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Are You Happy Now?

"Her name... had been Raven. She was... the strongest. She had... to deal with... so much," he said. Tears started to roll down. "We all loved her... more than anything. Until, she had been taken... away. By you. Why! Why do you DO this to me? Why... why?" he fell to the ground, sobbing. He sat there for a long time. Until he spoke again. "I remember... that she used to be so cold... and distant. I wanted... to make her laugh. Just once," he smiled at the memory. "Everyone wanted to see her smile. The surprise party, the jokes, the breakfast... everything. Everyone of us... wanted to see that smile... that we were all sure... would light up the room. But I did see her smile. It was subtle, and almost unnoticed. But I saw it. It was hiding, underneath the cruel face that was not hers. I loved her... so much... SO MUCH! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, YOU BASTARD? Are you happy?" he sobbed for a moment. "She was the only thing I had left... The only thing... DO YOU HEAR ME? THE ONLY THING I CARED ABOUT! Well," he looked down at the murky waters, in which Raven had fallen into before. "I'm done. I'm done with you. I won't deal with it! I hope... you're happy," he said. He started to jump, then stopped. "I always thought... she smelled... like lavender," he then pitched forward, and his life was taken away.

As he headed up, Garfield Logan, otherwise know as Beast Boy, smelled the sweet smell of lavender.