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"Mama!" The cry startled Queen Selenity from her papers. "Mama, I swear it, Mars is picking on me!"

The Queen sighed, amused. "The Lady Mars, Serenity. And she is not picking on you, it is simply her way of making friends." She finished just as a small girl of about five years old poked her head through the door. She had golden blonde hair, done up in the style of the royals; bun ponytails.

"But Mama! She pulled on my hair again and said I was too stupid to be a princess!" Her sky blue eyes widened as she said the words, as if they were some sort of curse. She entered the room fully, and the Queen could see she was wearing a simple white dress, long sleeved, and with a sash tied around the middle.

"Serenity, she is merely trying not to subject herself to emotions, which I believe the Martians find are fickle."

"Findickular?" Serenity scratched at her head. "Mama, what's that mean?" Selenity shook her head.

"Nothing you should worry about. But please, do try to make friends with her! It is imperative that you should do so."


Selenity laughed. "Nothing, child. Listen, your cousin, the Lady Venus is coming for a visit today. Take the Lady Mars and go to the transportation gates. Be good now!" The child clapped her hands gleefully.

"Thank you, Mama!" And she rushed out of the room. A moment later she hurried back in, and tried her best to perform a curtsy, tripping over and falling at the end. She rubbed at her sore behind ruefully.

"Stupid esticky-ette." She muttered, and ran back out.

"Etiquette… My, that child certainly is naïve…" Selenity mused. "I suppose it could come to some good." And with a sigh, she returned to her paperwork.

Serenity rushed out into the adjoining hallway, where a girl wearing an identical dress but in red sulked. She had long, black hair and solemn purple eyes.

"Come on, Mama said my cousin is coming and we can go to the transportation gates!" Even the moody Lady Mars could not resist such an offer.

Children were not usually allowed by the gates, as they could cause a distraction, which could result in serious damage to the machinery or people. The gates were mainly large, ornate doorframes, each one in the color of their respective planet, design included.

The gate to Mars was red, orange, and yellow, and looked like a huge fire. Even to walk near it, you would have to feel the heat from the planet. The Lady Mars looked longingly at it, but kept her head high and walked on, proud to the last.

The gate to Venus was in the shape of a bright yellow heart, and a certain homey warmth radiated from it. Currently, it was not open, so the two girls sat down on a small, white stone bench next to it and waited.

Serenity glanced around. There was the gate of Mercury, in the form of a long ice tower. It was frigid to go near it, and Serenity shivered inwardly.

The gate to Jupiter was in the shape of a lightning bolt. Serenity smiled as she recalled several incidents where she had shocked herself when getting to close.

She frowned now as she saw the other gates, which she had never been through. They were for the Outer Planets. Neptune's, in the shape of a wave, had sprayed several with a sea mist she loved to run through.

Uranus' seemed to have wind billowing through it at all times, and was (A/N: I've paused here to think…this is, seriously, a half hour later.) the figure of a few swirls, interconnecting and seeming to glide. Serenity supposed they were wind puffs.

Then there was Pluto and Saturn. The two were rarely used, and kept far away from Serenity. She had not been told not to go there, but something kept her away all the same. Saturn's door was totally dark, shrouded in a black cloud. The gates of Pluto were normal and wooden, something which had mystified Serenity to no ends.

"The Lady Venus and her entourage!" A deep voice barked, and Serenity was snapped away from her reverie. She leaned forward eagerly as the inside of the gate seemed to swirl with a multicolored light for a moment. Then, a hand appeared, followed shortly by a leg, and then the rest of a body.

A girl who could have easily passed for Serenity's twin looked around warily. She wore a frilly yellow dress with puff sleeves, and white gloves. On her feet were two small high-heeled shoes. Behind her followed an incredibly handsome man with short blonde hair and green eyes, and a woman.

The woman, in a sense, was beauty incarnate. She seemed to possess a grace that stupefied several, and her long, honey blonde hair entranced many. She had a slim, curvaceous body and big blue eyes.

"The King and Queen of Venus, King Alder and Queen Aphrodite, also known as the Goddess of Love."

"Venus!" Serenity cried, and rushed for her cousin. The young girl broke of her examination of her surroundings and ran forward to her cousin. The two girls hugged, and the King and Queen smiled.

"Oh, Serenity, it's been so long! Is Luna still bugging you?" Serenity nodded.

"I can't believe she'll be my guardian when I'm older! What abut Artemis? I told Mama you wouldn't want a guardian, but she wouldn't say no!"

Venus smiled. "No biggie. He's here now, and I bet he'll be real happy to see Luna! Did you tell her that we were both in the library when 'it' happened?"

Serenity nodded. "She didn't believe me, but how can we knock over all those statues? They were two heavy anyways!"

"Not without the big rock you picked up and threw!"

"Hey!" Serenity shook a warning finger. "There is no rock, remember?" The two giggled, before Serenity realized she had forgotten someone.

"Oh, Venus, this is the Lady Mars. She's gonna be here for a long time, while her daddy and mommy work out some stuff with my mommy and daddy."

Venus held out a hand. "Hi!"

Mars looked at it with some distaste. "A true lady does not shake hands, she curtsies."

Venus cocked her head to the side. "And you can curtsy?" Mars scoffed, and did so.

"Any true lady can do it! It's simple." Venus grinned widely.

"How's this?" And with that, she executed a perfect curtsy, and winked at Serenity, who looked baffled. "My mom and dad had me practice. Those lessons were awful!"

Serenity sighed. "It looks like the only one who can't do it is me…" Venus put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"No worries! I'll teach you before I leave! And if the Lady Mars would kindly help me?" The raven-haired child blinked.

"My mother and father said I had to be kind to you…so I suppose so." Serenity tried her best not to groan as the two girls took her hand and led her off.

The Queen and Goddess laid a hand on her husband's.

"My dear, I think it would do us good if we accepted my brother's offer." Alder looked stupefied.

"But my dear, we would almost never see our daughter! Even if Apollo has ordered such a thing, it does not have to be accepted!" Aphrodite waved a slim hand at him.

"Apollo is my brother, and I will do as he wishes. He is older, sadly, and although I will miss our dear child, she is in better hands. My sister will watch over her."

"Your—sister?" Alder stumbled over his words.

Aphrodite smiled, and he was dazzled into obedience. "Selene shall be with her always. Now come, I am sure the royals await us at this moment. We are late!"

The two stepped fully away from the gate and were led into the palace. Behind them came a white haired man with sharp (A/N: What color are Artemis' eyes? Lemme guess…) green eyes. He looked around, and sighed.

"That girl, she's always slipping away from me…" he muttered, and walked after the King and Queen.

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