Angela: Well now... I'm not sure where this came from. It just sort of... Popped out of nowhere. Enjoy.

A dark Angel,
Eternally sweet
And a Light Demon
Forever despaired
Together entwined
Till the end of Time.
Pools of infinite anguish
And eyes of sharp pain,
One does cry as the
Other lays the blame
Threads of Fate
Tightly tied,
Lives so twisted
It can't be denied.
A fitting pair they make,
An Angel of Darkness
And a Demon of Light.
One fears the day,
Hiding in shadows
While his other cries in the dead of night
But hear the call?
Come Angel
Don't be afraid of the
Devil's tight grip
And come also you Demon of Light
Step away from there
And into the sun.
And don't worry
My two tonight,
For soon shall all
Be set to rights.

Angela: The end. Don't forget to tip the author on the way out!