Angela: This is a collection of random poems I wrote the last few weeks... For my English class. I think you can guess whomost of them arefrom, and to who. I don't own anything from Yu-Gi-Oh, but theseare original poems, please don't steal them! I can prove that it's mine, if someone steals and submitsthem to a publisher as theirs, through both my school, and my family, to warn potential thieves. I do allow people to borrow my poems, if they ask first and give me credit! Thank you.


Simg Me a Song.

Sing me the song you sang before,

Sing me your song, I'll close the door

Tell me the story you told last night,

Tell me your story,

I promise not to tell

AndI don't lie

So sing me a song

Like you did before

I heard it once,

You didn't know

I sat outside your door

I heard the words,

And I didn't know what they meant

But I understood the tune

it told of sorrow and happiness,

And pain in the dead of night

It spoke of things bad,

And things done right

It told me of lies you'd said

And things thought to be dead

I heard you sing of past and hate,

Love and anger

So tell me

Why can't you sing me a song?


Sing me the song you sang before,

Sing me your song, I'll close the door

And Yami,

Tell me the story you've told before,

And look, instead of the bed,

I'll even sit on the floor

(end poem)

Angela: ... That came as a spur of the moment thing in class, I was remembering a song I had been singing the night before, a lullaby, called Sing Me a song which I made up also... The first few lines, and the tell me a story parts came from that. The rest was just spontaneous, like everything else I write. Reviews, and I may post up the next few poems soon. As a side note to reviewers ofBlood Stained Flowers, it'll be MIA for a little while longer, though I have gotten some of Ch. 9 done.