned.

Naruto looked mortified and scared. She had reason to, with both Ino and Sakura and half the female body population on the field sending her death glares. "No…" She whispered, stumbling back. She hadn't even let up her genjutsu, hoping she could lie through it. "No! It's not true!" She shouted pushing through the crowd and speeding back toward the village.

She knocked Sasuke out of the way, who had been standing there in pure and absolute shock. "Out of my way, teme!"

After Sasuke managed to sit upright, eyes crossed, he muttered "Dobe…" under his breath as he processed this new information.

After his brain ran through a list of emotions, most of which were synonyms or related to "angst," "brood," and "arrogant," he settled for one he rarely used.


That's right. Uchiha Sasuke stood up, dusted himself off, and then gave a look of pure glee.

He wasn't gay.

Kiba's bet had just gone down the drain.

Oh, yeah…

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