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A/N: So! After a long hiatus, during which I was on a complete and utter lack of idea drain, I had some inspiration. If I couldn't think of Teen Titan things, I needed more! So I watched every single show I have ever taped, and felt better. Upheaval is coming along slowly, but it is coming, so have no fear. In the meantime, I found my notebook and am typing up everything within it, with a bit of editing. Here's one of the things that's been lurking in there for a while. And no, you aren't supposed to know who it is, though guesses are welcome because I wrote it with someone (s) in mind. Enjoy!

There Had be Be A Time Before

Insanity One

There had to be a time before

She looked down at her hands pulling softly at the short carpet, unclenching them.

Before this place
These walls
The looks through the window

Absentmindedly she rocked forward and backwards on her bent knees, an odd hum escaping her closed lips.

Because there had to be
A time before

She paused, a slight frown crossing her face.

What came before?
Why am I here?
I… I don't understand.

The frown increased, wrinkling her brow.

I remember-
There's nothing!
Why can't I remember?

Her eyes widen, distress at the inner turmoil showing as the sunlight turned the colored irises on fire, a muffled cry sliding out.

What came before?
Why is there no other life?

Softly the tears fall down her cheeks, an almost desperate, stunned look in her eyes.

What came before?

Suddenly she looks up, turning her face from the wall, gaze landing with startled accuracy through the window. The sun, filtering through the outside pane of glass, glows like a halo on the outline of her body.

His heart wrenched as he watched her, sorrow in his eyes. She looked so much like the girl he remembered- like she had been- before.

Slowly she rose, eyes still locked on his. One step, and then another, brought her closer. Time seemed to stop as she stood at the window, eyes still drilling into his. Together, as if in a trance, her hands lifted and touched pressing where his were on the other side.

There was a time before
There had to be
Because I know you-
I remember-


Her face, open, pleading, in a way she had never looked before, twisted, taking on the wild, hunted animal look she wore always now. A cry dragged itself from her lips and she fell against the glass, sliding down, as her tears fell. Only her hands remained, still placed over his on the window.

Her sobs touched something in his heart, and he forced himself to stay where he was. If he went in, she would kill him without a second –or first- thought. Painfully he hardened his heart, shutting out her agonized and despairing sobs. She wasn't the girl he knew anymore- the girl he loved. Slowly he drew his hands away and turned, walking past the grim doctors.

"What a shame," someone whispered. "I remember when…" And then they, too, fell silent.

When a hero you know

From the time before

Is gone-

What's left?