Whee! I am the dissapearing, reappearing Zurizip! Here, have a drabble.

It was the first time she had asked a favor of them in her year at the STNJ. Zaizen had allowed it, as much a test of loyalty as a favor, she was sure.

But she didn't care, Kami deserved better than to be hunted. And so Karasuma broke a few Orbo bullets, placing the green liquid in her best teapot, then invited her neighbor over.

It was over in minutes. Kami always drank her tea quickly, and she collapsed after the first cup. Soon she was in a factory truck, thrashing like an epileptic in the men's hands. Amon nodded his approval, and she received a congratulatory call from Zaizen.

But none of that stopped her from throwing out the teapot the next morning.