Horo's POV

I hate her already,shes so..so…weird and..hyper.

She currently bouncing off the wall and singing yankee doodle dandy.And Rend's laughing his cute little ass off.

Curses,he NEVER laughs!

Don't get me wrong this Karmari girl isnt bad shes actaully cute.Shes younger than Ren,hes 15 and shes 10 and very VERY happy.

She has long blood red hair and deep gold eyes and wearing a red kimono with extral long sleeves so you cant see her hands or arms.

She just keeps bouncing nad boucind and bouncing…

"Horo you idiod quit staring and go say hi to K!"Ren's voice brought him out of the trance he was in and Horo wearily got up and over to the bouncing girl.

'Shes so smug,'he thouught to himself when she smiled at him,'trying to steal MY Ren well I wont have it!'

Hey there Horo!Nice to meet you agi-"Kamari was cut off when she "accidentally"tripped over Horo's foot that was "accidentally" stuck out.She landed with a soft 'oof' then a loud hyper groan of pain.

How you can be hyper in pain?Go figure

"Oh go are you alright!"Ren asked as he bent down to her,Kamari mumbled something in chinese then looked up.

"Yeah I just.."she looked at Horo,"fell.Silly Willy Illy me!"she was suddenly hyper again,'Curse her and her young enrgy!'he growled to himself in his head and Ren helped her up.

"So,what room will she be staying in?"I heard Anna's voice from behind me,"She is a customer and she needs a place to sleep."

She can sleep OUTSIDE!

"She can sleep in Horo's room."Ren said plainly.

TRAITOR!Oh go ahead give the hyper bitch my room!

"Where will Horo sleep?"Anna asked,Yeah!Where WILL Horo sleep?

"The baka can sleep with me in my room."….Yes!Maybe she IS good for something but I cant let my guard down.I glare down at her before walking into the kitchen..

Walking into the kitchen DOOR to be precise.

Ren and Kamari were laughing there little asses of,curse them!

Rae:How ya like it?

Rave:Don't care now!

JJ:R+R minna