"Who Cares"

Summary - Yoh,Hao,Horo Horo,Ren,Lyserg and Ryu goes to a boarding school and it's for shamans but only to find out that it's full when they get there .So instead they go to a human boarding school Hao secretly signed them up for human boarding school.two members unfortunately haves to go. I discourage flames because they make me depressed.

Pairings-YohxHao(yeah..got to love the incest.)Horo HoroxRen

Warnings-do not flame me.incest,yaoi,sex,violence,and language

Author Notes:What is angtsy?

Depressed light-Should I really do a mature story as my first.And why do I love yaoi?I think I am anime gay(a weird thing where you like cartoons).Wait,No I'm not gay no this not right no.

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:Who Cares:

"Come on guys we have to go...Ren get Hao and Yoh." yelled a aggravated Lyserg.

"You Bakas come connected"

"Fuck you Bitch...Don't call Yoh a Baka"yelled Hao coming down stairs with his and Yoh's bags.

"Who are you caling a BITCH...Yoh you fucking bakk..."Hao hit Ren in the throat before he can even sat it.

"Who is the baka now!"Said Hao laughing and going to the bus.

Yoh followed and a pissed off Ren.On the bus There was playing and arguing and even laughing from the six friends.Hao was tickling Yoh and making laugh so hard he cried.Ren and Horo Horo were arguing and yelling.After an hour everyone settled down.Yoh and Hao was talking. "Hey Yoh." Yeah Hao" "Ummm there is something I have to say..." "What?""well I signed everyone up except for Ryu and Lyserg for a human Boarding school." "Wait why did you do that" "You see it was just that usually Spirit Hill is full once past September the first and it's the sixth so I did it just in case okay otouto?""Well...Okay but how are we going to tell Ryu and Lyserg?""you tell Ryu and I tell Lyserg.""Okay."Yoh told Ryu and Hao told Lyserg.Ryu was both mad and sad but took Lyserg and jumped off the bus.

At Paradise Academy

Everyone sent there ghost to the spirit world so they won't freak out the humans or that is at least what Hao said.They got there rooms.Yoh's and Hao's was right next door to Horo and Ren which is room number113 there's 112.In room 113 You can here laughing and playing.Hao was tickling Yoh to point they were was on the ground with Hao on top and Yoh on the bottom.Yoh and Hao both realised it and turned red.Finally Hao got up and decided to order a pizza and take shower.When Hao came out Yoh was eating a slice of pizza and dropped it He thought 'Hao is nude..and hot..damn.' He turned crimson and said "Hao..W-why aren't you getting dressed. "Because I have always wanted to walk around nude... what are you nervous?" "N-no" "wait your red!" "N-no I 'm n-not" "Yes you think I'm hot!" Yoh went red but then froze when Hao started walking up close."H-hao w-what are you doing?" whispered Yoh.

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