"I play two cards face down. Your move."

Kaiba grinned. "Fine, because this duel is about to end! I activate my face down card, Return From the Different Dimension."

'I knew it.' "Not so fast, Kaiba."

Kaiba stopped short.

"I activate my trap card, Seven Tools of the Bandit," Yami explained, "at a cost of 1000 lifepoints, I can cancel the activation of one magic or trap card on your side of the field." His lifepoint meter decreased to 2700.

Kaiba grinned. "I expected you'd pull something like that, and believe it or not, I'm going to stop you with my own trap card,"

Fear filled Yami's eyes. "You have a Seven Tools of the Bandit also?"

"Yes, Yugi; so now, I'll cancel your trap card, allowing me to activate my Return From the Different Dimension after all." Kaiba's lifepoints decreased to 900.

Again, the portal opened, and Kaiba's three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and the Winged Dragon of Ra came through.

'No, he succeeded.'

Joey groaned. "Ah, come on Kaiba; duel with some originality will ya?"

"What for?" Kaiba mocked. "What works, works; not that you'd understand anything about that," Kaiba returned his attention to Yami. "You won't outlast this storm Yugi. Now, I sacrifice my three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, so I can transfer their attack strength to my Winged Dragon of Ra; and just in case you're too shocked to complete the math, that gives Ra 9000 attack points!"

'Oh boy, this isn't good.' Thought Joey.

"Now, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, destroy Yugi's Dark Magician and end this duel!"

The Dragon attacked, three white large laser beams approaching Yugi's Dark Magician.

"This duel's over," Kaiba explained.

Yami grinned. "Not yet, Kaiba."


"I activate my trap card, Magician's Select. Now, my Dark Magician is safe for this turn, and your attack is diverted to the weakest monster on your side of the field."

Just before hitting the Dark Magician, the attack turned and aimed for Kaiba's Ultimate Dragon.

"Fine by me," Kaiba said, "because I now activate a trap that will help my victory to come much sooner. I play Graverobber. This card allows me to steal one card from your graveyard, and use it as my own, and I'll choose your Enchanted Javelin."

A purple-faced midget appeared, and in its hands, it held the Enchanted Javelin trap card.

"Oh no, now your lifepoints increase by 4500."

"Exactly." Kaiba's lifepoint meter rose to 5400. "So, Yugi, it appears that I'm the one leading in this duel now."

Yami grunted.

"I summon my Giant Soldier of Stone in defense mode, and I end my turn." The portal appeared again, and the Winged Dragon of Ra was sucked in.

Yami drew. "I place one monster and one other card face down, giving my Dark Magician an extra 500 attack points thanks to my Mage Power." The Dark Magician's attack points rose to 3500. "Now, Dark Magician, destroy Kaiba's Giant Soldier of Stone."

The Dark Magician attacked, and the Giant Soldier of Stone shattered. "Make your move."

Kaiba drew. "I summon one more monster in face down defense position. Back to you."

Yami drew. "Dark Magician, attack Kaiba's face down monster."

The Dark Magician attacked, but Yami wasn't happy, because his Dark Magician just destroyed another Mask of Darkness.

"Thanks Yugi," Kaiba taunted, "now I'll bring a trap card back from my graveyard."

'Oh no,' Yami thought. "I'll bet he just bought back Return from the Different Dimension again.' "I end my turn."

Kaiba drew. "I play my mighty Battle Ox, in attack mode." An ox wearing a red and yellow suit of armor and carrying a huge axe appeared. "Now, Battle Ox, destroy Yugi's face down monster."

The Battle Ox lifted its axe and ran like the wind toward the face down monster, and then when he reached it, he swiped his axe and destroyed the monster. However, he was not pleased, for he had just destroyed the Magician of Faith.

"Don't look so glum Kaiba," Yami said in a mocking tone, "I let you bring back a trap card, so it's only fair you let me draw a magic card as well."

Kaiba grunted. "I end my turn."

"You tell 'im Yug." Joey said from the sideline.

Yami drew. "I activate the magic card, Autonomous Action Unit. At a cost of 1500 lifepoints, I can revive one monster from your graveyard, and summon it on my side of the field. The monster that I choose shall be your Judge Man." Yami's lifepoints decreased to 1200. "Now, Judge Man, destroy Kaiba's Battle Ox!"

The Judge Man ran towards Kaiba's Battle Ox, and destroyed it with its club. Kaiba's lifepoints reduced to 4900.

Kaiba laughed. "Ha, ha, ha; again, you fell right into my trap, Yugi."

Yami was taken aback.

"I activate my other Attack and Receive trap card. Normally you'd only lose 700 lifepoints, but since I have another Attack and Receive in my graveyard, you lose another 300 lifepoints."

"No, now I only have 200 lifepoints!" Yami explained.

"Bingo, and compared to my 4900, I'd say you're in some real hot water."

Yami glanced at his Dark Magician. He wanted to attack Kaiba directly, but Kaiba still had two cards face down. If Kaiba had another Attack and Receive card on the field, he would lose. Yet, he followed his instincts. "Dark Magician, attack Kaiba's lifepoints directly."

The Dark Magician attacked, and wiped out 3500 of Kaiba's lifepoints, leaving Kaiba with 1400 lifepoints. "And I'm not done yet; I activate the magic card that I bought back from the graveyard earlier, Swords of Revealing Light!"

About ten yellow, electric swords surrounded Kaiba. "Your move Kaiba."

Kaiba drew. "I activate Rain of Mercy, increasing both our lifepoints by 1000." Kaiba's lifepoints rose to 2400, Yami's rose to 1200. "Then, I'll summon my Mystical Elf in defense mode," a beautiful blue woman with blonde hair, wearing a white robe appeared, singing in a beautiful voice. "Your turn."

Yami drew. "I play one monster face down. Now, Judge Man, attack Kaiba's Mystical Elf." The Judge Man attacked, and she shattered. "Now, Dark Magician, finish him off."

The Dark Magician attacked.

"Not quite, Yugi, I activate the trap card, Nutrient Z. This raises my lifepoints to 4000 before the damage is calculated."

'Kaiba made a good move,' Yami thought, 'he may have 500 lifepoints, but I can still win.' "I end my turn."

Kaiba drew. "I activate Card of Demise, which allows me to draw until I hold five cards, but what I don't use in five turns, goes straight to the graveyard." Kaiba drew until he held five cards. "I play one card face down, then I activate Mystical Space Typhoon, allowing me to destroy any magic or trap card on your side of the field. So, I'll destroy your Swords of Revealing Light." The swords surrounding Kaiba vanished. "But it doesn't end there, now I activate my Fissure magic card, destroying the weakest face up monster on your side of the field."

A hole appeared beneath the Judge Man. He fell in and shattered.

"Then I play Aqua Madoor in defense mode." A monster with blue, spiky hair, a white mask, and a yellow and turquoise robe appeared. "I end my turn, but be warned Yugi, on my next turn, I'll crush you."

'His monster is no danger to me' Yami thought, 'he must have Return From the Different Dimension on the field.'

"Some time today please," Kaiba taunted.

Yami drew, in what seemed to be an eternity. Then after seeing what he drew, he grinned in delight.

"I flip my Bubonic Vermin face up," a pinkish orange mouse appeared. "This allows me to summon another Bubonic Vermin to the field in face down defense mode. Then I activate Monster Reborn to bring Valkyrion back from the graveyard," Valkyrion once again appeared on Yami's side of the field. "Then finally, I sacrifice my two Bubonic Vermin and my Valkyrion, so I can summon my final Egyptian God card, Obelisk the Tormentor!" The gigantic, blue fiend ascended onto Yami's side of the field.

"No," Kaiba complained, "not Obelisk!"

"I'm not done yet, for now I activate Spiritualism. This magic card sends one card on your side of the field back to your hand, and to top things off, this card can't be negated."

Kaiba cringed.

"So, I'll send the last face down card you played back to your hand."

Kaiba put the card back in his hand. 'No, he sent my Return From the Different Dimension back to my hand. There's nothing I can do!"

"Now, Dark Magician and Obelisk the Tormentor, destroy Kaiba's monster, and wipe out the rest of his lifepoints!"

The Dark Magician attacked Aqua Madoor. Once it shattered, Obelisk pulled back his mighty arm and released his punch squarely into Kaiba's chin. Kaiba groaned as his lifepoint meter hit 0.

"It appears I win." Yami said.

The holograms of the Dark Magician and Obelisk the Tormentor vanished.

"Alright Yug," Joey cheered. "I knew you'd clobber that creep."

Mokuba didn't say anything. All he could do was frown, knowing his brother lost yet again.

Yami looked at Kaiba. His face was down, disgraced by his defeat. "Kaiba, you put up an excellent fight, those were some great strategies you used."

Kaiba turned his back and shrugged. "I don't need your pity Yugi." He walked towards Mokuba. "Just remember, you won't be the king of games forever. Soon, I'll get the victory against you that I deserve. So enjoy the sweet taste of victory while it lasts, because it will get sour pretty soon." Kaiba then directed his attention towards Mokuba. "Let's go." He commanded.

"I'm coming," Mokuba followed suite as Kaiba left Yami and Joey by the Duel Dome.

The Millennium Puzzle glowed, and Yugi was back. "We'd better get going too Joey," Yugi explained. "It's getting late, and if memory serves me well, you have an essay to start working on." He walked back towards home.

Joey frowned. "Ya had to bring that up didn't ya?" Joey called and ran after him. "How about one more duel, winner does the other's homework for a week. What do ya say buddy?"

The End