We Float For Miles and Miles

Summary: AU. Haley is the head cheerleader. Nathan is the varsity basketball captain. Enough said.

Catagory: Romance/angst

Rating: T.

Part Five: Your Shadow Getting In The Way

"Can you look out the window without your shadow getting in the way?"

Sarah McLachlan

Haley brings soda.

Nathan remembers her words. He remembers hearing that he was cooler when he was sober.

"Are you sure this isn't an attempt to get me to stop drinking?" Nathan bends down to whisper in Haley's ear.

"No." Haley laughs and Nathan keeps his promise.

"No thanks." He tells Tim. "I'm good," he reminds countless people who want him to take shots of rum and cups of vodka and Coke mixed together.

"You're whipped!" Tim shouts. "Don't let her control you, Natey boy!"

Tim's BAC level is rising with every sip.

Nathan takes a cup of beer, and raises it to his lips.

"Nah." He sets the beer down, happy that he has resisted temptation. "I'm gonna find Haley."

Tim chugs the drink. "Your call."

Haley is hanging out with the cheerleaders. All of the girls admire Haley's new mini-skirt.

Nathan watches her from the opposite end of the room. Haley twirls around to show her skirt off.

Nathan brings Haley to Brooke's mother and father's bedroom. Her parents have their wedding picture in a frame, but the glass protecting the picture has a long line crossing it, looking like someone keyed it like you would to a car. The rest of the room is decorated in a deep crimson red theme.

Haley lies down on the bed and Nathan wants her.

He restrains himself, but they begin kissing anyway. She is running her hands through his hair and he is holding her hips with his hands. Nathan stops himself from doing anything she won't want to do.

Haley suggests that he take her home.

"I have church tomorrow." She explains, fixing her hair as they emerge from the bedroom.

"Okay." Nathan says and then asks, "Hey, um, do you think I can go?" He reaches out to take her hand.

Haley smiles as she takes his hand. "Yeah. Yeah, you can."

There they are, head cheerleader, and the senior captain of the basketball team.

"We're kind of a cliché." Nathan admits. "You know what I said about us being a law? It's true."

Haley squeezes his hand. They are a cliché. And she doesn't care.

Not anymore.


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