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"Can I have a hug?"




"Why are you so moody?" Serenity stamped a tiny foot impatiently as she watched Uranus pace angrily around the room.

"They want me to wear…" And she stopped. Apparently, whatever she was going to say was horrible to even think about, as new beads of sweat coursed down her face.

"What? A web of spiders?" Serenity guessed eagerly. "Some weird brain-sucking thing? A thing…what is it the Terrans call it? A slate…slake…"

"Snake?" muttered Uranus absently. Serenity nodded.

"Yeah! Is it that?"

Uranus shook her head, her face ashen. "No…even worse. They're making me wear—horror of all horrors—a dress!"

Serenity took one moment to roll her eyes in a rather adult way before a large grin split her face.

"So? It's only for one night! And the Terrans are here! It's a chance to show off…and see Michiru in a dress…"

Uranus got the hint immediately. The young girl already knew of her feelings for her fellow Outer, when she was not sure of them herself. Trusting in her future ruler, she nodded.

"Fine. But only for tonight!"

Serenity did not hear. She was opening the balcony doors and past them. Uranus followed quickly, and found the Moon Princess gazing almost adoringly at Terra.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

Uranus scowled. "That awful war-ridden planet? It serves for nothing more than to be a pestilence in our existence."

"Pesti-what?" Serenity mumbled vaguely.

Uranus sighed. "The point is, I don't understand what it is you seem to find so fascinating about the awful place. All it seems to do is let those Terrans run amok and kill themselves over and over again, always trying to gain the upper hand."

"But isn't that kind of like what we do?" Serenity was now looking at her, wide eyed in curiosity. "Mother says we must always be above them, always be better than the Terrans. But when she says it…I don't know, but it sounds like she doesn't mean it."

Before Uranus could think up a reply, a flash outside caught their attention. Both heads swiveled in the direction of the light.

Floating just above the moon's surface, a large star burst over and over again. After a moment, Uranus and Serenity realized that only the core of the star was exploding. In a moment, it had split into two. The lights suddenly dimmed, and the halves began to fall.

One half swerved suddenly, as if it were being controlled, and headed towards Terra. The other half made its way steadily towards the moon kingdom.


Serenity's shriek of fear startled Uranus from her reverie. Without another thought, she grabbed the young girls hand and practically flew out of the room. She raced to the end of the hall, and opened the door quickly.

The five girls inside looked back at her, surprise evident on their faces. They had all apparently seen the star, and had apparently been watching it through the window.

"Don't just stand there!" bellowed Uranus. "We have to get the Queen! That star chunk could kill us all!"

Neptune immediately took action. "Right. Mina, Mako, Ami and Rei, secure Usagi inside of a room. Uranus and I will go to alert the King and Queen."

"What if you don't get there in time?" Makoto whimpered slightly. (A/N: Remember, the inners are all five years old, and the Outers are ten.)

Uranus and Neptune exchanged a glance, but it was Serenity who answered. She seemed amazingly calm, considering their situation and her age.

"We shouldn't think about that. Pray Selene they find Mother and Father soon enough. Go!"

Her tone was regal, and a direct command. The Outers sprinted away, leaving the Inners to watch over their princess.

"She will be a good ruler."

Neptune glanced over at Uranus, who had spoken, and a soft smile lit her face. "You realized this only now? In a matter of moments, she brought together six young girls who had previously thought to steer clear of each other."

Uranus flushed as they rounded the corner and ended up in front of huge, wood double doors. As she pulled them open, she muttered,

" You didn't have to phrase it quite so evilly…"

But then the doors were opened, and every head swiveled towards them. They had not been announced, and were not allowed in for another hour or so. Uranus raised an eyebrow as she saw the Terran Court sitting next to the Queen, but Neptune nudged her, and the Wind senshi grudgingly turned her attention elsewhere.

"There is a fallen star heading straight for the castle!"

The Queen rose, followed almost immediately by the King. Apollo exchanged a quick glance with Aphrodite, sitting across from him, before he looked at Uranus.

"And where is our daughter? And all her friends?"

"They have been secured." Neptune spoke with an inner strength. "We ordered the Inner Planetary princesses to hide The Princess Serenity and make sure she is safe. For now, we will watch over her, but your attention must be turned to the star."

If Neptune had uttered such a direct command in any other event to the Royals, she would have been killed on the spot. Instead, Selenity nodded.

"You have done well in your first duties." The Outers' eyebrows arched, but nothing more was passed between them. "Is this all?"

"No." Uranus answered. "The other half, as the star was split, is heading for Terra as we speak."

There was a great noise at this, but Selenity held up a hand for silence. "No more. We shall do as much as we can to slow the star from hitting Terra, so that we may rid the Moon from it's star first, then the second."

"What?" The King of Terra, (A/N: I actually put Bob here a few times, but here's his real name…) Basil, stood up and cried. "Why would you save your own planet first, then ours second? This is a plot!"

Selenity seemed to ignore him, instead she chose to sweep away from the hall with Apollo at her side. She walked quickly up the steps, and in passing the Outers, whispered, "You did well."

Glowing with pride, the two ran off to make sure their princess was safe. They found her standing on a balcony, with the Inner senshi fluttering nervously by her.

"Why aren't you hiding?" Uranus cried, and Serenity turned to her.

"If the star hits, the castle isn't going to protect me much, is it?" Uranus swore under her breath, but hushed as the door opened.

A boy of about ten walked in tentatively. He had luminous sapphire blue eyes, and a tousled head of raven black hair. Behind him came four more boys.

One had shaggy, short blonde hair that swept into his eyes. He brushed it back impatiently, and his blue-gray eyes seemed to radiate superiority.

Another had long brown hair and piercing green eyes. He was rather built for someone of his age, and seemed older than the raven-headed boy.

The next boy also seemed older, and had long, white hair. He had gray eyes and immediately after entering the room, he shut the door and surveyed their surroundings as if checking for enemies.

The next seemed as old as the first and second, and winked impishly at the girls when they were all assembled. He had cropped blonde locks, and shining blue eyes. Serenity eyed him carefully, before jumping into his arms.

"Cousin Jade!"

In a moment, the Outers had checked the never before felt instinct to protect and kill the boy, and the Inners had let go of Serenity's robes as soon as she had shouted. Mars spoke first, sniffing at the boy.

"You know him, Serenity?" She was careful not to address the princess with their secret nicknames, and the others quickly got the hint.

"Yeah!" Serenity nodded eagerly. "This is my cousin Jade. Father had a mortal sister, and she gave birth to him on Terra. I haven't seen him in ages!"

"My full name is Jadeite." He stopped hugging Serenity, and the senshi relaxed. Slightly. Jadeite bowed. "I am upset that Sere hasn't talked about me so much that you would recognize me right away."

Practically bouncing, Serenity grabbed his hands and introduced her friends, ignoring the glares she received as she named them. But she was not stupid. She revealed only what was necessary.

"This is the Lady Mars, and Lady Jupiter, and Lady Venus (Here she stopped, as Venus eyed him carefully and broke out into a grin. "That's right! You helped me plan that thing with the library bookshelves! When they toppled, it was the coolest thing!") and the Lady Mercury, and Lady Uranus, and Lady Neptune!" She stopped and peered over his shoulder. "Who're your friends?"

Jadeite ruffled her hair and as she squealed, gestured to the individual boys. "This surly white haired boy is Kunzite. The one who's really dreamy and has the brown hair is Nephrite. The blonde female is Zoicite."

"I'M A GUY!" screamed Zoicite, quickly confirming any suspicions that this was an over used joke. Jadeite, however, did not seem fazed, and instead turned to the final boy, the raven-head.

"And this, this is our Prince, the one we are sworn to protect, Endymion, Prince of Terra."

He held Serenity's hand and drew her forward, as she cocked her head to the side slightly.

"Guys, this is Serenity, Princess of the Moon."

Serenity smiled, as did the boys. "Nice to meet you all, but I want to see what happened with the star!"

In all the excitement, the danger had been forgotten, and now they all crowded onto the balcony, watching the scene down below.

Queen Selenity was concentrating on something floating above her. Besides Apollo, no one stood less than five yards away from her. Spinning gently in place, the senshi and boys could make out the form of the second star half.

"That's the ginzouishou…the crystal that has brought all planets together in the Silver Alliance, creating the Kingdom of Luster."

Mercury's voice carried a twinge of awe, and the children watched eagerly as the ginzouishou rose with the Queen's hands, towards the approaching star.

There was a burst of bright light, and everyone was blinded for a moment. When the light subsided enough for them to see, Apollo was holding onto Selenity as she released the rest of her power on, terrifying strike.

The star imploded, and all but two large chunks blew into smithereens. One chunk went unnoticed by others, flying towards the other side of the moon before anyone could see it. The other headed behind the Royal court, to the castle, where the only people still in its path were the children gathered on the balcony.

"SERENITY!" The Queen screamed the name, and all heads turned. The Queen of Earth, Airlia (A/N: It means ethereal…you'll see why later on.) shrieked as she saw her son amongst the many faces.

There was a moment when Serenity was sure she wouldn't have moved. There was something in the star pieces…something malevolent, and it called to her, screaming in her ears. It was broken, it said, but its lust to kill would soon fix that.

She could feel the senshi fall as the power in the star overwhelmed them, as did the boys. Her heart pounded as the star moved closer. It wanted her, and only her…

"Serenity! MOVE!"

Someone had caught her around her waist, and they flew over the balcony. Serenity gazed into the eyes of her rescuer, the Prince Endymion. He hugged her close as they fell, and both of them shut their eyes tight.

The star hit the castle walls with a resounding BOOM! But the other boys had taken their leader's actions into thought and grabbed a senshi, jumping off after him. Uranus and Neptune were way before them.

And so, the parents watched as their children fell, weak and unable to do anything.

That is, until several divine hands decided to step in.

Alala and Ares, god and goddess of war and rulers of Mars sent out a large and fiery amount of power, creating a crater in the ground.

Anteia, Queen of Neptune, hugged herself as her husband, Poseidon, immediately filled the crater with water.

Hermes, King of Mercury, untangled himself from his wife, Metis, and slipped on his winged sandals. In a moment, he was standing next to the water filled crater.

The children realized their parents were trying to save them, but it looked rather hopeless as they fell, faster and faster, soon catching up with Endymion and Serenity. They had jumped off the highest balcony in the palace.

Survival was not guaranteed.

Kairos was the ruler of Jupiter. It was said that Zeus Himself was her consort, but she did not deny nor agree with these accusations. She had no king, and yet bore many children, none of them gods. The Lady Jupiter, her firstborn and Royal Highness of Jupiter, was the only child with powers.

Now she joined Hermes beside the crater, her eyes trained on her daughter and the boy who held her.

The King of Uranus, Urian, and his wife, Jeno, were from a planet that believed in strength as much as Jupiter's or Mars'. They were both sturdy and well trained, and had moved next to the crater also.

Poseidon produced his trident, and the water rose up, making several fists. One grabbed Nephrite and Jupiter.

Kairos held out her arms as the fist splattered, drenching those nearby and dropping its occupants. She smiled as her daughter hit her arms, still cradled by the brown-haired boy.

The next fist dropped Venus and Kunzite into the arms of Jeno, who grinned as she realized Venus was giggling, more out of relief than anything else.

Urian caught his daughter and the Lady Neptune. Both of them immediately sat up and watched the rest of the people falling, trained as they were to know as soon as they could walk that the life of the person you're protecting is more important than your own.

Mars and Jadeite were soon nestled together in Hermes' strong support. There was a problem, which no one but Apollo seemed to notice…

Four children…and no parents…

With a quick curse, he dropped his wife in the support of Alala, and grabbed his brother, Ares. The two ran swiftly to the craters side, just as the fists holding the remaining children burst.

Apollo let go of his brother's hands and did the unthinkable. In a wild maneuver, he grasped for his daughter, but instead saw the Lady Mercury's face staring back at him. It was only when he was on the other side of the crater did he realize that he had leapt across, grabbing Mercury and Zoicite in midair.

There was a lull, before a loud splash was heard behind him. Ares had tried the same thing with to catch his niece, but in the hand had only grazed her. The two were in the water.


Apollo cried, as he dropped the children from his hold and ran towards the water, but Poseidon beat him to it, as did Hermes.

Light…and colors…and him…

The bubbles escaped her mouth quickly, and she regretted instantly her effort to scream as water rushed into her mouth.

A moment later, Endymion had grabbed her hand. They had been separated when they hit the water, but he found her now.

He was losing air as well. The last thing she saw was the blue in his eyes, dimming slowly, but his grip never loosened.

Apollo was ready to jump in himself when the two gods emerged, dripping but holding a wet bundle each.

"Praise Zeus!" He cried, rushing to his daughter and showering the pale face with kisses.

Selenity, weak from her use of the ginzouishou, watched anxiously. Parents gathered around their kids, but all stopped as the two families, Terran and Lunar, examined their children.

"They are alive!" Exclaimed Hermes, and a great cheer arose. "Alive but in need of bed rest. Praise Zeus Prince Endymion here was able to grab our Princess, else all our offspring may have perished."

There was a moment of silence, before the Terran King Basil spoke up. "My King Apollo, and my Queen Selenity, I owe you a great apology. I realize now that had we not destroyed the star half heading for the Moon, we would have all departed this life. I thank you, and I believe I and my court will enter the Alliance to create the Kingdom of Luster."

"Praise Zeus…" Selenity breathed. "I accept your offer."

The now sorely tired people nursed their offspring, as healers emerged from the undamaged section of the castle to help those in need.

For now, the news that the second star half had hit Terra would have to wait.