Challenge Response: First time
Title: Aftermath
Rating: K+
Character: Robin
Word Count: 145 or so.

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There were those that would have been proud of her. Who would have patted her on the back and told that she had done well- one less witch on this earth- as they had done in the past.

She was glad that they were not here now.

There were those that would have chastised her, telling her that it was not necessary, she had acted too quickly, rashly. She should have waited, they had said, but under the circumstances they had not said too much, choosing instead to settle back and scrutinize her; study her with hard eyes that suggested that they no longer trusted her.

She was glad they were not here now, as well.

And then there was the one- ghostly eyes haunting her from the lone candle in her room, screams twisting in the smoke.

Just as they had when she had killed him.