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"Hey Horo..."said Yoh.'Yes just as I thought my plan is working' thoughtYoh. "Yeah"

said Horo with a yawn. "Shouldn't you be going since you have Ren to get back to and I have to go see Hao he may be worried since I usually sleep with...Him" stated Yoh. 'This to easy and I have everything on tape!' "Can't I stay a little longer Yoh your comfy."said a smiling Horo. "Yeah and I bet YoHao misses my comfy body to." 'Damn that was close' "Okay Yoh ."said a reluctant Horo getting up and walking to the door."And...Horo" "Yeah?" "Please don't tell anyone what happened tonight."

"Yeah yeah goodnight Yoh."and with that he left the dorm room.

'Finally' Thought Hao,getting up he let his hair down from the chop sticks that was holding it up

and went across the room near the dresser. After moving the dresser he reached behind and grabbed the tape recorder that was taped to the wall.'Yes my plan is now falling into place.First, dressing as yoh and putting up my hair sucess.Second, changing my voice to sound like Yoh and beating Horo to our dorm.And then getting Horo to open up and making sure I had everything on tape.Now all I have to do is give Ren the tape and cuddle with Yoh.'

Hao then put the Tape recorder up and headed for his room.When he went in his room he saw Yoh curled up in the bed. Smiling he walked to the other side of the bed slowly getting in he cuddled his otouto back and wrapped his arm around his waistHao what took you so long I was going to fall asleep and we didn't even cuddle."said Yoh pouting. "Well I'm here now so how about we do something else besides cuddling."Said Hao in his most seductive voice. "...Yawns...Hao I'm to tired how about in the morning."And with that Hao Falls out the bed from shock twitching. "Okay Hao but we can't stay up late we have class and yesterday we skipped!" said Yoh in a demanding voice. Slowly Hao crawled over to Yoh and sitting firmly on his lap slowly he shares a passionate kiss with Yoh slowly massaging his tongue with his and slowly breaking the contact and giving His koi a peck he assualted Yoh's neck andnipped every pieced of skin he came in contact and after each nip he'll slowly like it and suck just alittle after doing the same spot gor over 10 minutes now he lifts his head and whispers in his koi's ear dangerously but still sweet and seductive "Always remeber that..." A nip and lick of his ear lobe "I am the one .. Who will dominate...'one nip causing a drop of blood to get liked of and then the wound to get sucked and relinquish the pain "...u..." and with that Hao and Yoh cuddled again and felt asleep.

The next day

Yoh woken to the smell of bacon and eggs and more importantly...oranges. Yoh ran out of the room and into the kitchen to see the most horrific site Hao was squeezing the life out of his precious fruit almost more precious than Hao to Yoh and turning into ...orange juice. "...my oranges no!" Hao looked up to see yoh charging at him and snatching the bag of oranges away from and falling on him in the process. Hao laughed and leaned in for a kiss and instead met air as Yoh got up. "So I don't get a morning kiss?" said a smirking Hao.

"Nope"says Yoh walking to his room with his nose in the air.

Frowning Hao got up "Why?"

"Because you killed three of My Precious oranges!"said Yoh

Hao did the famous anime drop and sweat. He got back up and followed Yoh who was heading for the showers. 'Ha! I can watch Yoh undress even without getting in trouble...better yet I can undress with Yoh...and have some morning fun' Hao walking away from the door walked up to his koi and slowly wrapped his arms around his koi. And in a husky voice he says "Koi breakfast is ready but I like your idea better" Yoh whimpered when hao let go. Hao slowly took off his clothes and returned to Yoh and finished his shorts and boxers.

"Yoh I can think of a couple of things we can do in the...shower."said Hao nibbling on Yoh's neck.

"And...What do you have in mind onii-uhchan...how...about we... move to the shower..might be..a little convient...ne?"said Yoh. Stepping forward every time Yoh stepped the finally came to meet with the warm shower.

Dominantly Hao Shoved Yoh against the wall and attached Yoh's mouth with a rough kiss. Rubbing his tongue against the roof of his koi's mouth he began pumping Yoh's dick. Slowly leaving his lips he slowly took a nipple in his mouth aand quickly distracting Yoh he switched the water to cold. Jumping Yoh yelled.

"AHH..."Hao took Yoh into his mouth slowly sucking the tip and giving little nips along the way. Hao then moved back to let the water fall on his koi's dick. Looking at Hao Yoh crept down and laid Hao on his back. Slowly making sure it was alright with Hao he began to take Hao into his mouth.

"Hey Yoh I was wondering if you was...holy shit!" yelled the red Horo Horo.

"I am so sorry...please don't hurt me"said a scared Horo from the glare he was getting from Hao.

"It's ok we were about to eat breakfast right Hao."said a flushed Yoh.

"But Koi...just a... I swear if I wanted to u know I would be able to finish right now"

"Of course"said a grinning Yoh.

"Hmph you lucky I respect and love u...and u if u continue to look at MY koi's dick I will kill u" said Hao with a murderous content in his eyes.Horo shivered and the said "WellI'llbegoingnow soiwillseeya'llinclass."said a back stepping Horo with fear written on his face but a grin to cover it up.

"Don't you want breakfast"said Yoh.Hao was behind Yoh's back and glared at Horo before taking his hand a putting a finger to his throat as if imitating he would slit his throat.

"No!"said Horo in a squeek and left the bathroom as quickly he came.

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