This is about Spike in season 4 and 5 when Spike started having those nasty feelings towards Buffy :blah: Anywho I got the idea for this poem after watching Spike's dream with him and Buffy kissing in it :blah: Hope you like it please review or the plot bunnies.


Six hundred and seventy two

It races through my mind

Painting pictures of you

And no other kind

Why can't I get you out of my head?

Please can't you see you're slowly killing me?

Filling my heart with emotional lead

That no one but me can see

Six hundred and seventy two

It mocks me day after day

With something that'll never come true

And all I want is for you to go away

Your laughter fills my head

Won't somebody shoot me were I lay

I want to make sure I'm dead

Please just go away

Six hundred and seventy two

Is how many times at night I cry

Because I'll never have you

By my side

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