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Shadows of the Past
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

I suppose I've always been betrothed to darkness, ever since my birth on that star-less midnight of Halloween, all those many years ago.

Darkness; it's in my blood, but not my soul. I never wanted to become a Death Eater; I never wanted to become like my Father, never. But still, darkness was in my blood in more than one way; I am, after all, a Malfoy, and all Malfoys' are half vampires.

My appearance, my demonic blood, my Slytherin roots; I was in every way a clone of my Father, at least, in every way but one. He chose the darkness, but the darkness chose me. Strange isn't it? Why would anyone with my background actually want to choose the path of light instead of the path of darkness; the path I was fated to take, even if I didn't want to.

But the main reason I wanted to walk away from the path chosen for me by the fates was because of Father. He was so cold, ruthless, prejudiced and, worst of all, heartless; at least I thought so then.

But it's only now, so many years later, that I've realised what emotion really was held in those silver eyes of his. It wasn't hate at all, was it? It was love; love I would never let myself feel for fear of weakness.

Standing in the twilight on the highest tower of the Malfoy Manor, I realised why he had been so devoted to Voldemort. He did it so he would not have to hand me over to Voldemort on my sixteenth birthday; but he had to anyway, because whatever Voldemort wanted, he got.

Soon after the end of my seventh year, Harry Potter was killed. Voldemort saw no more use for his Death Eaters, and many of them were caught by Aurors and sent to Azkaban. One of these was my Father. I remember seeing him without his soul. Mother was in floods of tears, but I did not cry, I have never cried. At the time I thought it was because I was not upset at all, but I now realise that it was because the pain I felt was too deep for tears to express.

Mother quickly killed herself because of her grief over Father's death. The love they truly felt for each other was- and still is- too deep for me to even comprehend.

Then, when Voldemort summoned me, I did not submit to him; I killed him. Two simple words and he was gone. By simply saying 'Aveda Kedavra', I did what Harry Potter failed to do; I killed The Dark Lord.

The sun is setting now, and Lady Darkness, the bane of my life, has come. But soon the sun will rise again, and the moon will fall. Yes, the sun will rise again, and darkness will disappear, taking the Shadows of the Past along with it.