The thing about the Claidi books is that, well, I love them, but I wanted a bit more closure about Claidi and Argul's relationship. I love romance...So I have decided to start this while I have nothing else to do. It isn't very long, I know, but I promise it will get longer. Rating may change in later chapters. Please Review!

Me and Argul, things are getting better I suppose. We are trying to get back to the Hulta. After we left Ustareth's, about two weeks ago, first we got rid of Venn and Dengwi, which took longer. It really is nice to see them together. I'm happy they found each other. The thing is though, it makes me feel uneasy. Venn and Dengwi, they really are together, and Argul and I, well-.

They hadn't left each other's side the whole way. We came to the Rise in about a week. Yin got us there pretty quick, my "powers" perhaps? Dengwi decided to stay with Venn there, for a while. I think she will like it, (oh, I said hello to T, G, and J, they look happier, more alive, even Jotto!). The truth is, if I could be perfectly honest I was/am a bit, jealous? Argul and I, I know he loves me, but it seems now that, well, I'm not the most important thing now to him.

I sound so selfish saying this, I mean, he has a life besides me, but I just wish it could be what it was, our relationship. Also, Winter and Ngarbo look happy (Oh! I am drowning in jealousy!) When Winter found out about Venn and Dengwi, she had a pretend tantrum and started throwing things at Yin's walls. I think she was relieved though. Her and N really like eachother. We dropped them off outside of Chylomba, (I really didn't want to have to see the tower again).

Then, it was just the two of us, and Thu of course, who has taken up the habit of chewing on all the dresses Yinyay had made for me. Argul still looks troubled. He still has something on his mind. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write but I haven't been myself lately. I mean, my life is so different from what it was. I have gone from a lowly servant to an all-powerful being. I know I have to use these powers responsibly, but they are fun once in a while, (like when we dropped off V and D I saw them dancing at a festival in the Flamingo village the next night) but otherwise, this is all so strange to me. I haven't told Argul all of it yet. He knows I am special but I've left out the whole "more powerful than Ustareth" thing.

We haven't really talked in a while. For the past few days our routine has been the same. We wake up together, and then get dressed and have breakfast. Then we seperate for a while. He usually goes to the library and I usually go and visit Mirreen and Kirad, (Argul finally named his horse, after his father I think?). Then we have lunch and well, seperate again. Once or twice we have disscussed what our next move would be, and we are going to try to go back to the Hulta. Then we get into bed together and go sleep until the next day of horrible togetherness.

I have just sat down in my favorite armchair (Thu's too, by the teeth marks on the side) to write this. I guess Argul is just nervous about the Hulta. He has lived with them most of his life, and by the way, he is 19 now. Is he worried about the way they will take us, take me? I mean, the way Blurn greeted me. It was awful. These were the people who had welcomed me into their family and treated me as one of their own. I am thinking to much. I must get some sleep and empty out my head.