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Puberty Sucks

Part Four of Four (I swear)

Naruto froze, nearly dropping the shrimp as she stared at the refrigerator door. Her face slowly turned bright red, knowing very well that was the truth as she hurriedly finished putting away the meats.

When Sasuke came back he'd not only used the toilet but he'd also changed. Who knew he owned things other than those same wide-collar Uchiha clothes? Jeans and a black shirt were his new duds, his sandals left in a neat row by his others in the closet. Bare feet hardly made a sound on the linoleum as he padded over to Naruto, who had finished putting up the fruits and vegetables, cheeks still a fresh pink. Her sweatpants rode low on her hips and her black shirt gave a slight hint at the tan skin around her stomach as she reached up to put something on the top shelf. Turning, she peered at him as her lips curved into a smirk. "Wow, I don't see a fan. That's a new one," She teased.

"It's on my boxers," he lied. Actually, he had plain silk on, but she wouldn't know that.

Naruto arched a brow but left it at that. What she wouldn't give to have that Byakugan ability. "So now what? I put everything up."

"Now?" Sasuke echoed, sounding vaguely like a certain perverted jounin. "I dunno."

"Wow. So much for you being a genius," Naruto deadpanned, throwing her hands up in the air and walking over to Sasuke's bed, flopping down on it. "Mmm, smells like Sasuke," She muttered, face buried in the pillow.

"Really?" Sasuke inquired as he followed behind her, sitting on the edge of the bed and running a finger up Naruto's back.

Naruto turned her head to the side, shuddering in response to his teasing touch. "Yeah…" She breathed out, eyes fluttering closed.

"I think I know what we can do," Sasuke began. His voice was soft next to her ear. "We can get that trifle out…" He was running his fingers over the indentation of her ribs now, through the fabric of her shirt. "…Then get the chocolate syrup…" Flesh met flesh, and his hands felt so good. Calluses worked at tender spots, pressuring the kinked muscles to relax. "And dump it all over…" His slid his hot hands up her rib cage to cup at the area just above her breasts, squeezing the dove-soft muscle there. "…The trifle." He finished as he pulled his hands away, getting off the bed.

Naruto was left with a flushed face and panting softly. How the hell he was so good with his hands when he'd never dated before? Unable to reply to his comment coherently, she muttered a 'sure' under her breath as she tried to regain some of her senses after being so sensually touched. And by him just made it all the better.

If she'd bothered to look, the 'how' was located on his bookshelves. Though ninja arts dominated most of it, the last shelf at the very bottom contained some interesting titles. 'Kama sutra', sensual massage, aromatherapy, …medicinal love herb recipes? Was this Sasuke's house or was Naruto in another dimension?

Sasuke was making their dessert, licking the serving spoon as he finished. He glanced at Naruto, eyes smoky without even meaning to be. "Hungry?"

Naruto licked her lips that had gone dry and nodded numbly, not trusting herself to speak. She just stared at him, taking in his appearance greedily. She was half-tempted to dump the rest of the syrup on him.

Sasuke picked up the syrup bottle, putting the tip in his mouth. She could see a pink flicker against the brown plastic as he bit it lightly, watching her beneath low bangs. The bottle came open with a pop, the scent of chocolate faintly licking at her nose. Syrup drizzled from the opened top over her portion.

Naruto finally had to tear her eyes away, focusing on the wall in front of her, forcing herself to control her breathing. He was doing this purposely and she wasn't going to let him win. She may have agreed to go out with him but like hell if her rivalry with him had ended.

"—to? Naruto?" He blinked at the girl, as he handed her a bowl and a spoon. "Earth to the dobe." He stated flatly.

She jumped, flushing as she took the bowl and spoon from him, muttering an apology before her brain caught up with her. "Hey! Don't call me that, teme!" She shouted, shaking her spoon at him.

"Sure thing, Usuratonkachi," Sasuke replied, smirking.

"Argh!" She shouted in frustration, shoving a spoonful of her dessert into her mouth to keep from retorting with insults. She'd get him back later.

"Heh." Sasuke ate his own dessert, leaning casually back against the counter. When they were done, he seemed a bit reluctant to put the bottle of syrup in the fridge.

Naruto watched him with interest, noticing the hesitation in his movements. She didn't call him on it, but merely put her bowl in the sink. She took a moment to lick her spoon clean before adding it in there as well.

"Well… was there anything you wanted to do?" He cleaned up his kitchen area, not looking at her.

'Yeah, I can think of a few things…' But Naruto didn't voice said few things, just smiled and trotted back to the bed, bouncing on it and looked up at him. She glanced at herself at the small mirror on Sasuke's dresser and saw that chocolate stained her face and nose. She stuck out her tongue in an attempt to lick it off, going cross-eyed in the process and looking utterly adorable.

"Dobe, most people would use a napkin," Sasuke muttered as he rolled his eyes and dried off his hands. Sasuke walked up to her, his knees touching hers as his hand took her cheek, tilting it. "Or… they'd offer some to their host," He added, the only betrayal of his cool being the flutter of his eyes as he lowered them to look at her mouth.

Naruto stared up at him, cheeks stained red. "You don't ask, bastard. You take."

"So I can take what I want?" He was leaning closer, eyes closed now.

"Y-yeah…" She breathed, licking her lips, tasting the chocolate at the edge of her mouth.

Sasuke pulled away, falling onto his back on the bed. "All right," He announced as he folded his arms behind his head. "Then I want you to take your half of the grocery bill."

Naruto face-vaulted and fell off the bed onto the floor with a loud thud. The words 'I hate you' wafted up from the floor.

"I may be your boyfriend, but I'm still Sasuke." Was the reply.

"Hmph. Teme." Naruto mumbled, staying on the floor. "I'll just go home then." She rolled over onto her knees and stood up, dusting herself off. "I need to finish sewing my clothes so they'll fit now… unless you want me to stay in my henge so that people can still doubt your sexuality."

She rubbed her chin in thought, "Besides, I think Neji was giving me some curious looks…"

"Probably amazed he didn't see before," Sasuke teased her, looking at her. "The guy doesn't like girls. He can't."

"That's saying a lot coming from you," Naruto muttered. "After all, you had a crush on me and you thought I was a guy! How do I know you aren't gay? Or bi?"

"I don't like girls," He replied instantly. "I mean… girly ones. I like people who can keep up with me, exclusively. To be honest, I don't think I thought about sexuality, but well, you just…" Sasuke trailed off, seemingly at a loss for words before giving Naruto a half-glare. "Dobe, why are you arguing with me anyway? Who am I sitting with right now?"

Naruto looked at him from across the room. "…Yourself, stupid." She replied, folding her arms across her chest. "What are you implying? That you're full of yourself? Teme, we've known that since day one."

"No, that I wasn't sure what you were, just that I liked you," He blustered.

She smiled, bounding over to him and pounced, sitting on him. "Well, I like you, too! Even if you're arrogant and a bastard who calls me 'dobe' and enjoys insulting me…" She leaned over him a bit, her voice trailing off.

Tousled hair and widened dark eyes made a very nice picture on the pristine, white sheets. After a moment, he shook his head, chuckling softly. "I just like getting a rise out of you. It's so easy to do." His hands settled on her thighs, lightly spreading his fingers to stroke her legs. "Well, maybe not anymore. You don't have the right equipment for 'rising' do you?" His voice fell a notch, husky.

She flushed a bit before retorting hotly. "Yeah? Well you still can. Evidence of that last week." She stared at him, not breaking eye contact, a delicious shudder running down her back at the sound of his voice. "And I enjoy getting a rise out of you. Any way I can…"

And rise he did. In fact, he was a standing ovation. This time there was no restraint of control as he pressed against her, enjoying the contact without guilt or remorse. "Any… way?" He asked, fingers making gentle dents on her thighs.

Her eyes fluttered closed in response, long lashes brushing against whiskered cheeks. "Yeah… bastard…"

He arched against her, hips jutting off the bed. His lower lip was tucked tightly between his teeth, tormented. The sound he made was enough that any girl would have given their left arm to witness.

She gasped, mouth opening as she found herself turned on in a matter of seconds. She was growing wet from the sound he made as her hands grabbed his legs as he pushed against her, his arousal pressing against her making her face flush with heat and want.

He flipped her, hands still holding her thighs. No time was wasted as he settled between her legs and abused her through her clothes, grinding his hips against hers. His cheek burned hers as it brushed past, tongue tasting her ear. When he stopped, they were both damp with sweat and… he was going to ruin his pants, he realized, if he didn't take them off. They flew to the headboard, getting caught on the post accidentally.

He glanced back to Naruto t see her eyes were shut closed, breath labored and a sheen coat of sweat glistening her skin. Her hands were gripping his shoulders and he had no doubt that the pleasurable torture between her legs was near unbearable.

The sound of his pants coming off doubled the intension.

And the sound of her voice as she gave a soft sigh was enough to make Sasuke want to ravish her for the rest of the day.

He sucked in a breath as he pulled her pants off trying his best not to look. If he did, it'd be over before it even began and—he swallowed dryly at the expression on her face and took his chances further south, focusing on her chest. "You sure about this?"

"You dare to ask me after we're half-undressed?" She panted, looking up at him through half-lidded eyes filled with a smoky blue.

He smirked, "Just making sure you wouldn't chicken out like the girl you are."

Naruto scowled, hitting him upside the head. "You want me to leave? I've waited this long and it won't hurt to wait longer! I'll walk out that damn door!"

He chuckled again, collapsing atop her and kissing her. Nothing between them stood as she felt him hard and strong against her belly and he felt her hot and damp against his thigh. Neither could be embarrassed now.

Naruto leaned up and nipped at Sasuke's neck, lips teasing the skin afterwards. The supple curve of her breasts pressed against his chest through their shirts. Her hands snuck under his shirt, trailing up his back and then back down, short nails barely raking across the skin. Sasuke mimicked her motions, lifting his torso long enough to push her shirt up to her arms as he sat back and pulled off his own shirt. He dropped it onto the floor, settling on her hips. After a moment, he blinked and smirked. "Sorry," He all but purred. "Was getting lost in the idea of sparring and tearing your clothes off one-by-one."

She narrowed her eyes in response, although they were more focused on the expanse of his chest. Sure she'd seen him nude before. Several times, even. But this time… it was better. Because… this time, he was on top of her and he had the most predatory look in his eyes. She sat up a bit and reached up to completely remove her shirt.

"…Tomorrow," Sasuke muttered quickly, unable to move his eyes away from where her breasts bounced free of her shirt. "…Tomorrow we'll spar." He announced.

Then he was on her, hands catching hers as he kissed her.

Her reply was muffled as their lips met in a heated kiss, her hands caught, fingers weaving through his as she pushed back lightly as a challenge. Always a rivalry between them, even in bed. The cool air of the room made her nipples pucker as she gave a soft sound of pleasure that was accompanied by her tongue demanding entrance to his mouth.

He let her in, but it was not a sign of submission. It was only opening a floodgate of heated battle, seeing who could taste as much of the other as possible. Naruto's tongue was rapid and eager, but it was soon vanquished as he sucked at it a little then twirling his own around it in gentle circles. Slow and languid was the key to a good kiss; hot and fast was for fucking.

But she'd know that soon enough.

He nudged apart her legs before reaching down to spread them fully when she kept squeezing them around his waist. The kiss was broken and he could've kissed her again she looked so disappointed.

"I've got to get you ready," He opted to kiss her forehead, unable to help as he pushed against her with his knee.

Naruto's complaint died, a soft gasp replacing it as she arched against his leg, strong muscles in her legs trembling. She didn't understand what more he had to prepare her for. She was about as turned on as she could get, or so she thought. "Nnn… Sasuke-bastard…" She bit her bottom lip to keep from saying anything else.

Getting her ready, as it were, was better than kissing. His hand was cool as it moved down her leg, unstopping till it reached the area pressed against his knee. He moved so that his waist cleared her lap, hand cupping against her. As a finger slid through the folds, stroking back and forth, he kissed her ear and murmured, "Go ahead and shout."

"Nnn!" She refused to give in, rocking her hips against his hand. "That's what you want me to do, teme," She whimpered, fingers gripping the bed sheets tightly.

He slowly began to focus the strokes, creeping upwards till he was rolling a tiny bud with his thumb and forefinger. His face began to flush as her hips followed his movements, circling in shaking undulation. His face dropped to her shoulder, kissing gently. He didn't dare let her see the hungry, wolfish expression that was most certainly eating at his visage.

Whimpers and soft muffled gasps were all he managed from her with his ministrations. It somewhat gouged at him, but he refused to give up. Without relenting his thumb's task, his fingers slicked down to the core of her, pushing two in with a gentle nudge. Her readiness made the task easy, so much so that her muscles clenched and drew him in.

Before she could react, he moved his fingers, hooking them on withdraw, pulling the excitement from her nerves in a come hither.

She gave a started yelp, pushing against him insistently, not trusting herself to look at him. She bit down hard on her bottom lip, drawing blood as she whimpered in pleasure and torture. His fingers were coated in evidence of her want. "S-Sasuke…" She breathed out, eyes opening into slits, beads of perspiration gathering on her face.

She had almost succeeded in making Sasuke's self-control snap when the most dreadful sound imaginable made them both freeze.

The doorbell.

Or rather, the buzzer. That's what it sounded like: a nasty bumblebee that had decided to ask admittance. Sasuke's head lifted, giving the door a look enough to wither its paint.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura was on the other side.

Naruto's face was paler than Sasuke's white bed sheets as she sat up, her body pressed against Sasuke's. "Oh, God…" She whispered under her breath as she reached for her shirt. The room smelt of sex, sultry and heavy.

In response, he pushed her back down, gently. "Just ignore it," He whispered. "She'll think we aren't home."

She bit her lip and nodded, though she had a nagging doubt that was going to happen. She clung to him, extremely nervous. What if Sakura didn't buy it? Although she had never really crushed on Sakura, she didn't want to ruin her friendship.

He waited several heartbeats before he heard Sakura leaving the stoop and go down the long corridor. He sighed in relief, burying his face in her neck.

"We'll talk to her tomorrow," He muttered.

Naruto nodded, though the heat had died down some as she clung to him. "M-maybe we should wait… it is rather… soon. We've been dating all of how long?" She gave a weak smile. She was scared. Again.

"A day?" He sounded shaky himself, all but lax against her. He was still painfully hard, cheeks ruddy. 'But I've been chasing you for ever', he wanted to say. Instead he took her hand, nuzzling at her ear. "I guess I should go get cleaned up."

Naruto hesitated for a moment before her hand slid down his chest and stomach, fingers reaching out to tease his erection. "Well… sex can wait. Foreplay… well, you know. You've got a whole shelf of books. Why, I don't know…" Her small hand closed around him as she gave him a squeeze.

He jerked, head smashing to the wall against the one side of the bed, wincing. He groaned half from pleasure and half from pain as he arched to her hand, clutching at his bruise.

"Those aren't mine…" He blushed. But he'd read them.

"Oh?" She inquired, whiskered on her cheeks stretching with her vulpine grin. "And whose are they?" Her thumb rubbed the tip as she pulled him away from the wall, closer to her.

His eyes closed as he flushed, lips brushing hers as he spoke, "Kakashi's…"

"You borrowed them, didn't you?" She purred, stroking him a few times, cool fingers quickly turning warm from him as she drew one leg up, wrapping it around his thighs as he lay beside her, his chest brushing hers, lips teasing each other in soft, feathery caresses. Her foot slid down the side of his leg, toes teasing. Flexibility that came with being a ninja was such a lovely asset. Her other arm was pillowing her head, making her at eye-level with him for his head rested on the pillow.

"B-Bastard just shoved them on me…" He was beginning to react, lips parting. Panting, his hips sought her hand as he grasped her waist to steady himself. "And I figured why waste good kindling…?"

She chuckled, blue eyes sparkling with mirth. "I may have to read them myself… just so I can make you writhe beneath me, teme…" She nibbled at his earlobe, pumping him in rhythm, delighted when he bucked in her hand. Her foot trailed back up his calf, the soft light of the afternoon sun in the window reflecting off the small curves of her body. She had a natural tan, Sasuke vaguely noted. Completely natural. Blonde bangs tickled his cheek as she tugged his ear with her teeth, blowing hot air on his neck.

"Oh?" He brought his hand down, pressing her button in rhythm to her touches. "Let's see who writhes first…" He challenged, sliding his opposite leg under hers. He attacked her gently, kneading the pink flesh near the top of her mound, eyes trailing downward to watch. When he saw his fingers glistening, he slid two inside her once more.

"Ahhh…" She purred, pushing her hips against his hand. "Even if I go first, Sasuke… I have almost unlimited stamina…" She drew her thumb up, digging slightly into the slit as she nibbled down his neck, sucking and pressing opened-mouth kisses.

But she didn't go first. He did.

He mewled desperately, the sound refusing to be held back. Apparently roughness was what he liked. A lot.

He came back to himself, sweaty and flushed, pressed as close as was possible against her slick, tan body. He knew he should have been irritated, losing like he did, but he couldn't find the strength to be, resting his cheek on her arm. His hand slowly fell from between her legs as his breathing deepened.

That bastard.

He fell asleep!

She tried to hold back her laughter. Let him sleep. She'd so get him come time for him to wake. She glanced at the clock. 4 PM. Taking her shirt, she wiped them both off before tossing it to the floor. They could clean later. Snuggling up close to him, she pulled him as close as she could, one arm around his waist. Their legs tangled together as she pulled up one of the sheets that had nearly been kicked off the bed during their rough play over their bodies, letting it pool at their waists. Nodding to herself in Uzumaki fashion, she nuzzled his cheek and closed her eyes. Sleep sounded good. She hadn't had a decent night's sleep since she was, well, no longer a boy.

And that was that.



Dobe: Dead Last

Teme: 'you' (in a very rude fashion); bastard.

Usuratonkachi: There is no good translation for this. It's just an insult/name.

AN: OK, explanation time. The co-author of this fic, Sekushi Shigure and I had a fall-out. We don't talk to each other anymore and well, yeah. I neglected this fic and Playing Hero because of it. But, this fic needed to be finished. I don't like how it turned out. The grammar is poor; the flow is poor because Shigure's style and my style clash. Badly. And I didn't want to spend hours upon hours rewriting it to make it work. I edited parts but not the entire thing. Sasuke is not how I would have written him to be at all, but he was Shigure's responsibility to write/RP so I left him as he was. Finally, it's a rushed story, both in the chain of events and the time it took to write it all. I know all this, there's no point in pointing it out because it's over and done with. I will not be continuing this story. I've lost most any interest in SasuNaruSasu and if I do anything with Naruko again, it'll be another pairing I have in mind.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this half-assed, inconsistent story and thank you all for your reviews.

Also, I'm still on hiatus but will do my best to continue writing when I can.