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Chapter1: The Interrogator

Have you ever felt that it was just going to be one of those days? The kind of days where you just know that your life will never be the same ever again. It's called intuition. An innate ability that many people are born with. Though some choose to ignore this 'sixth sense.' The sensation of knowing that the path you set for life seems to now have a detour or a big bump in the rode. Have you ever had one of those days?

Sadly, this was one of those days for twenty year old Jounin, Morino Ibiki.

The Hokage had requested his presence personally and considering this was supposedly the most powerful person in the village, who wouldn't be a little jittery? For a man that was supposedly the best interrogator in the village, he was awfully nervous. He couldn't help but shake of the feeling of dread as he walked up to the Hokage Tower.

Ibiki entered the walked towards the front counter where Ebisu was currently a temporary secretary for the Hokage. Adjusting his bandana slightly to cover the scars on his head he casually walked up to the front desk, his intimidating demeanor back in full throttle as he plastered a scowl onto his face.

Noticing that the "special" jounin behind the counter had not realized that he was there he cleared his throat rather loudly to get the other's attention. Ebisu jumped in surprise and paled slightly as he looked up at the hulking form of the larger man before him.

"I-Ibikiā€¦" said a stuttering Ebisu.

This only proved to darken the scowl on the scarred face. He knew he was intimidating, but a jounin such as Ebisu should at least show a bit more backbone. Ibiki rolled his eyes at the other man's cowardice.

" I believe I have an appointment with the Hokage at this time," he said in a slightly irritated voice. He never really did like the Hokage suck-up, Ebisu just seemed to get on his nerves rather easily. And considering the man now looked like he was about to melt into a puddle of mush out of fear didn't exactly help Ibiki's dislike of him.

"Err..umm..y-yes," said a chibified Ebisu as Ibiki glowered down at him," the Hokage is now e-expecting you. P-please go right ahead."

Ibiki nodded and walked down the left corridow that Ebisu had pointed to. But, not before letting of a wave of killing intent directed at the secretary which caused him to cower behind his papers and desk.

He approached the door and gave it three quick taps.

Knock knock knock

"Come in," said an elderly voice from inside the room.

Ibiki entered to find old man Hokage staring out of his window to the shadow encased streets of Konoha at night. He was puffing a pipe in his mouth and had a very solemn expression on his face. A chill ran down Ibiki's spine at the feeling of depression within the room.

"I've lost quite a bit or respect towards a majority of the people in this village," said the Hokage to no one in particular. He turned towards the Jounin in his office and gestured for him to take a seat.

"No thank you Hokage-sama," he refused politely," I prefer to stand."

The Hokage simply shrugged and took a seat for himself. He took a deep breath of his pipe and released the smoke through his nose before turning once again to Ibiki. He gave the Jounin a long analytical look which gave Ibiki the impression of being on display in front of a department store.

"You must be wondering why I had asked you here," began the Hokage.

Ibiki nodded.

"I believe you have heard about Uzumaki Naruto, the child whom the fourth had sealed the demon fox Kyuubi within?"

The Jounin simply nodded once again, not understanding where this was leading up to.

" Tell me Ibiki, what exactly is your personal opinion of the boy," said the Third, with a scrutinizing look.

Ibiki stared wide eyed for a moment, to be honest, he hadn't really thought much about the little blonde boy since the attack.

"Well," he began, as if knowing exactly how to answer the question," I believe that he is every bit the hero the Fourth believed he should be treated. For a child so young with a large burden is nothing short of a miracle to me. I believe that he could become great someday."

"Do you truly believe that?"

Ibiki gave a slow nod. Still in confusion as to what the Hokage wanted from him.

"Then follow me," without another word, the Hokage stood and exited the door. Ibiki quickly followed as they went down the hall and past Ebisu's desk. This time,the went through the right hallway and went to the very back of the hall. The door led to one of the infirmaries for injured shinobi in battle.

Ibiki looked down at the Hokage in slight confusion. The Third tookout a key from the pockets within his robes and unlocked the door, slowly opening it with a creak of the hinges.

The village leader gestured for Ibiki to enter the dimly lit room with no windows. There, on a hospital bed lay a little blonde boy, who seemed to have been beaten beyond recognition.

"N-Naruto," stuttered Ibiki as he examined the boy's physical state. His left eyes was swollen shut and his right arm seems to have been broken in three places, it was now being held by a sling to keep him from moving it. There were deep cuts on his arms and legs, marks that could have only been made by kunai or shurinken. Tubes were placed into the boy's body to provide him with nourishment as his body attempted to recuperate.
Needless to say, the little fox vessel was a bloody mess.

Ibiki attempted to walk up to the boy, but the Hokage held up a hand to stop him.

"He was much worse when we found him," he said sadly, looking down at the slowly healing figure," if it weren't for the Kyuubi enhancing his healing abilities he'd most likely be dead."

Ibiki continued to stare," H-how did this happen?"

"Naruto was apparently going to begin his shinobi training at the academy today. He had quite a difficult time according to Umino Iruka, he said that the parents pushed him away from their children and the children, seeing this, began to laugh at him."

"But how could it lead to this," he gestured to Naruto.

"I'm getting there. Apparently, someone missed the little memo I sent out about aggressive behavior towards Naruto. Mizuki-san waited until all the other children had left and lured Naruto into the forests by tempting him with learning a jutsu. But instead, he'd attacked him and left him for dead. The only reason we'd found Naruto was because Iruka had decided to follow them. Mizuki had been excecuted."

"What does this have to do with me?" Ibiki asked suspiciously.

"This attack has made me somewhat wary to allowing Naruto to live by himself. I have asked several of the clans in our village to see if they were willing to take him in. Sadly, none of them have accepted the child," he said, looking at Naruto with pity," they either do not want him, fear that aggression will be directed towards their own children,or just have too many people to care for such as the Hyuuga. Not one family was willing to take him in."

"No one?" Ibiki asked, bewildered.

"No one."

The Jounin looked towards the sleepig form sadly.

"This is why I have asked you to come here," said the Hokage," if you are willing, and if you are able, I wish that you would be willing to adopt Naruto as your own son."

Ibiki began to stutter, but before he could say anything-

"I realize that you are only twenty and that taking care of a five year old won't be easy, but you are the only one I can trust. You are one of the few that see him as the hero he truly is. Kakashi wouldn't have been a very good example for the child with his books and tardiness. Iruka had been willing, but the money of the teacher just isn't enough to support a child such as Naruto."

Ibiki looked at the Hokage in amazement. The Third had just asked him to adopt a five year old. And not just any five year old, but a five year old demon vessel. He took another glance at Naruto on the bed. He had healed his face somewhat and looked rather adorable when he was asleep and not causing mayhem.

Ibiki smirked," Heh, you owe me one," he said to the Third, who simply smiled back," so, where do I sign to become Morino Naruto's father?"