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Rave:This should be intertaining..

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Setting:Yoh's house during a slightly cold winter with a little snow


Oc's:Kamari Hawati


Ren stood leaning agaisnt a sakura tree wth his eyes closed.He was lost in thought about a certain blue haired baka.He was crazy in love with the nut...but would never amit it to his friends,Bason...or himself.He sighed deeply and opened his eyes.He spotted Horo snowboarding on a low hill while Manta clenched on to his waist screaming for him to slow down.Ren laughed.He rembered Manta had asked Horo to take him snowboarding so he could see why excactly he loved it so much.Ren couldnt help being jealous.After all,he had dreams of snowboarding with HoroHoro,watching his hair blow back in the chilly wind.And Manta was living his dream.



Ren looked to see Horo and Manta coming toward him.Closer...closer.'GOOD LORDIE HOEDEE

WHOADEE!THERE COMING RIGHT TOWARD ME!'.Ren tried to run but he couldnt move.Horo didnt have control of his board any more and was spining out of control!Ren legs wouldnt work so he closed his eyes tight and bent down.

"HORO STOP!WERE GOING TO HIT RRREEEEENNN!"Manta screammed as his grip around Horo tightened until Horo couldnt breath.Horo jumped up on the sakura tree branch to try to avoid crashing into the boy, but his and Manta's weight was to much for it to hold and they colapsed.

Right on Ren.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"Ren screamed as the board and the two boys crashed on him,burying him in the deep snow.The impact and the coldness of the snow,plus the crush of his friends on him sent Ren's world fuzzy,then slowly black.His body went cold and was slowly slipping to unconciousnes.

"R-Ren?Ren.Ren!"Horo and Manta quickly got off him and went to his side.They were both hurt and cold but Ren was worse.He had a bloody cut mark on his cheeck and a red mark on his forehead.His body was cut and bleeding and he was shaking unconciously.Manta was panicking and Horo swamped with the feeling of worry,guilt,and sadness all at the same time.His eyes began to water as he picked up Ren's head and layed it in his lap.

"M-Manta?I-Is Ren...dead?"Horo asked as his tears threatened to fall.Manta put to fingers on Rens throat."No he's not.Probably just unconcious."the blond said with a sigh of reilf,but the Aniu was anything but relived."Manta!This is all my fault!What if he never wakes up!What if-"


Horo and Manta lookeddown at Ren who was squrming a little,his eyes trying to open.Horo smiled but his tears feel anyway."Just rest Ren,you'll be O.K."he said softly.Manta nodded but stayed quite."We need to get him inside."Manta finaly spoke up as he slowly stood up.Horo turned to his friend and noddded.He picked up Ren bridal style and hurriedly ran for Yoh's house.The shorter friend ran to catch up with his friend.

"I promise Ren,you'll be O.K."

Yoh's residence--------

Bason stood looking at Kororo curiously.She seemed to be ploting something devious(A/N:Hence the name!).She was snickering and thinking aout something.Bason gave up on just watching and walked over to her.

"Koro?What are you doing?""he asked her.She leaped up scared then seetled down a bit."KoOROro!"she said with a proud tone.Bason looked shock."Your trying to get Master Ren and Master Horo together!"he asked in disbeilf.Koro smiled and nodded."KorOro!"she chimed at him.Basons

hook his head.

"I wont help you."


"Why?Because I dont want to interfer with Master Ren's love life."


"Of cousre I want him to be happy."

"Kororo KoRoRo kORO!"

"Fine.I'll help."

Kororo chirpped with happiness.Bason sighed,he would do anything to make his master happy.The it doned on him."What if master Ren doesnt like Master HoroHoro?"he asked her in mid-chirp.She sighed."KororO."she said plainly.Bason nodded."How are we going to do this,Koro?"he asked her.She was annoyed by these questions,but an idea formed in her head.


"Hand you the phone?Why?"


Bason shrugged and picked up the phone and put it to her ear.She pushed a couple of numbers and the phone rang.


"Moshi Moshi,Hawati resedence,Kamari speaking."said a playful yet soft girls voice on the phone.

"KoRoRo!"Koro replied with a happy tone.

"Oh!Hi Kororo!How's Horo doing?"

"Kororo?Why are you calling Master Ren's best friend,Kamari?"Bason asked."KorRoro!KoroRO!"she replied.Bason shook his head.

"Koro?You still there?"said Kamari from the other line.

"Koro."Kororo replied.

"So hows me best buddy doing?"she asked,refering to Ren


"So thats why you called me!To talk about him!"she exclaimed happily.


"So he's got a crush?"


"On Horo!Thats so cool!"she said with a playful tone


"So you say Horo feels the same?Last time I saw those two they were trying to kill each other!"she yelled.

"Kororo...KorOro."came her soft reply.

"...You sure this will work?I f Ren finds out he'll kill you!"

"Kororo!KoRoro!"she said slyly

"Im not goint to help...O.K...I will help you...only 'cuz I wanna see Anna and you all!And I love plotting!"

"KoroRo!"she said happily

"Alright.I'll be there tomarrow!G'bye!"


Koro smiled and flew around playfully.Bason hung up the phone and sighed."You sure this is going to work?"he asked wearly.Koro nodded and smiled."Kororo..."she said as she flew over to him and nudged his chin.He shook his head and pushed her away."We'll start tomarrow."he said as he left.Koro nodded and contiued her dance until..