I'm sorry it's been a while, but summer! ya! Anyways thanks for the reviews . Oh, I just wanted to see how do all of you pronounce Claidi? I've heard Clay-di and Cly-di but I say Clah-di. Anyways I know this is really short but I promise to write more very soon! Please review!

I'm so mad and happy! I mean I am absolutely furious at Argul! But I'm happy too!

Let start at the begining.

It was about two in the morning when I woke to find Argul finally coming in. I jumped up and ran to meet him. How had it gone? Did they believe him? As I aproached him the smell of alcahol was strong in the air. He stumbled toward me.

"Oh Claidi! Claidi Baaabaa Baaari!" He exclaimed as he have collapsed into my arms. Alcahol strong on his breath.

"You're drunk arent you!" I said in half a wisper.

" No I'm not! I'm just..." He closed his eyes, "I'm tired."

Not knowing what to do I helped him up the stairs to the bed. Really the nerve of him! I felt fire in my chest. He told me he loved me and then went out to have a good time and get drunk with his mates while I sat in Yinyay all day waiting for him! I half wanted to drop him down the stairs and let him lay there the rest of the night!

" It's wonderful Claidi! Wonderful!" He exclaimed as we climbed the last stair.

"What's wonderful Argul?" I said as if I was talking to a three year old child.

"The Hulta! And..." He said as he fell onto the bed face down.

He turned over on his side looking at me. I stood where I was.

" I told them everything! Not everything of course, but most of them believed me and..." He breathed deeply, "They want us to come back! It's wonderful! and, and ahhuhh!" He yawned turned over again.

"G'night Claideeee!" He said closed his eyes.

I left him and went down stairs to my arm chair where I'm writing this right now. I can't believe Argul! And I don't know what to think about what he said, though. Can I believe all of it? I really want to believe him. Oh, It would make everything perfect! I can't even be mad at Argul if the Hulta woud take me back. Even if they still had to get to have me again. I know I need to earn the respect again. I can't just go in and pretend like it never happened and I'm one of them again. I'm getting ahead of myself again.

What if none of it none of this was true? I guess I can only wait till morning to find out. But for now, Argul is asleep downstairs, Thu now curled in my lap, and I need some sleep too.